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Mercy Corps is powered by the belief that a better world is possible. To do this, we know our teams do their best work when they are diverse, and every team member feels that they belong. We welcome diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and skills so that we can be stronger and have long-term impact.

Program / Department Summary
Mercy Corps implements a variety of programming throughout the Middle East in response to the diverse humanitarian and long-term development needs of the region. Mercy Corps has ongoing programs in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine. Mercy Corps is committed to delivering high quality, high impact programming that reaches communities or individuals in need, wherever they are.

Mercy Corps just launched its new global ten-year strategy, ‘’Pathway to Possibility’’, which reflects our ambitions to not only meet Basic Needs of communities affected by conflict and climate, but to achieve lasting, transformational change at scale. Pathway to Possibility (P2P) includes a three-layers resilience approach at its core and aims to deliver impact through four key outcome areas: Food Security, Water Security, Economic Opportunity, and Peace and Good Governance. P2P is also driven by five organizational commitments on being climate smart; evidence-driven; safe, diverse and inclusive; locally-led; and innovative and creative.

General Position Summary
The Regional Technical Director (RTD) for the Middle East is a senior leader providing significant Technical Support and strategic direction to Mercy Corps six Country Programs and initiatives across the region. The RTD works closely with the Deputy Regional Director (DRD) and Technical Advisors across the region to ensure transformational change occurs through the combination of: programmatic impact in our communities; the ability to influence change makers at local, regional and global levels; and a restlessness to innovate in search of better solutions. The RTD will collaborate with the DRD to lead, develop and promote a clear and impactful regional technical strategy in-line with MC Pathway to Possibility and reflective of the countries’ specific strategies to ensure MC vision can be delivered across the region. The RTD will also strive to build and sustain a cohesive and impactful regional technical team ensuring the Middle East portfolio is positioned for excellence in all programmatic functions across country teams. The Regional Technical Director coordinates with program departments at the country, regional and global levels to ensure that our program portfolio is of the highest quality and standards and that programs receive the support that they need. The Regional Technical Director will work also closely with our Regional Program Performance and Quality (PaQ) Team to promote our agency’s quality standards across all technical work to ensure that the teams are driving transformational impact in the region through executing programs that are of the highest quality, with the latest technical interventions, program designs and generating documented evidence.

Essential Job Responsibilities


Work with the regional and country teams to articulate an ambitious and compelling regional strategy and vision for Mercy Corps in the Middle East in line with P2P and lead its development and implementation with the highest level of quality.

Contribute to the sound implementation of country level strategies in line with P2P and adapted to each respective context.

Act as a key partner for the DRDs to lead and manage an effective regional technical team that delivers programmatic excellence and significant impact and influence in the region.

Work with regional, country and global teams to deliver on our regional Evidence and Learning agenda and priorities that are connected to regional and global strategic priorities.


Supervise the Regional Technical Advisors and create a cohesive regional technical team to deliver technical support to country teams.

Ensure that regional technical team members have a deep understanding of their roles and are connected to relevant stakeholders across the agency to inform and promote agency strategies and best practices.

Promote accountability, communicate expectations and provide constructive feedback informally and formally via regular one on ones and performance reviews.

Create a work environment of respect where team members strive to achieve excellence and team culture is positive, transparent and focused on staff wellbeing.

Assist with the on-boarding of senior team members in the countries and in the region, ensuring they are set up for success and familiar with agency systems, procedures, and protocols.

Ensure sound performance management and staff access to high quality learning opportunities and Career Development.

Support country leadership in adhering to Mercy Corps and donor policies and procedures, including rollout of new initiatives and standards.

Fill in as needed for Deputy Regional Director and for field leadership during vacations/home leave and or leadership gaps as necessary.


Develop and lead the regional technical vision and strategy across the Middle East to deliver transformational change and impact at scale through technical excellence.

Ensure country teams in the region have access to technical support and resources to deliver quality-based and technically sound programs across the humanitarian-development-peace nexus.

Ensure all programs adhere to minimum technical standards and best practices and disseminate and promote new tools and guidance developed by the global team.

Promote the culture of technical excellence across teams and countries and develop relevant tools, systems and platforms for teams to share experiences and technical expertise.

Lead capacity strengthening and learning initiatives across the region to ensure country teams continue expanding their technical knowledge and expertise overtime.

Lead technical learning initiatives across the region, including developing and leading a senior technical community of practice across the region to expand knowledge sharing and strengthen innovative and creative ideas to be discussed and tested out across the Middle East.


Develop efficient systems to identify support needs of country teams and ensure that programs access quality, relevant and timely support from the regional technical team and/or HQ TSU whenever needed.

Develop systems to support the Administration of regional technical team members (work plans, budgets allocations, throughout the fiscal year.

Develop an efficient and clear system to provide visibility and regular updates to country, regional and HQ teams on the regional technical team’s work, achievements and priorities.

Ensure effective human, material, financial and technical support for all country programs, in cooperation with senior staff, prioritizing resource allocation with DRD as necessary.


Work closely with regional and country teams on any new business opportunities that require strong technical leadership, inputs and review.

Identify, explore and pursue funding opportunities that support regional and country technical strategy objectives.

Support - and when relevant - lead, the development of technical concept notes, proposals and other funding requests, ensuring quality submissions that maximize chances for success, including sourcing internal or external technical expertise to assist, in close collaboration with our regional New Initiative Advisors.

Position Mercy Corps for strategic funding opportunities that build on country and/or regional programmatic priorities and technical excellence.

Develop systems to ensure that all programs in the region receive support to achieve the highest possible impact and are in line with overall regional and global strategies.

Work closely with country teams to ensure sound program implementation throughout the program lifecycle.

Work closely with the global program support units to ensure continuous quality improvement of field programs, and that teams are working towards achieving excellence, especially during rapid growth.


Co-Lead efforts with the PaQ Regional Team and country and global teams to build the culture of adaptive management, evidence and learning in each country in the region.

Support regional knowledge networks to enhance technical excellence across the Middle East and lead on new technical Communities of Practice across the region and across regions to share knowledge and best practices.

Participate actively in the evidence-driven commitment workstreams by contributing to the regional, global and country-level evidence and learning agendas.

Support collaborative action and common programmatic approaches to fostering greater regional coherence.

Act as a key liaison between global, the regional team and country teams to effectively publicize program innovations and success stories and share knowledge across countries and regions.

Help to ensure timely and targeted communication and information flow that highlight Mercy Corps’ regional and global impact.

Connect teams to ideas, partners and resources to drive creative solutions for greater impact.


Ensure program Coordination and information sharing within and between the regional team.

Work closely and participate in various HQ TSU meetings and work streams to represent the Middle East region to ensure effective coordination and collaboration, promote cross-learning and to advocate for support and resources when needed.

Develop and maintain strong relationships with global and regional technical and research partners/organizations/universities that contribute to technical expertise and excellence.

Represent Mercy Corps at external events and with donors to build voice, brand and influence.

Supervisory Responsibility:
Regional technical advisors (GESI, MSD, Water and Climate, Energy) and any other technical advisors to be recruited in the future


Reports Directly To: Deputy Regional Director, Middle East

Works Directly With: Regional Leadership Team, Regional PaQ Team, Country Directors, Country-level Senior Management Teams, Regional Program Team (RPT), Global-based TSU, MEL, and Program Quality teams, and other HQ departments such as communications, fundraising, learning, etc.

Accountability to Participants and Stakeholders
Mercy Corps team members are expected to support all efforts toward accountability, specifically to our program participants, community partners, other stakeholders, and to international standards guiding international relief and development work. We are committed to actively engaging communities as equal partners in the design, monitoring and evaluation of our field projects.

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