Security Policies

Security Policies and Similar Jobs

34 Jobs

National Consultant (Capacity Development of Civil Society Organizations Operating in The Field of Women, Peace and Security)

Cybersecurity Operations and Analytics Engineer

National Programme Officer (Women, Peace & Security)

IT Officer (Security, Risk and Compliance – Security Architecture)

IT Officer (Security, Risk and Compliance – Application Security Testing)

Information Technology Assistant (ICT Security Engineer)

Senior Field Security Officer

Security Officer (Multiple Positions)

Security Sergeant (Multiple Positions)

International Lead Consultant (Training on Women, Peace and Security in The Context of Covid-19)

Chief of Party (Resilience Food Security Activity)

Projektassistent (Food Security Standard)

Security Management Trainer

Program Specialist (Women Peace and Security)

Program Specialist (Women Peace and Security)

International Food Security/Cluster Coordination and IPC Specialist

Senior Business Development Manager (Food Security & Livelihood)

Security Engineer

Programme Specialist (Commodity Security Branch, Technical Division)

Food Security Specialist (South Sudan Monitoring And Evaluation Support Project)

Programme Management Advisor Security Research Analyst

Security Captain

Field Security Radio Operator (Multiple Positions)

Information Security Outreach Officer

Deputy Chief of Party/Food Security Technical Coordinator

Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting Lead (Haiti Resilience Food Security Activity)

Director (Social Security Development Branch)

Head of Food Security and Emergency Projects

Chief of Party (Food Security and Resilience Project)

Safety and Security Coordinator

Chief of Party (Development Food Security Activities)

Consultant (Regional Mapping of Migration Policies)

Country Security Officer

Security Guard