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Senior Director Development (Heart Challenge)

Human Resources Officer (Strategic Talent Acquisition and Human Capital Development)

Consultant (Value Chain Development and Financial Inclusion for Inclusive Growth Project End Line Evaluation)

Consultant (Development of Education Sector Analysis & Education Sector Strategic Plan Development)

Coordinator (The Interim Evaluation and Communication for Development)

Coordinator (The Interim Evaluation and Communication for Development)

Development Outreach and Communication Specialist

National Consultant (Support Programming and Policy Development for Roma Children)

Development Director (Heart Challenge)

Community Development Officer (Family Watch Project)

Child Survival and Development Officer

M&E / Community Development Officer

M&E / Community Development Officer

Individual Consultant (Provide Technical Assistance to Support The Ministry of Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare for The Strengthening of Early Childhood Development Programmes - Pedagogy Focus)

M&E / Community Development Officer

M&E / Community Development Officer

M&E / Community Development Officer

M&E / Community Development Officer

M&E / Community Development Officer

Software Development Specialist

International Consultant (Baseline Assessment, Including LQAS Survey of The Integrated Child Survival and Development Project)

Supply Chain Development Engineer

Country Project Development Officer

Deputy Project Development Manager

Deputy Project Development Manager

Corporate Development Director (Heart Challenge)

Coordinateur.rice Donor Retention & Development

Senior Director (Technology for Development)

Impact Advisor (Technology for Development)

Early Childhood Development Specialist

Part-time Development Director (Heart Ball)

Head of Business Support Unit Development

Consultant (Development of A Discussion Paper on Conflict Transformation under The African Peace and Security Architecture)

Workforce Development/TVET Component Lead

Chief of Party (Youth Work Force Development)

Deputy Chief of Party (Youth Work Force Development)

Public Private Partnerships Advisor (Youth Work Force Development)

Senior Innovations, Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment Officer (Youth Work Force Development)

Director of Development (Mid-level Giving)

Consultant (Programme Support – Early Childhood Development)

Project Development Officer

Project Development Officer

Collaborating, Learning And Adapting Lead (Development Food Security Activity)

Intern (Research and Programme Portfolio Development)

Senior Humanitarian and Business Development Manager

Early Childhood Development Technical Advisor

GNSS System Development Planning Engineer

Climate Change New Business Development & Partnerships Advisor

National Consultant (Support Operationalisation of The National Strategy for Education Development)

Communications Specialist (Social Media, Usaid Kenya and East Africa Development Outreach and Communications Support Program)

Head of HR Department (Relief and Development)

Business Development Expert

Talent Development and Performance Management Associate

Project Development Intern

Development Director (Heart Challenge)

Early Childhood Development Coordinator

ICT Specialist (Technology for Development)

Corporate Development Director

Assoc Director (Development Go Red for Women)

Technical Learning and Talent Development Officer

Communication for Development Officer (Spotlight Initiative on VAWG)

Consultant (Database Development - IARC Monographs)

Senior Country Project Development Officer

Consultant (National Early Warning Development Framework)

Private Sector Engagement Lead (West Africa Biodiversity And Low Emissions Development)

Consultant (Knowledge Management Product Development)

Development Director (Heart Challenge)

Senior Director (Global Leads New Business Development)

Senior Manager (USG Business Development)

Development Director (Socials)

Grants Development Advisor

VP (Development, Gulf Coast)

Development Director (Go Red for Women)

Economic Development and Private Sector Engagement Leader

Development Specialist (Heart Challenge)

INEE Coordinator (Early Childhood Development and Education in Emergencies)

Economic Recovery and Development Coordinator

Intern (Learning and Development)

Wabiled Capacity Development Manager

Learning & Talent Development Officer

Intern (Human Rights - Development and Economic, Social Issues)

Intern (Development Coordination - Multiple Positions)

Consultant (Design and Website Development)