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National Consultant (Translate Integrated Management of Childhood Illness Booklet and Tools)

Consultant (Child Protection Officer - Dadaab Refugee Camps)

Consultant (Technical Expert for The Development of Traceability Adoption Roadmaps for Health Technologies Using Global Standards)

Individual Consultant (Produce A Comprehensive Guide for The Implementation of Life Skills Activities in Schools)

WASH Consultant

National Consultant (Project Coordinator)

International Consultant (Mental Health and Psychosocial Support MHPSS - Service Contract)

Business Analyst CNS Consultant

National Consultant (Gender and Child Labour in Fisheries)

Consultants/Experts (Health, Environment and Climate Change)

Test Engineer (Share The MEAL Consultant)

Consultant (Development of Methodology on The ‘cost of Inaction’ in Providing Legal Identity)

Development Effectiveness Business Support Consultant

Operations and Wellness Consultant

Procurement Consultant

Programme Design Specialist (International Consultant Agroecology)

Housing and Urban Development Communication Design Strategy Consultant

Operational Risk Consultant (Financial Control and Operational Risk Management Unit)

Consultant (Technical Expert - Facility Operations and Maintenance Services)

Consultant (Technical Assistant - Project Support)

Consultant (Documenting Programme Monitoring in East Asia and The Pacific Region)

Skills Consultant

Banque De Données De Consultants Pour Le Service Des Compétences Et De L'employabilité (Skills)

Banque De Données De Consultants Pour Le Service Des Compétences Et De L'employabilité (Skills)

Case Assistant Consultant

Gender Equality Operations and Analytical Support Consultant

National Consultant (Rural Development)

Consultant (Provide Technical Support to Country Office for The Implementation of Priority Components of The One Health Framework for Action and Strengthen Multi-sectoral Cooperation)

International Consultant (Partnerships Development - Private Sector New Business and Innovative Finance)

International Consultant (Design and Layout for Advocacy, Training, Programme and Communication Materials)

Consultant(e) Pour L'analyse De Conflit Sensible Au Genre Et Aux Droits De L'homme

Consultant (Statistics Analyst MNCAH (Maternal, Newborn, Child & Adolescent Health), Data & Analytics)

Consultant for Flood Analysis (Hydrologist)

Consultant (Mid-term Evaluation of UN Women Project - Promoting Women and Girls´ Effective Participation in Peace)

Research and Project Management Consultant (Research and Advisory Services, Digital Payments)

National Consultant (The Development of A Sexual and Gender Based Violence Training Manual for The Nigerian Police force)

National Consultant (The Review of The Nigeria Police force Gender Policy)

National Consultant (The Development of A Standard Training Manual for Gender Focal Points of Security Sector Institutions)

National Consultant (Digital Transformation Strategy Development)

Junior Research Consultant (ECMR/ECMR.1)

Consultant (Support for Energy Access and Decentralized Renewable Energy Projects)

National Consultant (Urban Resilience)

Consultant National Pour La Conduite D’une étude De Faisabilité Pour Le Déploiement D’un Outil De Partage En Ligne Des Documents Et Données

Consultant (Member: Education Cannot Wait External Review Panel)

International Individual Consultant (Carry Out A Feasibility Assessment for Integration of The Parenting for Lifelong Health Programme Into The National System)

National Consultant (NDC Action Project)

International Consultant (Reporting & Planning Specialist)

Consultant National En Suivi Et évaluation Pour L’évaluation Formative Du Système Intégré De Protection De L’enfant

National Consultant (NDC Action Project)

Independent Consultant (The Enhancing Stakeholder Awareness and Resources on Hate Crime Victim Support Project to Develop A “model Guidance on Sensitive and Respectful Treatment of Hate Crime Victims in The Criminal Justice System)

Independent Consultant (The Enhancing Stakeholder Awareness and Resources on Hate Crime Victim Support Project to Develop A Model Guidance on Individual Needs Assessment for Hate Crime Victims)

E T Consultant (Finance Analyst)

Research Support Consultant (The Transportation Sector)

Social Infrastructure Consultant (Infrastructure and Energy Sector)

Senior Organizational Development and Learning Consultant

Consultant National Pour L’évaluation Formative Du Système Intégré De Protection De L’enfant

Recruitment Consultant

Mid-term Review Consultant

Consultant International Expert En Gestion Des Conflits Hommes Faune

Consultant International Spécialiste En Analyse Et Développement Des Marchés Et Chaines De Valeurs PFNL

E T Consultant - HR Analytics

National Consultant (Forest Health)

Operations Investment Consultant (Lab Investment Unit)

E T Consultant (Transport Specialist)

Consultant (Provide Technical Guidance for Key Initiatives of The Adolescent Development and Partnership Programme and Operationalise The Adolescent Empowerment Partnership and Strategy)

Providing National Consultant (Systematic Assessment and Financial Analysis of Municipal Waste Management)

International Consultant (Development of Draft National Strategy of Turkmenistan on Renewable Energy and 4 Regulatory Legal Acts of Turkmenistan in The Field of Renewable Energy)

Consultant (Project Coordination, Climate-smart Covid-19 Recovery)

Project Consultant (Urban Transport)

International Consultant (Support to Integrity and Anti-corruption for Trust)

National Consultant (Programme Administrative Support)

National Consultant (Programme Administrative Support)

Tobacco Control Consultants

National Consultant (Conduct Socio-economic Impact Assessment Of Demining Activities)

Consultant (Air Transport Officer - Air Transport Unit)

Consultant Statisticien-démographe Pour La Réalisation D’etudes Sur Les Enfants En Situation De Mobilité Et Victimes De Traite, Et Sur Les Enfants De Rue En République Du Congo

Consultant Socio-anthropologue Pour La Réalisation D’etudes Sur Les Enfants En Situation De Mobilité Et Victimes De Traite

Consultant Magistrat Pour La Réalisation D’etudes Sur Les Enfants En Situation De Mobilité Et Victimes De Traite

Consultant (Regional Communication Campaign On Maternity Protection)

National Consultant (Junior Social Media Content Creator)

International and National Consultant (National Human Rights Strategy and Action Plan)

E T Consultant (Legal Technology / Legal Operations)

Consultant (Review and Finalize National Disaster Response Coordination and Relief Clearance Plans)

E T Consultant

Comprehensive Support to The Transportation Division Consultant

Road Safety Consultant

Portfolio Administration Consultant

Consultant(e) Juriste International(e)

Consultant (Administration and Finance Officer)

Consultant (Jordan Country Programme 2018 – 2022; Mid Term Review)

Media Consultant (USAID/Bureau for Food Security, Communications & Outreach Support for Resilience and Food Security Project)

Solutions Architect Consultant

Consultant (Final Evaluation: The Justice Defenders Program)

Consultant(e) Junior National (e) En Genre Pour L’afrique De L’ouest

Consultant (Transparency International’s IMF Anti-corruption Engagement)

Transport Consultant

Investment Operations Consultant (Corporates Division)

International Consultant (Communication and Information Unit)

Consultant (COVID Screener)

Investment Operations Consultant (Corporates Division)

Infrastructure and Energy Department Administrative Support Consultant

IT Local Support (Product and External Services Consultant)

Support for Malaria Elimination of The RMEI Operations Portfolio Consultant

Communications Strategy & Coordination Consultant

International Consultant (Lesotho Migration Profile)

International Consultant (Lesotho Migration Profile)

Consultant (Regional Mapping of Migration Policies)


Consultant (Roster of Tax Experts - Tax Inspectors Without Borders))

Consultant (IT Local Support)

Ethics Investigations Consultant

Consultant (Internal Communications Audit)

Gender Consultant

Fiscal and Technical Support Consultant

Consultant (Rapid Assessment of The Socio-economic Impacts of The Covid-19 on Migration Management)

Consultant (Safe Migration and Public Action to Stop Exploitation & Human Trafficking)

Consultant (The Euro Vaccine Preventable Disease and Immunization Programme)

Health Manager / Health Consultant (National or International)

Consultant (Instructional Designer)

Consultant (Belize National Migration Policy)

Skills Gap Assessment Consultant

Consultant (Nutrition Cluster Partners in Community Management of Acute Malnutrition)

Consultant (Nutrition Cluster Partners in Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies)

International Consultant (Conducting Trainings on Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services)

Consultant (Sit-rep on Migration Management Alternatives)

National Consultant (Communication Support Specialist)

Consultant (Nutrition Cluster Partners in Micronutrient Supplementation in Emergencies)

Consultant (Nutrition Cluster Partners in Integrated Nutrition)

Consultant (Validating The Protocol to Identify, Assist and Protect Migrant Children)

Consultant (Develop Annual Training Materials for The Immigration Department)

Consultant (Design and Website Development)

Policy Consultant

Consultant (Border Management)

Consultant (Protection & Labor Migration)

Consultant (Multi-hazard Assessment and Risk Mapping)

Consultant (Governance Specialist – Portfolio Analysis, Reporting, Strategy Support)

National Consultant (Communication Support Specialist)