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Technical Support and Similar Jobs

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Consultant (Senior Leadership Support, Division of Human Resources)

Technical Officer (Health Policy)

Grants Specialist (USAID/Armenia Support Initiative)

Technical Officer (Risk Assessment)

Deputy Chief of Party / Technical Director

Business Support Assistant (Innovation Accelerator)

Support for Gender Mainstreaming in Financial Sector Operations

Administrative Support Consultant (The Competitiveness, Technology, and Innovation Division)

Program Support Specialist

International Consultant (Technical Support to The Unicef Uzbekistan Country Office on Building National Capacity to Revise Classroom Assessment Systems in Line with The Competency-based Approach)

National Consultant (Gender Analysis of Legal Initiatives, Advocacy and Knowledge Building Support to The Parliament Inter-factional Caucus on Equal Opportunities)

Business Support Assistant

National Consultant (Gender Analysis of Legal Initiatives, Advocacy and Knowledge Building Support to The Parliament Inter-factional Caucus on Equal Opportunities)

IHP Technical Officer

Technical Officer (Global Acceleration Framework)

Legislative Support Officer

Intern (Program Support)

Coordination Support Officer

Senior Project Assistant (Strengthening and Supporting Women`s Resource Centers)

Intern (Events Management Support)

Logistics Business Support Assistant (Airlifting Operations)

Technical Officer (Labour Inspection And OSH)

Spotlight Afghanistan Technical Lead Coordinator

Hydrotechnical Engineer

Spotlight Afghanistan Technical Lead Coordinator

Technical Specialist (VAWG Prevention)

Consultant (Africa Information Highway: 01 Technical Expert to Support Fieldwork in English Speaking Countries)

Technical Specialist (VAWG Prevention)

Community Engagement Officer (Support for Covid-19 National Campaign Activities)

Consultant (Technical Expert)

Vaccination Technical Officer (Covid-19)

National Consultant (Support Central Expanded Programme on Immunization (Cepi) in The Geospatial Data Management for Continued Roll-out in All townships of Mandalay, Nay Pyi Taw and Ayeyarwaddy Region)

Unit Head (Radiation Safety Technical Services Unit)

Business Support Sr. Administrative Assistant (Infrastructure & Energy Division)

Emergency Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Manager (Emergency Pool)

Manager (Operation Office - Implementation Support)

Support Services Coordinator

Specialist (Mental Health & Psychosocial Support)

Technical Leaders (Liberia Conservation Works Activity)

Technical Specialists (Liberia Conservation Works Activity)

Technical Advisor (Nutrition)

Senior Malaria Control & Elimination Technical Advisor

Chief of Mission Support

Board Support Associate

Support Services Senior Officer

Local Consultant (Support to The Strengthening of The Canine Capacity of The Police Services to Detect and Confiscate Salw, Ammunition and Explosives)

Technical Officer (Integrated Health Service Delivery)

Regional Delegate for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS)

International Consultant (Support The Adjustment /Adapting The Contextualized Adolescent toolkit for Expression and Innovation (Akie) and Wb Critical Thinking Module As Additional Youth Skills-building Module at Innovation Labs Established)

Mental Health and Psycho-social Support Advisor

Protection Technical Advisor

Technical Specialist (Reproductive Health)

Programme Specialist (Commodity Security Branch, Technical Division)

Technical Officer (Surveillance)

Officer (Business Applications Support - Web Collaborative Solutions)

Malaria Technical Director

Intern (Support for Architecture Technical Evangelism and Structuration)

Lead Regional Technical Specialist (Rural Finance, Markets and Value Chains)

Global Technical Specialist (Rural Infrastructure and Renewable Energy)

Global Senior Technical Specialist (ICT4D in Agriculture)

Energy Division Technical Support for Project Preparation and Pipeline Consultant

Phytosanitary Technical Specialist

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) Technical Officer

Legal Consultant (Support The Africa Investment Forum)

Technical Officer (EU-AMR Project)

Malaria Diagnostic Technical Advisor

Biodiversity and Environmental Crimes Technical Lead

Chief Technical Adviser (Project)

Chief Technical Advisor

Head Driver (South Sudan Monitoring And Evaluation Support Project)

Nutrition And Wash Specialist (South Sudan Monitoring And Evaluation Support Project)

Food Security Specialist (South Sudan Monitoring And Evaluation Support Project)

Community Monitor (South Sudan Monitoring And Evaluation Support Project)

Consultant (Operational and Hands-on Support)

Project Management Support Officer

WASH Technical Manager

Assistant Director (Legal Support to Operations)

Senior Technical Advisor (Food and Market Systems)

Technical Support (The Execution of Gef- Financed City Programs in Peru and Mexico)

Technical Officer Data Analyst

Senior Technical Advisor

Senior Technical Officer (Strategic Information)

CEPPS Technical Advisor Consultant

Mental Health and Psycho-social Support Advisor

Donor Campaign Support Officer

Protection Technical Advisor

M&E Specialist (South Sudan Monitoring and Evaluation Support Project)

Senior Technical Advisor (Maternal Child Health - Resource Development)

Technical Advisor (Associate Research Scientist)

Consultant (Support The Communication Strategy of The 21st Century Skills Initiative)

Social Behaviour Change Technical Officer

Information Systems Officer (SAP Technical Development and Integration)

Technical Officer

Head of User Support Services

Technical/Consultant/Expert (Food Safety)

Technical Specialist (Social Behavior Change)

Technical Advisor

Senior Technical Advisor (Europe & Eurasia)

Technical Officer (Quality, Risk Management and OH&S)

Administrative Support Consultant (Business Strategy, Planning & Resources)

Support Consulting for The Tax Management Division

Senior Technical Advisor (Research & Evaluation, Strategic Information)

Technical Specialist (Social Behavior Change)

,Assistant.e Support Logistique Desk Moyen Orient

Administrative Support Consultant (Infrastructure & Energy Division)

Financial Policy, Planning & Decision Support Principal Technical Leader / Principal Specialist

Deputy Chief of Party/Food Security Technical Coordinator

Specialized Officer (Global Outreach and Regional Support)

Consultant (Support The CSD/CCS)

Senior Technical Officer (Special Project)

Deputy Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Coordinator

Project Technical Officer

Project Support Officer

Support Services Coordinator

Consultant (Supporting The Aquafund, A Water and Sanitation Technical Cooperationmulti-donor Fund)

Project/Program Technical Officer

Customer Technical Support Representative

Technical Advisor (Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning)

Assistant Analyst (Technical Cooperation Funds)

Social Safeguards Support to Operations

Technical Advisor (Governance)

Technical Advisor (Programs & Quality Improvement)

Assistant.e Support (Gestion Administrative, Financiere Et Logistique)

Responsable Support Sécurité & Accès

Responsable Support Sécurité & Accés

Office Support Administrative Coordinator

Deputy Technical Director

Technical Director (Health)

Assistant.e Support (Gestion Adm, Fin Et Log)

Senior Technical Advisor (MEAL)

Technical Advisor (Governance)

Business Support Roster (Applications)

Technical Specialist (Animal Health)

Director (Supporter Acquisition Mass Marketing)

Director (Supporter Engagement & Retention Mass Marketing)

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Coordinator

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Coordinator

Sr. Technical Advisor (Nutrition - Team Lead)

Technical Advisor (Education and Technology)

Livestock Technical Advisor

Information Support Unit Deputy Team Lead

Migration Technical Specialist

Technical Specialist (Migration Crisis)

Technical Assistance (Covid-19 Related Activities)

USPSC Support Relief Group Generalist

National Consultant (Communication Support Specialist)

Technical Adviser (RCM Border Management Working Groups)

Technical Adviser (RCM Protection & Labor Migration Working Groups)

Consultant (Governance Specialist – Portfolio Analysis, Reporting, Strategy Support)

Technical Director (Youth Connect Activity)

National Consultant (Communication Support Specialist)

Intern (Information Management - Data Coordination and Technical Communications)

Agribusiness Investment Support Specialist

Intern (Counsel Support Section)

Intern (Victims and Witnesses Section - Psychological Support Unit)

Intern (Counsel Support Section)

Intern (Events Support)

Head of Support Services