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Mercy Corps is a leading global organization powered by the belief that a better world is possible. In disaster, in hardship, in more than 40 countries around the world, we partner to put bold solutions into action — helping people triumph over adversity and build stronger communities from within. Now, and for the future.

Mercy Corps has worked across Iraq’s 18 governorates since 2003, implementing relief and development programming, more than a third of which has focused on the specific needs of refugees and displaced persons. Mercy Corps Iraq's current goal is to work with new and existing civil society, public and private sector partners to meet immediate and long-term needs by strengthening communities’ ability to rebuild amidst increasing crises.


Mercy Corps is implementing the Women- and Youth-led Peace and Reconciliation Program in Iraq (WYPRI) funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC), which aims to respond to the unique gender, power, and conflict dynamics that characterize the current context in Ninewa Governorate. Ninewa, one of the most diverse regions in Iraq and among the worst-affected by mass violence and displacement, is facing a critical transition post-ISIS and with the repatriation of internally displaced persons (IDP). Low social acceptance of returnees and discomfort among persecuted minority communities, and in particular women from some of those communities, are significant challenges that require the promotion of inclusive gender-responsive and community-led reconciliation mechanisms. As Iraq moves into recovery and reconciliation, there is also the need to foster the meaningful engagement of women in community-based peacebuilding and conflict mediation structures and to ensure that these structures meet the needs of women, including those who have experienced gender-based violence (GBV).

The WYRPI initiative ultimately seeks to strengthen gender just and inclusive social cohesion within and between diverse communities and identity groups in Al Hamdaniya District, Ninewa Governorate, Iraq.

Mercy Corps will partner with the Government of Iraq to pilot a community-led reconciliation dialogue series in Ninewa. This partnership will be outlined and formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

WYPRI will work closely with both between and within government entities responsible for supporting peacebuilding, the Dialogue and Community Peace Committee (DCPC) and the Women’s Empowerment Office (WEO), which sits under the Office of the Prime Minister.

WYPRI Program is guided by the following theory of change:

By creating an enabling environment for inclusive, gender-responsive, and community-driven reconciliation and increasing women and young peoples’ leadership in gender-responsive peacebuilding, women and men from diverse communities and identity groups will be better positioned to socially reintegrate and coexist in Al Hamdaniya District.

The WYPRI is structured into two intermediate outcomes, the first of which will be guided in part by the findings from the research piece (an initiative aimed at better understanding the specific experiences and perspectives of women and youth—in particular those from marginalized and persecuted communities—related to their participation in reconciliation processes):

Strengthened locally led, inclusive, and gender-responsive reconciliation processes facilitated with women and men from communities and identity groups affected by conflict and violence (1100).Enhanced leadership by women, young women, and young men from diverse communities and identity groups in the delivery of inclusive gender-responsive peacebuilding (1200).


Mercy Corps is seeking to hire an Individual Consultant with experience in developing facilitation manuals, tools and dialogue sessions processes for reconciliation, restorative justice, and mediation taking into consideration to be gender responsive and inclusive.

Deliverables and Timelines

The anticipated period for the facilitation process development is estimated to be 90 working days, beginning as soon as possible by mid of June 2023, but concluding no later than 30 September 2023. Deliverables will include (but are not limited to) the following:

A. Reconciliation Dialogue Sessions Deliverables

To develop facilitation manuals and tools, to contribute to an improved mutual understanding of the impacts of conflict and pathways for reconciliation (community and government) between diverse communities and identity groups, considering that the process is responsive and inclusive to gender. The reconciliation dialogue sessions aim to identify the Impact of conflict on diverse groups, also perceptions of victims and criminals on reconciliation process or between diverse communities, in addition to effectiveness of community and government reconciliation system and the systemic constraints which affect the reconciliation process and to promote dialogue principles and understanding between communities.To lead a workshop to validate the facilitation manual and tools with civil society partners, the DCPC, the WEO, local councils, district-level government, and community leaders to ensure that materials are community-led, inclusive and rooted in Gender Equality and inclusion. (Mercy Corps will cover the training/workshop full cost, participants accommodation, transportation, break & lunch and per diem, etc.)To provide two ToTs as follows:

The first ToT will be provided to a diverse group of CSOs, WEO, DCPC, district-level government, CLs, and local council representatives to serve as master trainers. (Mercy Corps will cover the training/workshop full cost, participants accommodation, transportation, break & lunch and per diem, etc.) The second ToT will be provided to a diverse group of civil society and community leaders (dialogue facilitators) on inclusive and gender-responsive justice approaches so as to build the (dialogue facilitators) capacity to conduct inclusive gender-responsive dialogues to promote dialogue and understanding between communities.Submit a report for each deliverable outlining the development of manual and tools, challenges.Submit a final report covering the full duration of the consultancy outlining activities undertaken, results achieved, an Analysis of the outcomes, challenges, lessons learned, and recommendations.

B. Mediation Dialogue Sessions Deliverables:

To develop facilitation manuals and tools, to Design a contextually appropriate, gender synchronized sessions manual and facilitation methodology for the community dialogues and participant-led monitoring. The aim of the dialogue is to explore power dynamics and gender norms, and how they contribute to peace and conflict. It is also to identify how these factors contribute to women’s exclusion from leadership of peacebuilding and reconciliation and GBV prevention and response, and to identify linkages to women's leadership in peacebuilding facilitated with women, men, young women, and young men community mediators. The consultant will then lead a workshop to train Mercy Corps staff, WEO representatives, and community mediators on the new tool and monitoring system.

(Mercy Corps will cover the training/workshop full cost, participants accommodation, transportation, break & lunch and per diem, etc.)

Submit a report for each deliverable outlining the development of manual and tools, challenges. Submit a final report covering the full duration of the consultancy outlining activities undertaken, results achieved, an analysis of the outcomes, challenges, lessons learned, and recommendations.

The consultant will be paid on a regular invoicing schedule, dates, and associated deliverables to be finalized during the contracting process. The final invoice must be provided to Mercy Corps at the time of submission of the Final Report, which has an anticipated deadline of no later than 23 October 2023.

Details of the work period(s) and timeline will be finalized in collaboration with the selected consultant.

Desired Qualifications

5-10 years of experience in a technically relevant field.Demonstrated expertise in development of gender responsive and inclusive facilitation processes/ methods are required, experience in feminist approaches desirable.Related experience preferred, such as gender analyses, context analyses, etc.Experience working in the Middle East and/or post-conflict contexts preferred.Experience working on GAC-funded projects is desirable.Consultant must speak and write in fluent both English and Arabic Exceptional report-writing skills required.

Application Guidelines

Interested applicants should submit a technical and financial proposal to Mercy Corps (not more than 20 pages) including the following:

Consultant CVTechnical proposal including methodology and its responsiveness to the Scope of Work, in particular the applicant’s experience and approach in applying gender responsive and gender transformative lenses to dialogue, reconciliation, and mediation.At least two sample facilitation process development/experience or similar (preferably of similar type/context)Project timeline/work plan with detailed deliverables timeline. Full financial proposal including detailed budget with all associated expenses (including breakdown of international and national flights, accommodation, etc.)Mercy Corps will cover the consultant accommodation, per diem, and transportation (only one round trip international travels) in addition to his/her local transportation. These are provided in accordance with Mercy Corps’ International Consultant Travel Rates and Rules Policy. Any other travel required will be the consultant’s responsibility.

*Please upload your proposal including CV in the Resume section of the application.

Application Deadline: May 20th, 2023

Mercy Corps will evaluate technical and financial proposals and award the assignment based on technical excellence and financial feasibility. Mercy Corps reserves the right to accept or reject one or all proposals received without assigning any reason and is not bound to accept the lowest or the highest bidder. Only those shortlisted will be contacted. Any subcontracting under this evaluation consultancy will not be accepted.

Application Scoring Criteria

Consultant profile and expertise, based on overview file and CV: 25% Technical proposal, including methodology and its responsiveness to SoW: 25% Similar works: 10% Project timeline/work plan: 10% Price/cost: 30% Total: 100%

Payment weight:

Reconciliation dialogue sessions deliverables: 50% Mediation dialogue sessions deliverables: 50% Total: 100%

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