Individual Consultant

Individual Consultant and Similar Jobs

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International Consultant (Develop A Climate Public Expenditure and Institutional Review)

National Consultant (Covid-19 Adjusted Economic Analysis)

Consultant (Project Architect)

Consultant (Assist Unep in The Preparation of The Verification Report of HCFC Consumption)

National Consultant (Supporting Gender Transformative Parenting)

Extended Term Consultant (Public Sector Economist)

Consultant (Youth Resolve Project)

Accelerated Education Curriculum Development Consultant (Tanzania)

Extended Term Consultant

Consultant (Finance Associate, Funds Support Unit, Division of Financial and Administrative Management)

Women Peace and Security Coordinator (Consultant)

Individual Contractors

Consultant (Conducting A Midterm Reflection Exercise of The Implementation of The UN Women-who Global Joint Programme)

Part- Time Consultant (SMEAR Campaigns)

Information Management Consultant

Provincial Nutrition Officer Consultant (2 Positions)

Programme Quality Consultant

Consultant National (Spécialiste En Santé Au Niveau Régional)

Communication and Outreach Consultant

International Consultant (Conduct Feminist Analysis of The Socio-economic Impact of Covid-19)

National Consultant (Ministry of Corporate Affairs)

National Consultant (Oversee The Construction of Mobile Sales Centres and Government Buildings)

Consultant (Final Evaluation of The Social Protection for Community)

Consultant (Evaluation: Final Assessment of The Korea-UNDP MDG Trust Fund)

National Consultant (Food Security Summit)

GIS Consultant

Nutrition Consultant (Support Salt Iodization Programme)

Talent Management Consultant

Consultant (Strategic Planning and Development)

Project Financial Management Consultant

Project Financial Management Consultant

National Consultant (Administrative Support Specialist)

Consultant (Senior Project Manager, Operations and Finance, Division of Private Fundraising and Partnerships)

National Assistant Consultant (Women’s Participation in Peacebuilding)

National Assistant Consultant (Administrative Support – Women’s Participation In Peacebuilding)

National Assistant Consultant (Administrative Support – Implementation of Women, Peace And Security Agenda)

Consultant (Data Analysis, Triangulation and Report Compilation)

Individual Consultant (Editor & Resource Mobilization Storyteller)

International Consultant (Develop A Draft Technical Proposal on Informal Advisory Group of Women to The Co-chairs of Geneva International Discussions)

National Consultant (The Mapping and Analysis of Vulnerable Groups for Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction in Support of The Digital Readiness Strategy)

Consultant (Partnership Specialist)

National Consultant (Programme and Administrative Support)

Senior Consultant (RKVY- RAFTAAR "Remunerative Approaches for Agriculture and Allied Sector Rejuvenation)

Consultant (The Development of A WWF Africa One Health Scope of Work)

Grant Management Consultant

Junior Consultant (Media)

National Consultant (Public Finance Management and Gender Responsive Budgeting)

Individual Consultant (Finance)

Consultant (Volunteer Learning and Capacity Development)

Consultant (Guidance on Compensation for Young People)

Consultant (Early Childhood Development Digital Solutions, Europe and Central Asia)

Consultant (Budget and Expenditure Analysis of MOSA on CP and GBV)

Consultant (Veterinary Formulary)

National Gender Mainstreaming Consultant

National Social Protection Consultant

NRM Consultant

Hydrogeology and Modelling Consultant

National Project Consultant

Consultant (Request for Quotation External CFM Evaluation)

Communication International Consultant

Consultant (Roster of Facilitators for Team Retreats)

National Technical Consultant

Consultant (Value Chain Development and Financial Inclusion for Inclusive Growth Project End Line Evaluation)

Consultante (RRM)

Consultant (Best IV Final Evaluation / Preps 2020-2022 Progress Review)

Consultant (Development of Education Sector Analysis & Education Sector Strategic Plan Development)

Contratista Individual (Especialista En Entornos De Aprendizaje Virtual O Gestor Pedagógico De Entornos De Aprendizaje Virtual Para Ciencias Naturales)

Contratista Individual (Especialista En Entornos De Aprendizaje Virtual O Gestor Pedagógico De Entornos De Aprendizaje Virtual Para Ciencias Sociales)

Consultant (Better Learning Program Video Production)

Outcome Review Consultant (Increased Demand and Engagement for Accountability)

Consultant (External CFM Evaluation)

Consultant (Undertake A Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Assessment)

Consultant (Emergency Response Recruitment)

National Consultant (Support Programming and Policy Development for Roma Children)

Consultant (Internal Auditor- Office of Internal Audit and Investigations)

Consultant (Data Scientist, Innovation Fund, Office of Innovation)

Consultant (AI Adviser, Innovation Fund, Office of Innovation)

Consultant (Communications)

International Consultant (WASH Construction Engineer)

Consultant International Pour L’appui à La Communication Pour L'introduction Du Vaccin Covid-19

Consultant International Pour L’appui Logistique à L'introduction Du Vaccin Covid-19

Consultant National (Ingénieur Spécialiste En Energie Solaire)

Web and Social Media Consultant

Consultant (U-report on The Move)

Recrutement D'un(e) Consultant(e) National(e) Pour La Préparation Aux Urgences

Consultant (Final Evaluation of Coastal Community Resilience Project)

Consultants (Anti-racism, Diversity and Inclusion - 2 Posts)

Consultant Pour Assurer Le Secrétariat Du Groupe Thématique 2 (Capital Humain Et Inclusion Sociale)

National Consultant (Annual Report Editor and Designer to Design A Creative Annual Report 2020 for Unicef Cameroon as An Effective Advocacy and Donor / Partner Dissemination Document)

Gender Specialist / Humanitarian & Emergency Preparedness Consultant

Gender Specialist / Humanitarian & Emergency Preparedness Consultant

Gender Specialist / Humanitarian & Emergency Preparedness Consultant

Gender Specialist / Humanitarian & Emergency Preparedness Consultant

Gender Specialist / Humanitarian & Emergency Preparedness Consultant

Gender Specialist / Humanitarian & Emergency Preparedness Consultant

Gender Specialist / Humanitarian & Emergency Preparedness Consultant

Gender Specialist / Humanitarian & Emergency Preparedness Consultant

Gender Specialist / Humanitarian & Emergency Preparedness Consultant

Gender Specialist / Humanitarian & Emergency Preparedness Consultant

Gender Specialist / Humanitarian & Emergency Preparedness Consultant

Country Office Gender and Protection Advisor (Consultant)

Un.e Consultant.e National.e Pour Un Appui En Communication

Consultant (Mathematics Progressive Learning)

National Consultant (Provide Technical Support to Health Section in Coordinating Demand Generation and Logistics Related Activities on Covid 19 Vaccine Introduction)

Individual Consultant (Provide Technical Assistance to Support The Ministry of Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare for The Strengthening of Early Childhood Development Programmes - Pedagogy Focus)

Consultant (Instructional Design - Child Protection Section)

Psychosocial Consultant (Staff Care)

Consultant (Professional Photography Services)

International Consultant (Baseline Assessment, Including LQAS Survey of The Integrated Child Survival and Development Project)

Consultant International (C4D En Appui La Préparation De L’introduction Du Vaccin Covid-19)

Operational Assistant Consultant (Asia Pacific)

International Consultant (Strengthening Education Programme Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning)

Consultant International CCL/VM Appui à La Vaccination Covid

Douze (12) Consultants Nationaux VM/CCL En Appui à L’introduction Du Vaccin Covid-19

Consultant (Support to Unicef UAE Programme)

Douze (12) Consultants (es) Nationaux (ales) C4D En Appui La Préparation De L’introduction Du Vaccin Covid-19

Consultant(e) International Epidémiologiste

Mental Health Psychosocial Support (Consultant)

Conflict Sensitivity Tranier / Consultant

Consultant (Business Support Office Senior Manager - Health Section, Immunization Unit)

Consultant (Parent Buddy Project Manager)

Consultant (Support to CDC Coag Grant Management - Hiv/Aids Section)

Consultant (Sector Review of The Sheep & Goat Small Ruminants/ Dairy Value Chain of Amenca 3 Programme)

Consultant (Quotation Better Learning Program Mobile Application Design)

Consultant (Review of Integrated Community Case Management National Framework and Plan of Action, M&E Plan and Training Guidelines)

Livelihood Consultant

National Expert (Full-time National Consultant, Support The Implementation of The Child Friendly Cities Initiative)

Deux Consultants Nationaux (Contrôleurs Des Travaux WASH)

Consultant (Advocacy and Communications Specialist, Migrant and Displaced Children)

Consultant (Project Associate)

Emergency Preparedness Consultant

Nutrition in Emergency Specialist Consultant

Consultant (Research Support for Business for Results Capacity Building, Division of Private Fundraising and Partnerships)

Consultant Engineer (Colombia Transforma Program)

Field Logistics Consultant (Colombia Transforma Program)

Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition Specialist Consultant

Gender Expert Consultant

Consultant (Development of A Discussion Paper on Conflict Transformation under The African Peace and Security Architecture)

National Individual Contractor (T4D Learning Passport)

Consultant (Programme Support – Early Childhood Development)

Consultant (Webinar Series on School and Community Disaster Preparedness in Asia)

Consultant (Common Premises Capital Financing Specialist)

Consultant (Results-based Protection Website Re-design)

Final Evaluation Consultant (Treat and Prevent Malaria)

Local Individual Contractor (Assistant for Social Media and U-report)

International Individual Consultant/Contractor (Immunization)

Consultant (Education Database Management Specialist – Data Must Speak Research - Office of Research Innocenti)

Board Affairs Consultant

Research Consultant

Consultant (Nexus Programme Evaluation in The Lake Chad Region)

Consultant (Policy and Advocacy Consultant, Safe to Learn – Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children)

International Consultant (Building Resilience of Children)

International Consultant (AML Advisories)

Consultant (Drip – Project Manager)

Consultant (Develop E-learning Course for Caring for Children with Severe Acute Malnutrition)

Evaluation Consultant (Team Leader)

Regional Disability Inclusion Advisor (Asia & The Pacific - International Consultant)

Un(e) Consultant(e) Chargé(e) De La Documentation Des Centres Vonjy

Junior Communication Consultant

Consultant (Migration and Displacement Expert, Data & Analytics)

Achieve Burundi Organizational Capacity Consultant


Consultant (External Assessment of Child Safeguarding Allegations in Sos Children’s Villages Syria)

Tech Operations / Projects Assistant (Individual Giving Team)

Consultant (Project Capitalisation - Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing of People Living)

Editor Consultants

Consultant (Market and Livelihoods Assessment for Young Women)

Consultant (Youth Programme Evaluation - Camps)

Local Consultants (The Social and Economic Policy Unit at The Office of Research)

Senior Urban Programme Consultant

Board of Directors Recruitment Consultant

Consultant (Define A Map of Donors Interested in Peacebuilding Promoted by Faith-based Organizations)

International Research Consultant

Consultant (The Preparation of A Methodological Toolbox on Violence Prevention and Peace Building)

Digital Product Management Consultant

Consultant (Knowledge Management Product Development)

Consultant (Training in Line with The Standard Operating Procedures for The Protection of Victims of Trafficking in Persons)

Project Financial Management Consultant

Consultant(e) Pour Analyse Des Données Covid

HRM (Talent Management Consultants Roster)

Consultant (Regional Mapping of Migration Policies)


Health Manager / Health Consultant (National or International)

Consultant (Instructional Designer)

Skills Gap Assessment Consultant

Consultant (Sit-rep on Migration Management Alternatives)

Consultant (Design and Website Development)

Policy Consultant

Consultant (Multi-hazard Assessment and Risk Mapping)

Consultant (Governance Specialist – Portfolio Analysis, Reporting, Strategy Support)