Communities Of Practice

Communities Of Practice and Similar Jobs

350 Jobs

Chief of Party (Civil Society Engagement Program)

Head of Operations

Senior Program Officer (Program Advocacy and Communications, Financial Services for The Poor)

Officer (Requirements)

Regional Product Deployment Officer

Emergency and Rehabilitation Officer (2 Positions)

Senior Procurement & Subawards Officer

Grants & Procurement Officer

Associate Legal Officer

Principal Quality and Development Effectiveness Officer

Legal Officer (Unitaid)

Principal Social Safeguards & Compliance Officer

Logistics Officer (Supply Chain)

Consultant (Development of Methodology on The ‘cost of Inaction’ in Providing Legal Identity)

Information Systems Officer (SAP NPO HCM and Payroll Processes)

Forestry Officer (REDD+)

Programme Policy Officer (School Feeding)

Head of Research

Technical Officer (Healthy Ageing)

Senior Programme Associate (Head of Field Office)

Communications, Media & Campaigns Officer

Chief of Party (Development Food Security Activities)

National Monitoring & Evaluation and Knowledge Management Officer

Technical Officer

National Project Officer

Head of Programmes

Senior Policy Officer (Agricultural Systems, Land and Water)

Senior Policy Officer (Food Security and Nutrition)

Contracts & Procurement Officer (IMCT Project)

Office Assistant & Driver (IMCT Project)

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer

Reporting Officer

Head of Field Office (Programme and Policy Officer)

Head of Field Office (Partnerships)

National Skills Officer

National Project Officer

Office Support Assistant

Regional Climate and Resilience Senior Officer

Covid-19 Cash Data Management Officer

Agribusiness Investment Expert and Focal Point of The Agrinvest Project

Technical Officer (Media & Communications)

Program Officer

Senior Trade Officer

Principal Trade Policy Officer

Consultant (Provide Technical Support to Country Office for The Implementation of Priority Components of The One Health Framework for Action and Strengthen Multi-sectoral Cooperation)

Head of The Africa Unit

Associate Project Officer (Culture)

Technical Officer (Medicines and Health Technologies)

Director of Human Resources

Programme Analyst (Gender Equality and The Empowerment of Women)

Technical Associate/Manager (Rule of Law)

Technical Director (Rule of Law)

Head of Mission

Consultant (Mid-term Evaluation of UN Women Project - Promoting Women and Girls´ Effective Participation in Peace)

National Consultant (The Development of A Sexual and Gender Based Violence Training Manual for The Nigerian Police force)

National Consultant (The Review of The Nigeria Police force Gender Policy)

National Consultant (The Development of A Standard Training Manual for Gender Focal Points of Security Sector Institutions)

Senior Risk Management Officer (Capital Requirements and Pricing)

Public Information Officer

Advisor (SDCC and Chief of Knowledge Advisory Services Center)

Administration Officer

MFW4A Research Officer

Social Policy Officer

Remote Intern (The Office of The Director, Division on Investment and Enterprise)

Intern (Office of The Secretary-general)

Gender Based Violence Project Officer (Spotlight)

Oficial Nacional De Programas

International Individual Consultant (Carry Out A Feasibility Assessment for Integration of The Parenting for Lifelong Health Programme Into The National System)

Engineering Officer

Information Management Officer (Health, Nutrition and WASH)

Intern (Communications - Office of The President of The General Assembly)

Programme Policy Officer (Strategic Outcome Manager)

National Contractor (Obesity Prevention and The Nutrition of School-age Children Program)

Oficial Técnico Provincial (Dreams)

Information System Officer

Programme Officer (Wildlife and Forest Crime - Financial Investigations)

Independent Consultant (The Enhancing Stakeholder Awareness and Resources on Hate Crime Victim Support Project to Develop A “model Guidance on Sensitive and Respectful Treatment of Hate Crime Victims in The Criminal Justice System)

Chief of NGO Branch

Financial Officer/Sr. Financial Officer (Finaico)

Senior Forestry Officer (Team Leader, Climate Change and Resilience)

Senior Forestry Officer (Team Leader Statutory Bodies, CPF and Outreach Team)

Senior Fishery Officer

Senior Agricultural Officer (Plant Production and Protection)

Senior Fishery Resources Officer (Inland Fisheries)

Assistant Technical Officer

Director of Finance and Operations

Technical Officer

Senior Policy Officer

Associate Budget Officer

Communication and Advocacy Officer

Head of East and Southern Africa Region

Terms of Reference for Mid-term Evaluation- Integrated Market Development Program Across The Opt

Private Sector Fundraising Officer

TA Child Protection Officer

Senior Global HR Officer

Senior Programme Officer

General Counsel and Director (Office of Legal Services)

Gender Officer (The Ministry of Justice)

Political Affairs Officer

Intern (Data Analyst, Evaluation Office, Part-time)

Head of Programming

TA Immunization Officer

Chief of Party (Eastern DRC Multi-sectoral Program)

Staff Officer (CIS Exercise Engineer)

Technical Officer (Small Arms and Light Weapons)

Technical Officer (Legal âGlobal Board of Appeal)

Monitoring and Evaluation Senior Officer

Technical Officer (Health Financing and Social Health Protection)

Asistente De Apoyo De Oficina

Senior Officer (Disaster Law)

Human Resources Officer (Head of Human Resources Services)

Gender Officer (Resilient Food Systems and Inclusive Rural Transformation)

Communication Officer (News Editor and Planning Editor)

Technical Officer (Violence Prevention)

Senior Administrative Officer (Service Delivery Manager, Staff Travel, Claims, Education Grant)

Consultant (Provide Technical Guidance for Key Initiatives of The Adolescent Development and Partnership Programme and Operationalise The Adolescent Empowerment Partnership and Strategy)

District Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Assistant Technical Officer (Primary Health Care)

Head of Representation

Head of Group (Biodiversity and Nature)

Senior Transaction Management Officer (Public Sector Monitoring)

Senior Officer Maritime Transport

Programme Policy Officer (Data Analyst)

Providing National Consultant (Systematic Assessment and Financial Analysis of Municipal Waste Management)

International Consultant (Development of Draft National Strategy of Turkmenistan on Renewable Energy and 4 Regulatory Legal Acts of Turkmenistan in The Field of Renewable Energy)

Assistant Project Officer (ICT in Teacher Education)

International Consultant (Final Evaluation of Eu Water Project)

Early Professional Program (Urban Transport)

Early Professional Program (Subnational Climate Work)

Project Manager (Promotion of Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Solution in The Water and Civil Protection Sectors for Enhanced Rural Resilience Project)

Information Management Officer

Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping Officer (Household Targeting and Prioritization)

Programme Policy Officer (Market Systems)

Resource Mobilization Officer

Statistics Specialist (Office of Global Insight & Policy)

Legal Senior Officer

Chief of Party (World Bank Improving Healthcare Services Program)

Technical Officer (Monitoring Nutritional Status and Food Safety Events)

Senior Assistant to The Deputy Head of Office

National Consultant (Conduct Socio-economic Impact Assessment Of Demining Activities)

Head Of Programmes

Regional Specialized Officer

Consultant (Air Transport Officer - Air Transport Unit)

Health Statistics Officer (Maternal, Newborn, Child, Adolescents Health)

Profile Statistics & Data Analysis Officer

Associate Economist Officer

Technical Officer (Social Health Protection)

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer (Research)

Senior Officer (Road Safety Projects and Communication)

Regional Chief Risk Officer

Climate Change Risk Mapping and Good Practices Specialist

Human Resources National Officer

Director of Administration and Operations

Senior Program Officer (Respiratory Pandemics Vaccine Development, Pneumonia Team, Global Health)

Communications Officer

Head of Global Advocacy

Officier(ère) National(e) De Programme Chargé(e) Du Sous Bureau Des Gonaives

Individual Consultant (Updating The Website of The Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Provision)

Programme Officer (Team Leader)

Biofin Project Administrator

Social Affairs Officer (2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development)

Intern (In The Office of The Deputy Secretary-general)

Senior Procurement Officer

Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer (Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling)

Assistant Field Officer

Senior Administrative Officer (Programme Manager)

Senior National Officer Engineer

National Project Senior Officer

National Professional Officer (Pharmaceuticals)

Consultant (Adolescents’ and Young People’s Participation and Engagement in Mena – Support to Establishment and Strengthening of Volunteering As A Platform for Civic Engagement, Skilling and Transition to Work)

Finance Officer

Coordination Officer (Development Coordination Officer/Economist)

Information Systems Officer (SAP Business Intelligence Development)

National Information Management Officer (Multiple Positions and Locations)

Associate Programme Officer (Cybercrime)

Senior Program Assistant (Foundation Strategy Office)

Director of Division

National Consultant (Conduct Midterm Review and Revision of Un Women South Sudan Country Strategic Note)

International Consultant (Conduct Midterm Review and Revision of Un Women South Sudan Country Strategic Note)

International Consultant (Development of Online Learning Course for Public Servants)

International Consultant (Conduct Midterm Review and Revision of Un Women South Sudan Country Strategic Note)

National Consultant (Conduct Midterm Review and Revision of Un Women South Sudan Country Strategic Note)

National Consultant (Support The Government of Tuvalu on The Expansion of Local Climate Resilience Investments)

Head of Systems and Operations

International Consultant (Development of Online Learning Course for Public Servants)

Programme Management Senior Officer

Senior Planning and Co-ordination Officer

Officer (Defence Capabilities)

Officer, Defence Capabilities

Team Leader/Chief of Party (Food Security / Integrated Water Resources Management)

Deputy Head of Programming

Chief Financial Officer

Technical Officer (Research Utilization)

Technical Officer (Research Utilization)

Senior Digital Forensic Investigation Officer

Software Engineer (Python)

Associate Project Officer (Knowledge Management Systems) (Culture)

Software Developer Intern (Green Energy Projects)

National Programme Officer (Communities Policy)

Chief Communications Officer

Program Officer (Active Communities Project)

Finance Manager (Active Communities Project)

Senior Tax Compliance Officer

Grants and Reporting Officer

Consultant (Feasibility Study on The Production of Soybean, Maize and Poultry Value Chain)

Human Resources and Administration Officer

Staff Officer (Civil Preparedness, Policy and Planning)

Staff Officer (Civil Preparedness, Policy and Planning)

Visiting Professional (Finance Section)

Chief of Party (Youth and Livelihoods)

Head of Programming

Regional Specialized Officer

Programme Officer

Country Liaison Officer

Deputy Chief of Party

8Chief of Party Health Services Quality Accelerator)

Consultant (Administration and Finance Officer)

Social Protection Officer

Procurement Officer (2 Positions)

Director (Office of The Regional Director)

Oficial De Adquisiciones (Roster)

Junior Legal Officer

Dignified and Secure Burial Officer (Officier Enterrement Digne Et Securise)

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (Oficier Suivi & Evaluation)

Medprogramme Management Officer

Chief of Party

Head of The Galileo First Generation System Security Service

National Project Officer

Deputy Chief of Party (Water Innovations Technology Program)

SI/MER Dreams Officer (Western Cape)

Data Analytics Support Officer (Strategic Information)

Logs Officer

Officier Engagement Communautaire

Finance Head of Department

Information Analysis Officer

Head of NCB Coordination Desk

Head of Regional Bureau

Regional Specialized Officer

Chief of Section (Education)

Chief of Party (USAID/Indonesia Harmoni: Towards Inclusion and Resilience)

Director of Programs

Senior Programme Policy Officer (Regional Head of Programme)

Executive Director of International

Senior Program Officer (Research & Development)

Consultor Profesional De Apoyo Al Ministerio De Salud Y Proteccion Social En Materia De Cambio Climatico

Head of Safety and Quality Department

Head of Engineering Design Department

Chief of Party (Towards Inclusion and Resilience)

Operations Officer

Visiting Professional (Prosecution Division)

2 Associate Financial Monitoring Officers (Bank Monitoring)

Admm Officer (Security Cooperation Division)

ARF Officer (Security Cooperation Division - 2 Positions)

Visiting Professional (Office of Public Counsel for Victims)

Intern (Office of Public Counsel for Victims)

Global Climate Fellow (Division of Country Programming)

Deputy Chief of Party (Support for Higher Education)

Programme Management Officer (2 Positions)

Senior Portfolio Officer (Strategy and Insights)

Interim Associate Communications Officer (External Communications)

Technical Officer (Community Engagement)

Technical Officer (Dreams)

Technical Officer (Dreams)

Senior Technical Officer (Knowledge Management and Communication)

Regional Technical Officer

Regional Technical Officer (Community Engagement)

Regional Technical Officer (Community Engagement)

Regional Technical Officer (Community Engagement)

Regional Technical Officer (Community Engagement)

Regional Technical Officer (Community Engagement)

Regional Strategic Information Officer

Regional Strategic Information Officer

Regional Senior Technical Officer

Technical Officer (Stigma and Gender)

Regional Technical Officer (Community Engagement)

Director of Finance and Administration (Youth Activity)

Chief of Party (Youth Activity)

Deputy Chief of Party (Technical, Youth Activity)

Investment Management Lead Officer (Structured Trade & Supply Chain Finance)

National Project Officer (Demployment Intensive Infrastructure Development)

Technical Officer (Enterprise Development)

Deputy General Coordinator in Charge of Programs

Chief Of Party (Comprehensive Client-centered Health Program For Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health)

Chief of Party (Program for Development)

Support for Malaria Elimination of The RMEI Operations Portfolio Consultant

Legal Officer (Sexual and Gender-based Crimes)

Invitation to Tender Financial System Upgrade (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central)

Finance Officer (Impact Malaria)

International Consultant (Lesotho Migration Profile)

IT Support Analyst (Office 365)

Technical Officer (Cervical Cancer Services)

Protection and Accountability Officer

Communications and Knowledge Management Officer

Chief of Section (Budget)

International Consultant (Lesotho Migration Profile)

Consultant (Regional Mapping of Migration Policies)

Consultant (Roster of Tax Experts - Tax Inspectors Without Borders))

Chief of Party

Regional Specialized Officer

Health and Nutrition Head of Programme

Budget Officer

Chief of NGO Branch

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

National Programme Officer

National Programme Officer

Communication Officer Communication Department

Senior Associate (Climate Resilience Practice)

Senior Environmental Affairs Officer

Project Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Investment Management Officer

Mental Health and Care Practices, Gender and Protection Program Manager

Un Coherence and Partnerships Officer

Technical Officer (Product Development & Introduction)

Consultant (Rapid Assessment of The Socio-economic Impacts of The Covid-19 on Migration Management)

Head of The Treasury Client Solutions Team

Head of Programmes

National Project Officer

Senior Officer (Advocacy Partnerships)

Director of Unesco International Bureau of Education

Intern (Office of The Chief Economist and Director General)

Deputy Head of Mission

Regional Specialized Officer

Chief of Party

Deputy Chief of Party

Head of NCB Coordination (Desk-europe)

Chief of Party

Grants and Accountability Officer (Geographic Area: Middle-East)

Development Officer

Project Director (Chief of Party)

Deputy Project Director (Deputy Chief of Party)

Head of Mission

Talent Pool (Senior Female Professionals - All Profiles)

Database of Experts (Eurcap Facility)

Consultant (Nutrition Cluster Partners in Community Management of Acute Malnutrition)

International Consultant (Conducting Trainings on Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services)

Country Security Officer

Database of Experts (Eurcap Facility)

Profile Protection Officer

National Project Officer

National Head of Resource Management

Intern (Pasantía - Sector Eduación Oficina Lima)

Visiting Professional (Public Information and Outreach Section, Registry)

Visiting Professional (Public Information and Outreach Section)

Intern (Legal Office)

Intern (Legal Office)

Intern (Immediate Office of The Registrar)

Budget & Programming Officer

Roving Facilities Management Officer

Head of Programme

Head of Support Services