Design and Similar Jobs

16 Jobs

Graphic Design Expert

Senior Market Strategist (Steering Breeding Product Profile Designs)

Graphic Designer (Coordinator)

National Consultant (Annual Report Editor and Designer to Design A Creative Annual Report 2020 for Unicef Cameroon as An Effective Advocacy and Donor / Partner Dissemination Document)

Consultant (Instructional Design - Child Protection Section)

Consultant (Quotation Better Learning Program Mobile Application Design)

Consultant (Results-based Protection Website Re-design)

Instructional Designer (Part-time - People Management Unit)

Security Training Assistant (Graphic Design)

Project Management Specialist (Design and Implementation)

Internal Research Fellow (Spacecraft Design for Demise)

Intern (Graphic Design/Data Visualization)

Mechanical Designer (Radio Frequency Systems - TTE Programme)

Intern (Public Information - Graphic Design)

Consultant (Instructional Designer)

Consultant (Design and Website Development)