Program Management

Program Management and Similar Jobs

362 Jobs

Manager (International Real Estate Development And Management)

Coordinateur(trice) De Convention Programme Sahel

Programme Associate (Cash Based Transfer)

Programme Assistant Cash Based Transfer

IT Officer (Data and Information Management)

Management of Immunization Data Assistant

Programme Management Officer

Consultant (Finance Associate, Funds Support Unit, Division of Financial and Administrative Management)

Programme Coordinator

Senior Public Management Specialist (Tax)

Programme Coordinator (Saameynta Joint Programme)

Programme Finance Officer

Supply Chain Management Associate

Programme Support Associate

Programme Management Associate

Information Management Officer

Bakery Program Review

Consultant (Conducting A Midterm Reflection Exercise of The Implementation of The UN Women-who Global Joint Programme)

Information Management Consultant

Forest Programme Manager

Programme Quality Consultant

Project Management Support Specialist (Country Coordinator)

Programme Analyst (Women in Leadership, Women, Peace and Security and Governance)

Senior Assistant (Programme Management)

Programa De Consolidación Del Sistema Nacional De Emergencias Para La Gestión Integral De Desastres

Programme Specialist

Communications and Knowledge Management Officer

CRM Project Management Advisor (Retainer)

Programme Specialist (Women’s Economic Empowerment)

Programme & Finances Associate

Child Protection Knowledge Management Officer

Associate Information Management Officer

Associate Programme Management and Support Officer

Ending Violence Against Women and Girls Programme Analyst

Associate Programme Officer

Learning and Knowledge Management Coordinator

Knowledge Management Support (ECA)

Nutrition Consultant (Support Salt Iodization Programme)

Talent Management Consultant

Profesional Especializado/a En Apoyo Al Programa Superando La Violencia Contra Las Mujeres Y Las Niñas

Partners (Programming in Hard to Reach Areas)

Project Financial Management Consultant

Associate Archivist (Record Management)

Project Financial Management Consultant

Data Management Officer

Programme Officer

Programme Management Senior Officer

Grant Acquisition Management Manager

Associate (Project Management Support)

Project Management Support Specialist (Socio-Economic & Grants)

Head of Partnership and Outreach Unit (Talent Management)

Programme Management Office Associate (Finance, Multiple Positions)

National Consultant (Programme and Administrative Support)

Protection Programme Manager

Disaster Risk Management Delegate

Quality Programs Manager (Stroke & AFIB)

Programme Coordinator (Delegate)

IT Systems Service Delivery Management Officer

Associate Program Manager (Sexual & Reproductive Health)

Grant Management Consultant

Senior Associate Program Manager

Programme Management and Support Officer

National Consultant (Public Finance Management and Gender Responsive Budgeting)

Risk Management and Compliance Officer (Enterprise Risk Management)

Programme Assistant

National Project Personnel (Logistics - Inventory Management)

Senior Programme Assurance Officer

Programme Assistant (Scope)

Programme Coordinator

Programme Policy Officer (Corporate Improvement & Editorial)

Programme Policy Officer (Beyond Cotton)

Warehouse Management Associate

Warehouse Management Associate

Programme Assistant

Senior Programme CBI Officer

Logistics Associate (Downstream Pipeline Management)

Senior Programme Officer

Child Protection Specialist (Information Management System Deployment)

RNE Regular Volunteer Programme

Facilities Management Officer (Technical Installations/Energy Management)

Veterinary Para-Professional Capacity Skills Training Programme Coordinator

Insurance and Risk Management Expert

National Project Personnel (Knowledge Management and Monitoring)

Programme Officer (Strategic Planning and Resource Mobilization)

HQ Regular Volunteer Programme

RAF Regular Volunteer Programme

RAP Regular Volunteer Programme

RLC Regular Volunteer Programme

REU Regular Volunteer Programme

Programme Policy Officer

RNE Internship Programme

Intern (Programme Management - Multiple Positions)

Programme Associate

RAP Internship Programme

RLC Internship Programme

Senior Technical Officer / Programme Coordinator (Mine Action)

REU Internship Programme

Programme Policy Officer (Cash Transfer Delivery Mechanisms)

Senior Portfolio Management Officer / Portfolio Management Officer

Programme Policy Officer

Programme Policy Officer (Markets Facilitator)

Programme Policy Officer (System Strengthening)

Programme Policy Officer (Monitoring & Evaluation)

Head of Programme and Field Operations

Programme Policy Officer (Capacity Strengthening)

Programme Policy Officer (Communications/C4D - 2 Positions)

Programme Policy Officer (Crisis Response/Partnering)

Programme Policy Officer (Food Systems & Agricultural Market Support)

Programme Policy Officer (Agriculture Market Support)

Consultant (Better Learning Program Video Production)

Programme Officer

Program Officer (Civil Society Engagement)

Programme Associate (Livelihoods)

Charge(e) De Programme (Chef/fe De Sous)

Senior Programme Associate

National Consultant (Support Programming and Policy Development for Roma Children)

Programme Head

Senior Programme Associate (Monitoring & Evaluation and Learning)

Deputy Country Director (Programs)

Intern (Programme Support/Communication)

Intern (Programme Support)

Programme Management Officer (Partnerships)

Programme Specialist (Business and Community Resilience)

Programme Associate

Programme Assistant (Partnership - Field Level Agreement)

Programme Policy Assistant (GIS/Markets)

Programme Policy Associate (VAM Data Analyst)

Senior Survey Programme Coordinator

Programme Assistant (Résilience)

Programme Associate Résilience

Individual Consultant (Provide Technical Assistance to Support The Ministry of Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare for The Strengthening of Early Childhood Development Programmes - Pedagogy Focus)

Assistant Programme Officer

Chargé/e De Programme En Planification Familiale

Mental Health and Psycho-social Support / RH / HIV & AMP Programming

Protection Monitoring & Case Management Worker

Knowledge Management Expert

Electromechanical Technician (TTE Programme)

International Consultant (Strengthening Education Programme Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning)

Team Leader (WASH Fund Management)

Area Programme Manager

Malaria Program Manager (NMEP)

Senior Program Officer (Her Team)

Programme Specialist (Local Governance)

Consultant (Support to Unicef UAE Programme)

Programme Assistant

Deputy Chief of Party (Programs, Haiti Integrated Health Service Delivery)

Program Officer (Hepatitis Country Support & Operations)

Senior Associate (Immunization Management Systems and Capacity)

Program Evaluation Analyst (National Hypertension Initiative)

Assistant Country Director (Programmes)

Nutrition Program Manager

Programme Coordinator (Container Control Programme)

Programme Coordinator

Coordinador.a De Programa Ubicacion (Campamentos De PoblaciÓn Saharaui Refugiada)

Consultant (Adolescent & Youth Programme Partnerships & Events Coordinator)

Accounts Associate (Financial Management Centre, Supply Division)

Consultant (Support to CDC Coag Grant Management - Hiv/Aids Section)

Coordinateur/trice Programme Pays

Director of Management Information Systems and Results Reporting (Procurement Service Agent)

Chief Quality Officer (Primsa Program)

Chief Executive Officer (Prisma Program)

Consultant (Sector Review of The Sheep & Goat Small Ruminants/ Dairy Value Chain of Amenca 3 Programme)

Programme Associate

Programme Associate (Protection)

Consultant (Quotation Better Learning Program Mobile Application Design)

Consultant (Review of Integrated Community Case Management National Framework and Plan of Action, M&E Plan and Training Guidelines)

Programme Assistant

Program Evaluation Analyst (National Hypertension Initiative)

Supply Chain Assistant (Procurement And Fleet Management)

Chief of Party (Reading for All - Inclusive Education Program)

International Consultant (Stunting Programme Guidance)

Asistente De Programa (Transferencias Basadas En Efectivo)

Evaluación Final Externa Del Programa (Contribuir A La Construcción)

Program Coordinator

Electrical Technician (TTE Programme)

Senior Advisor (Program Management of Multi-drug Resistant TB)

Assistant Registration and Identity Management Officer

Procurement Assistant (Colombia Transforma Program)

Consultant Engineer (Colombia Transforma Program)

Field Logistics Consultant (Colombia Transforma Program)

Grants Specialist (Colombia Transforma Program)

Programme Director

Spanish Trainee Programme FTEC 2021

Technical Drafter (TTE Programme)

Senior Regional Program Advisor

Programme Policy Officer

Programme Assistant (GPE School Feeding)

Programme Policy Officer (School Feeding)

Deputy Chief of Party (Compliance, Operations, and Grants Management)

Senior Program Manager (USAID Thailand Together)

Chargé/e De Programme

Coordinateur/trice De Programme Régional

Senior Director (Global Health Programs)

Senior Program Officer

Consultant (Programme Support – Early Childhood Development)

Un·e Responsable Programme Nutrition Et Sante

NUT Program Manager

Intern (Programme Management)

Intern (Research and Programme Portfolio Development)

Assistant Programme Management Officer

Programme Management Officer

Early Warning Early Action/Cash Programme Officer

Consultant (Education Database Management Specialist – Data Must Speak Research - Office of Research Innocenti)

Communication Expert (Programme Delivery Support)

Programme Management Officer (Administration)

Deputy Head of Mission (Programs)

Coordinateur/trice Des Programmes

Programme Associate

Associate Information Management Officer

Programme Associate (Market Analyst)

Deputy Country Coordinator (Programs)

Assistant.e Programme Desk

Knowledge Management & Research Specialist

Global Emergency Response Programme Specialist

Programme & Grants Officer

Instructional Designer (Part-time - People Management Unit)

Consultant (Nexus Programme Evaluation in The Lake Chad Region)

Programme Coordinator (Human Rights Education)

Responsable De Programmes Desk

Program Evaluation Analyst (National Hypertension Initiative)

Program Evaluation Analyst (National Hypertension Initiative)

Program Evaluation Analyst (National Hypertension Initiative)

Technical Draughtsman (TTE Programme)

Head of Programming

Deputy Chief of Party (USAID/DRC Mission Strategic Support Program)

Intern (Programme Administrative Support)

Intern (Documentation and Knowledge Management)

Intern (Turkey Program)

Programme Data Systems Coordinator (Syria Programme)

Intern (Human Resources Section - Programme Coordination)

System Administrator (The Atlas On-line Infrastructure - TTE Programme)

Programme Associate (GIS Mapping and Data Management Specialist)

Education Program Coordinator

Programme Management Unit Manager

Country Programme Coordinator (Various Destinations)

Senior Warehouse Management Associate

Senior Programme Assistant

Program Manager (Market Systems)

Program Manager (Agriculture and Livelihoods)

Program Manager (MEAL)

Program Director

Nutrition Smart Survey Program Manager

Chief of Service (Supply Chain Management)

Programme Associate (Donor Relations)

Programme Policy Officer (Field Coordinator CBT+ Impact Evaluation)

Communications Specialist (Social Media, Usaid Kenya and East Africa Development Outreach and Communications Support Program)

Field Officer (Colombia Transforma Program, Ccuta, Tumaco and Caucasia)

Director (Program Operations, East Africa Hub)

WASH Program Manager

Notetaker / Junior Evaluation Specialist (Dos Evaluation of The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs Program)

Notetaker / Junior Evaluation Specialist (Dos Evaluation Of The Academy For Women Entrepreneurs Program)

Notetaker / Junior Evaluation Specialist (Dos Evaluation Of The Academy For Women Entrepreneurs Program)

Evaluation Specialist (Dos Evaluation of The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs Program)

Evaluation Specialist (Dos Evaluation of The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs Program)

Evaluation Specialist (Dos Evaluation of The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs Program)

Talent Development and Performance Management Associate

Chargé(e) De Programme Planification Stratégique, Suivi & Evaluation

Electromechanical Technician (Combo Converter - TTE Programme)

Intern (Web Management and Content, Unicef Supply Division)

Programme Management Officer

Un·e Chargé·e Appui Aux Programmes

Program Manager

IT Services Delivery Management Intern

National Programme Policy Officer (Resilience)

National Programme Policy Officer (School Feeding)

National Programme Policy Officer (Social Protection)

Programme Policy Officer (Emergency Preparedness and Response)

Senior Programme Associate (EPR)

Programme Associate (CBT)

Consultant (Youth Programme Evaluation - Camps)

Chargé/e De Programme

Chargé/e De Programme

Project Management Unit Associate

Consultor/a Para O Desenvolvimento Do Novo Conteúdo Do Programa De Educação Parental

Senior Wildlife and Natural Resource Management Specialist (Integrated Land and Resource Governance)

Fecal Sludge Management Technical Specialist (Tanzania WASH Market Systems Activity)

Program Manager (Municipal Waste Management)

Analyst (Prospect Management)

Project Management Specialist (Design and Implementation)

Program Evaluation Analyst (National Hypertension Initiative)

Talent Pool (Program Management)

Senior Urban Programme Consultant

Un·e Adjoint·e Chef De Mission Programmes

Resource Mobilization Manager (Programme Management)

Un.e Responsable Programme Nutrition & Sante

Disaster Risks Management Coordinator

WASH Program Manager

WASH Program Manager

Accountant (Colombia Transforma Program)

Grants Specialist(Programa Colombia Transforma)

Programme Policy Officer

Oficial Del Programa De Transferencia De Efectivo

Specialist (EMAP PLUS Program)

Senior Supply Chain Management Experts

Senior Pharmaceutical Management Experts

Aba-roli- Program Associate- Middle East & North Africa

Program Evaluation Analyst (National Hypertension Initiative)

Individual Consultant (Information Management Officer)

Program Officer (Global Advocacy)

DNA Lab Quality Management Expert

Directeur.rice Pays Adjoint.e Aux Programmes

Urban Programme Consultant

Deputy Director of Programs (Jordan Country Program)

Associate (Management M&E Malaria Strategy and Finance)

Associate (Regional Management and Vector Control Support)

Programme Assistant (Environment and Social Safeguards)

Program Manager (Bilingual Spanish/English)

Digital Product Management Consultant

Consultant (Knowledge Management Product Development)

Community Program Director

Land Surveyor Technician (TTE Programme)

Works Supervisor Technician (TTE Programme)

Program Manager (Strategy, Performance, and Learning)

Process Operator (Cryogenic Test Facility - TTE Programme)

Mechanical Technician (Measurements Laboratory - TTE Programme)

Electrical Technician (Signal and DC-Cabling - TTE Programme)

Un·e Adjoint·e Chef De Mission Programmes

Head of Programmes

Stagiaire Communication Et Sensibilisation Du Programme Ready Together

Technical Advisor (Social Protection & Cash Programming)

Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Programme Manager

Deputy Country Director / Head of Programs

Programme Quality Support Officer (Volunteer

Responsable De Programme Eha-Abris

Child Protection Information Management Specialist

Coordinateur De Programme Nord Littoral

Survey Technician (TTE Programme)

Electrical Technician (Fibre Optics Installations - TTE Programme)

Electrical Technician (Signal and DC-Cabling - TTE Programme)

Mechanical Technician (Measurements Laboratory - TTE Programme)

Fleet Management Assistant (Multiple Positions and Locations)

Project Manager(Global ERP Program)

Deputy Field Coordinator for Programs

Coordinateur De Programme

Emergency Program Coordinator

Caseworker (Unaccompanied Children Program)

Senior Program Coordination Manager

Officer (Prospect Management - Prospect Research / Portfolio Management )

Officer Gift Management

Project Manager (Western Hemisphere Program)

Operational Information Management Officer

Program and Communications Assistant

Intern (Middle East Desk Assistant Programs and Grants)

Deputy General Coordinator (Programs)

Intern (Events Management Support)

Business Analyst (Executive Management Division)

Mechanical Designer (Radio Frequency Systems - TTE Programme)

Senior Information Management Assistant

Process Operator (Cryogenic Test Facility - TTE Programme)

Non-member State Postdoc Fellowship Programme (Theoretical Physics)

Project Financial Management Consultant

Health Program Manager

WASH Program Manager Consortium

National Resource Management Officer

HRM (Talent Management Consultants Roster)

Reapertura De Vacante Para El Cargo De: Gerente Del Programa Norte De Santander

USPSC Program Management Coordinator

Consultant (Sit-rep on Migration Management Alternatives)

Intern (Programme Management - Regional)

Gender and Border Management Expert / Experts

National Head of Resource Management

Head of Programme