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Lead (Technical Integration - Reporting and Automated Testing)

Application Programming Interface Management Lead (ERP Next Generation GSM)

Procurement Officer (Shipping & Logistics)

Technical Officer (Vaccine Preventable Diseases and Immunization)

Roster Consultant (Food Safety)

Marketing Advisor

Campus Network Spokes and Partnerships Officer

Quality Advisor

Scientist (Senior Toxicologist - IARC Monographs)

Scientist (Cervical Cancer Prevention)

HR Assistant (Multiple Positions)

Advisor (Integrated Health Services Delivery)

Technical Officer (Health Systems Strengthening)

Technical Officer (Global Tuberculosis Programme)

Unit Chief (Infectious Hazard Management)

Fonctionnaire Chargé De La Préparation De Pays Et Du RSI

Senior Human Resources Business Associate (2 Positions)

Advisor (Noncommunicable Diseases, Prevention and Control)

Senior Advisor (Human Resources Management)

Medical Technologist (Laboratory)


Consultant (Economiste De La Santé)

Consultant (Conceptualize The Hospital Resilience and Define Its Components and Develop A Guide)

Technical Officer (Legal)

Quality Control Expert (National Drug Quality Control Laboratory)

Compliance and Risk Assistant

Senior Advisor (Evaluation)

Coordenação do Planeamento da Política de Saúde

Health Systems Coordinator

Coordinator (Legislation and Governance)

Technical Officer (Health Expenditure Tracking)

Technical Officer (Risk Communication)

Emergency Infodemic Management Consultants