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Border Management Officer

Chief of Police Development Unit

Local Expert (Capacity Building Training)

National Consultant (Improving The Tajikistan Trade Portal of The Coordination Committee for The Simplification of Trade Procedures)

National Consultant (Conduct The Working Group Meetings on Improvement of Tajikistan’s Trade Portal of The Coordination Committee on Simplification of Trade Procedures)

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Registry and Records Assistant

Local Expert of The Youth Policy

Human Rights and Counter-terrorism Experts

National Project Co-ordination Officer

Project Assistant/Translator

Expert (Developing and Delivering Trainings on Basics of Police Activities Asserting Human Rights)

International Consultant (Preservation of Media Archives)

ICT Help Desk Technician

Senior Adviser (VERLT)

Senior Economic and Environmental Officer

Adviser (Gender Equality)

Senior Communities Adviser (Protection)

Chief (Media Relations Unit)