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Référent(e) Renforcement De Capacités Atlas

Inclusion Field Technical Specialist

Assistant Director (Forensics and Police Data Management)

Head of Regional Bureau

Chargé.e De Préparation Des Pme Aux Catastrophes

Earth Observation Data Processing Engineer

Ground Water Quality Officer

Partnerships Team Leader

Plumber / Handyman

Admin Executive Assistant (Cluster Centro America)

Scrum Master

MEAL Officer (Roving)

Accountability Officer (Roving)

Supply Chain Team Leader

Primary Care Counsellor

Primary Care Counsellor

Cervical Cancer Nurse

Application Analyst (Mission Aligned Business)

Virtualización Del Programa De Formación Para El Personal De Salud Y Diseño De Plataforma Virtual

Director (Arms Control, Disarmament and WMD Non-proliferation Centre)

Consultant (Technical Expert - Base Support Services)

Senior Associate (Receivable & Remedial Accounts)

Intern(Legal, Notices and Diffusions)

Intern (Legal Support for Operations)

Information Management Officer

Regional Senior Technical Advisor (Surveillance, Monitoring & Evaluation/Health System Strengthening)

Operations Manager

MRRM Awareness Campains Coordinator Assistant

Regional Climate and Resilience Senior Officer

Regional Access Advisor

Marketing Consultant (Investment Operations Department)

Research Assistant (Public Affairs and Communications)

Infrastructure and Energy Economic Consultant

Investment Operations Consultant (Corporates Division)

Logistics Coordinator

Chairperson of A Board of Appeal

Wabiled Capacity Development Manager

Achieve Zambia Project Director

Fund Development & Communications Advisor

Senior Civil Engineer in Building Construction

Senior Country Officer

Shelter & Infrastructure Specialist (Construction Quality Assurance)

Project Officer

Consultant (Financial Sector Diagnostic Study to Inform Reforms to Increase Access to Credit for Private Sector)

Business Intelligence Consultants

Intern (Protection, Results Based Protection Humanitarian Policy and Practice Team)

Application Analyst (Mission Aligned Business)

Gender Specialist Consultant

ICT Project Management Specialist

Deputy Director (Adaptation Coordinator)

Senior Quality Assurance and Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Admin Assistant

Education Program Assistant

Sr. Officer (Regional Finance Operations)

Assistant(e) Desk Afrique

Coordinateur.trice Logistique

Intern (The Office of The Head of Mission)

Senior Political Assistant

Section Head General Ledger Accounting (Senior Administrator)

Senior Administrator (Finance)

Assistant Director (Forensics and Police Data Management)

Networks for Peace Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Consultant

Director of Finance and Admin

Deputy Chief of Party

M&E Specialist

Application Analyst (Mission Aligned Business)

Chief of Party

SBC Research Advisor

Application Analyst (Mission Aligned Business)

Un·e Chargé·e Des Achats Expéditions

Étude De Traçabilite 2 Et Valuation Finale Projet Pass

Facilities Manager

Senior IT Project Manager (Enterprise Breeding System)

Manager (Operations - Programming, Performance, Systems)

Programme Officer

Contact Tracer

Finance Systems & Archives Assistant

Proposal Writing Consultant

Protection Coordinator

Development & Planning Officer

E T Consultant (Project Management)

Regional Director

Regional Director (East Asia & Pacific)

Reach Research Manager (Humanitarian Programme Cycle Unit)

Consultoría En Apoyo Integral Operativo A La División De Transporte

Application Analyst (Mission Aligned Business)

Information Assistant (Geographic Information System)

Principal (Project Integrity)

Human Resources Consultant

Associate (Payroll Operations)

Program Assistant

Monitoring Advisor

Research Advisor

Information Analyst

Rule of Law Adviser

National Rule of Law Officer

Regional Specialized Officer

Coordinador(a) Administrativo Para Proyectos De Emergencia

Chief of Party


Vice President (Center of Development Operations)

Logistics Coordinator

Process Optimisation Engineer

Galileo Safety of Life System Engineer

Cultural Mediator

Humanitarian Disarmament and Peacebuilding Coordinator

Protection Field Specialist

Environment Specialist

Business Management Officer

Protection Officer (Counselor)

Consultant (One to Two Junior Consultants for Financial Modelling Services)

Junior Consultant (ECM Developer)

Junior Consultant (ECM Configuration)

Consultant (Africa Information Highway: Technical Expert to Support Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange Capacity Building and Implementation in African Countries)

Chief of Party

Deputy Chief of Party

SBC Advisor

SACM IT Analyst (Cmdb, Discovery & Service Mapping)

Natural Resources Management Specialist

IT Officer (Security, Risk and Compliance – Security Architecture)

IT Officer (Security, Risk and Compliance – Application Security Testing)

IT Analyst (Engineering, Unified Communications)

Project Development Intern

Finance Intern

Monitoring and Evaluation Intern

Monitoring & Evaluation Intern

Junior Professional Officer (Humanitarian Affairs)

Junior Professional Officer (Humanitarian Affairs)

Junior Professional Officer (Disaster Risk Reduction)

Shelter & Infrastructure Team Leader

Shelter and Infrastructure Assistant (Shelter)

Shelter and Infrastructure Assistant (WASH)

Shelter & Infrastructure Officer

Access to Justice Project Manager

Chef De Projet Santé Et Nutrition

Responsable De Subventions

Director (Communications)

Chief of Party (Ring)

Deputy Chief of Party (Ring)

Deputy Director (US Education)

Family Engagement Coordinator

Business Development Analyst

Community School Director

Référent Santé Mentale Et Soutien Psychosocial (Pôle Lacmenas)

Coordinateur Médical

Coordinateur Logistique

Travailleur Social

Operations Specialists (Various Positions, USAID/Colombia Venezuela Response and Integration)


Social and Behavior Change and Communications Specialist (USAID/Colombia Venezuela Response and Integration)

Finance Officer (USAID/Central Africa Regional Third-party Monitoring Project)

Senior Energy Efficiency Specialist

Grants Specialist (USAID/Armenia Support Initiative)

(Senior) Renewable Energy Specialist

Communications and Knowledge Management Officer (Increased Demand for Engagement for Accountability)

Senior Business Analyst / Project Manager

Senior Banker (Project Finance)

Associate Treasury Risk Officer

Associate Business Analyst / Project Manager

Principal Public-Private Partnership / Value Chain Officer

Chief ICT Specialist

Intern (Program Analysis)

Associate Manager (Folu)

Operations Associate (Global Food and Land-use Coalition)

Pace Project Lead

Grants Manager

Marketing Manager (Empowerd to Serve)

Chief of Party (RDMA EDGE)

Administrateur/trice Pays

Energy Experts

Director of Digital Acquisition Marketing

Operations and Safety Manager

Adaptive Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation Director

Deputy Chief of Party / Technical Director

Consultant (Senior Expert, Engineering Services)

Technician (Electrician and Mechanic)

Chief of Party (Zambia Revenue Mobilization for Equity and Growth Activity)

Deputy Chief of Party (Field Operations – Zambia Revenue Mobilization for Equity and Growth Activity)

Support for Gender Mainstreaming in Financial Sector Operations

Director of Opportunity Response (Zambia Revenue Mobilization for Equity and Growth Activity)

Director of Public-Private Dialogue (Zambia Revenue Mobilization for Equity and Growth Activity)

Human Resources Lead Specialist / Talent Solutions Lead

Director Revenue Systems and Compliance (Zambia Revenue Mobilization for Equity and Growth Activity)

Director Tax Law & Policy (Zambia Revenue Mobilization for Equity and Growth Activity)

Un·e Logisticien·ne Capitale

Operations and Management Team Leader (Multiple)

Administrative Support Consultant (The Competitiveness, Technology, and Innovation Division)

M&E External Surveyor (Various Field Positions)

Deputy Head of Mission (Programs)

Chief of Party

Assistente De Procurement

Deputy Head of Mission (Programs)

Un·e Contrôleur/euse De Gestion

Regional Sub-award Manager

Consultant (Achieve Zambia Community Development and Social Services Systems Strengthening)

Human Ressources & Administrative Officer

Project Manager (Program Support and Capacity Building)

Deputy Chief of Party

SBC Research Advisor

Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Specialist

Internal Research Fellow (Artificial Intelligence Onboard Satellite)

Clinical Research Associate

Fundamental Rights Officer (Head of Office)

MIS Advisor

Associate Banking and Finance Transactions Lawyers

Senior Energy Engineer

Program Support Specialist

Principal (Capital Markets Development)

Deputy Director (Strategy Implementation, Foundation Strategy Office)

Senior Program Manager (Foundation Strategy Office)

Deputy Director (Strategy, Foundation Strategy Office)

Research Design & Data Unit Manager

Operation Manager

Somalia Infrastructure Fund Officer

Administrative Assistant

Procurement/Contracting Expert

Intern (Consumer Health)

Internal Research Fellow (Earth Observation Innovative Digital Technologies)

Senior Associate (Forest Economy Program)

Project Manager


Legislative Support Officer

Policy and Outreach Executive Officer

WASH Coordinator

Gender Analysis Expert

Un.e Charge.e Logistique, Finance Et Ressources Humaines

Un·e Assistant·e Programmes Eau, Assainissement Et Hygiene En Stage

Un·e Chargé·e Appui Aux Programmes (Zone Asie)

Un.e Expert.e En Renforcement Des Systemes De Sante

Senior IT Officer (Business Solutions)

Projects Coordinator

Director of Business Processes and Solutions

Talent Partner (Acquisition)

Manager Finance

Building Management Officer

Senior Project Assistant (Strengthening and Supporting Women`s Resource Centers)

Assistant to The Director and Deputy Director (Defense Institution and Capacity Building, Operations Division)

Facilitador Programa Técnico Prevención De Violencia

Chief of Party (Resilience Food Security Activity)

Coordinateur(trice) Business Development

Humanitarian Officer (Typhoon Rolly Response)

MEAL Officer (Typhoon Rolly Response)

Driver and General Services (Typhoon Rolly Response)

Head of Financial Control and Compliance

Intern (Public Information and Outreach Section, Registry)

Operations Manager

Junior Expert (MEAL and Data Management)

Upstream Analyst

Projektassistent (Food Security Standard)

Consultant (The Analysis of Best Practices in Incorporating Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Related Skills in Vocational Training Curricula)

Senior Program Officer (Organizational Development And Management Quality)

AGYW Mentor Supervisor (Sedibeng)

Agyw Mentor Supervisor (Lejweleputswa)

AGYW Mentor Supervisor (City of Johannesburg)

AGYW Mentor Supervisor (Alfred Nzo)

AGTW Mentor Supervisor (Thabo Mofutsanyane)

AGYW Mentor Supervisor

Responsable Des Achats Et De La Logistique

Point Focal De La Sécurité Et Assistant Log

Data Privacy Professional

Coordonnateur(rice) Technique, étude Sur La Situation De Base Pour Le Programme MCA

Team Leader (Thailand Governance Programmatic Assessment)

Local Governance Expert (USAID/Rdma Thailand Governance Programmatic Assessment)

Logistician (USAID/Rdma Thailand Governance Programmatic Assessment)

Facilitator (USAID/Rdma Thailand Governance Programmatic Assessment)

Interim Program Officer (Asia Enabling Country Systems, Agricultural Development)

Senior Program Officer

Head of Business Development, Communications and Campaigns

Director of Programmes

Chief of Party (Expanding Access to Justice)

Consultant (Africa Information Highway: 01 Technical Expert to Support Fieldwork in English Speaking Countries)

Intranet Specialist

Scip Latin American Regional Coordinator

GIS Analyst (Energy Access Explorer)

Product Manager (Global Forest Watch)

Intern (Electric Mobility)

Digital Specialist (Food Program)

Protection Coordinator

Country Director

Risk and Operations Officer

Intern (Humanitarian Policy and Practice (HPP) Team)

Consultant (Digital Development Specialist)

Team Assistant (Resource Management)

Deputy Operations Manager (Mena Region)

Field Coordinator

Spécialiste MHPSS

Reporting and Monitoring & Evaluation Assistant

Référent.e Technique Réduction Des Risques De Catastrophes

Grants Officer

Field Coordinator

Chargé De Gestion Financière

Grants Specialist (Clean Cities, Blue Ocean)

Grants Specialist (Clean Cities, Blue Ocean)

Chief of Party / Deputy Chief of Party (Multiple East Africa Procurements)

Chief of Party (Resilience in Northern Ghana)

Project Officer (Kids Shine)

Administrative and Financial Coordinator

Deputy Head of Mission (Programs)

Awards Coordinator

Head of Mission

Social Behaviour Change (SBC) Advisor

Un(e) Chef(fe) De Mission

Electrical & Functional AIT Engineer

Water & Habitat Engineer

Health Systems Strengthening Advisor

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning Coordinator

Area Coordinator (Central and Southern Iraq)

Un·e Coordinateur·trice Ressources Humaines

Consortia Coordinator

Emergencies Officer

Un·e Coordinateur/trice Financier·e

Inclusive Quality Education Practice Lead

Deputy Head of Mission for Programs

Protection From Violence Practice Lead

Social Finance Associate

Project Coordinator

Chief of Party

Associate Project Officer (Cloud and Data Analytics)

Nurse Practitioner

Consultant (Technical Expert)

Section Head (Budget)/Deputy Branch Head

Business Analyst (Executive Management Division)

Regional Supply Chain Director

Regional Supply Chain Director

Regional Budget Manager

Risk Management Specialist (Country Risk)

Solar Cell and Solar Generator Engineer

Head of Cybercrime Operations Unit

Head Cyber Capabilities Development Unit

Cyber Strategy and Outreach Officer

Délégué.e PMER

Deputy Chief of Party (Indigenous Peoples and Afro-colombian Activity)

Chief of Party (Indigenous Peoples and Afro-colombian Activity)

Country Administrator

Country Administrator

Senior Analyst (Supply Chain)

Chief of Party

Finance Assistant

Head of Communications

Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Advisor

Director (Gender Transformative Policy & Practice)

Expert Trainer (Human Rights Litigation)

Security Management Trainer

Application & Integration Specialist

Learning & Talent Development Officer

Microsoft Teamwork Specialist

Senior Application & Devops Engineer

Senior Functional Analyst / Application Administrator

MSME Advisory Services Consultant (Advisory Services Division)

Business Support Sr. Administrative Assistant (Infrastructure & Energy Division)

Senior Human Resources Partner

Regional Director (The Middle East)

AGYW Mentor Supervisor (King Cetshwayo District, Kwa Zulu Natal)

MEAL Manager

Emergency Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Manager (Emergency Pool)

Senior Administrator (Board and Institutional Affairs)

Evaluation Team Lead (USAID/Cambodia Mid-term Evaluation of Enhancing Quality of Healthcare Activity and Promoting Healthy Behavior)

National Evaluation Advisor (Social Behavior Change, USAID/Cambodia Mid-term Evaluation of Eqha and Phb Activities)

National Evaluation Advisor (Health Systems Strengthening, USAID/Cambodia Mid-term Evaluation Eqha and Phb Activities)

Logistics/Program Assistant (USAID/Cambodia Mid-term Evaluation of Eqha and Phb Activities)

Manager (Operation Office - Implementation Support)

Associate (Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning)

Operations Associate (Edtech Hub)

Section Head (Budget) / Deputy Branch Head

Section Head (Policy) / Standardization Policy Coordinator

Staff Officer (Service Level Agreement)

Support Services Coordinator

Regional Director

Un·e Directeur·trice Pays Adjoint·e Programmes

Business Development and Reporting Lead

Administrative Manager

Country Director

Senior Community of Practice Co-champion (Governance Integration for Stabilization and Resilience in The Middle East and North Africa)

Weapon Contamination Medical Trainer (Global Deployment)

Digital Transformation for The Education Division Senior Consultant

Consultant (The Analysis of Best Practices in Incorporating Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Related Skills in Vocational Training Curricula)

Operations Senior Analyst Consultant (The Infrastructure and Energy Sector, Energy Division)

Photography Manager

Senior Finance and Operations Officer

Research Assistant

Deputy Regional Director

Director of Programs

Investigations Case Manager (Fraud & Corruption)

Policy & Advocacy Senior Advisor (Covid-19)

Determinants for Msme Resilience Research Consultant

Field Procurement Advisor

Integrated Protection Program Coordinator

Women’s Protection and Empowerment Senior Manager

Coordinator of The Multi-country Consortium

Senior Business Development Manager (Food Security & Livelihood)

Health Director (Program Quality and Impact)

Specialist (Mental Health & Psychosocial Support)

Advisors (Liberia Conservation Works Activity)

Technical Leaders (Liberia Conservation Works Activity)

Technical Specialists (Liberia Conservation Works Activity)

Senior Energy Specialist

Energy Financial Solutions/ Investment Officer Consultant

Principal Gender Business Development Officer

Technical Advisor (Nutrition)

Program Manager (School Feeding)

Head of Operations

Chief of Party (Cambodia Malaria Elimination Project 2)

Meal Manager (Cambodia Malaria Elimination Project 2)

Senior Malaria Control & Elimination Technical Advisor

Head of Operations (National Contract)

Un/e Chargé(e) De Mission Plaidoyer / Appui à La Société Civile

Chargé(e) De Recrutement Et Mobilité

Security Engineer

Consultant (Conduct Post Mass Drug Administration Independent Coverage Evaluation Survey in Homabay and Migori County)

Schools and Youth Fundraising and Education Executive

Project Development Officer

Deputy Chief of Party (Business Enabling Environment)

Asia Nutrition Advisor

Media Freedom Project Officer

Local Consultant (Support to The Strengthening of The Canine Capacity of The Police Services to Detect and Confiscate Salw, Ammunition and Explosives)

Consultant (Senior Expert - Talent Acquisition)

Head of Project (Rural Development)

Health Coordinator

Head of Adaptive Policing Lab

Criminal Intelligence Officer (Notices and Diffusions Task Force)

Junior Finance Expert

Expert (Civil Engineering)

Deputy Regional Director

Disaster Management Delegate

Consultant (Green Buildings)

Apoyo A La Iniciativa De Bienes Públicos Regionales Del Sector De Integración Y Comercio Durante

Consultor De Apoyo Al Área De Adquisiciones

Development & Outreach Intern (Americas & Asia Initiative)

Senior Manager (Employee Relations & Workplace Conduct)

Global Safeguarding Manager

ERP (Netsuite) Analyst

Associate Tax Compliance Officer

Principal (Energy & Infrastructure Policy)

Maintenance Engineer (Seismic/Acoustic)

Director (Women's Economic Empowerment, Gender Equality)

Senior Program Officer (US Economic Mobility & Opportunity)

Associate Program Officer (Measurement & Insights)

Senior Officer Disaster Management & Humanitarian Assistance Division

Secretariat Officer (Shareholder Relations)

Secretariat Officer (Board Operations)

Un·e Stagiaire Logistique Services Généraux Et Informatique

Un·e Référent·e Sécurité Et Accès Humanitaire

Senior Environmental Engineer

Un·e Responsable Du Système D'information

Project Coordinator

Health Coordinator

Manager (Alaska Mission: Lifeline Stemi)

Mental Health and Psycho-social Support Advisor

MHPSS Project Manager

Protection Technical Advisor

WASH Advisor

Un·e Référent·e Sanme

Consultant (Children and Young People for The Uncrc Day of General Discussion on Children’s Rights and Alternative Care)

Environmental Health Specialist

Chief of Party (USAID/Strengthening Systems and Public Accountability Activity)

Deputy Chief of Party (USAID/Strengthening Systems and Public Accountability Activity)

Natural Resource and Wildlife Anti-corruption Advisor (USAID/Strengthening Systems and Public Accountability Activity)

Civil Society Engagement Manager (USAID/Strengthening Systems and Public Accountability Activity)

Anti-corruption Advisor (USAID/Strengthening Systems and Public Accountability Activity)

National ICT Officer (Developer)

Napma Information Assurance Specialist

Project Finance Assistant Consultant

Un·e Coordinateur/Trice Logistique

Logistics Coordinator

Un·e Coordinateur·trice Logistique

Accelerator Physicist

Un·e Responsable Projet Plateforme Logistique

Mechanical Designer (Radio Frequency Systems - TTE Programme)

Logistics Coordinator

Emergency Project Assistant

Mechanical Engineering Responsible Officer

Regional Community Accountability Advisor

Officer (Business Applications Support - Web Collaborative Solutions)

Associate Director (Communicable Diseases)

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Director

Malaria Technical Director

Country Representative

Head of Operations

Consultoría Unidad De Soluciones Ambientales Y Sociales Para Apoyo A Operaciones

Investment Operations Consultant (Social Infrastructure/Water & Sanitation – Infrastructure & Energy Division)

Investment Operations Consultant (Infrastructure & Energy Division)

Request for Proposal (Case Identification, Trial Observation, and Follow-up Advocacy in Relation to Attacks Against Human Rights Defenders in Southeas)

Request for Proposal (Report on Impact of Internet Shutdowns on Human Rights Defenders in South Asia)

National Strategic Information Evaluation Clerk

Grants and Contracts Associate

M&E Advisor

Intern (Access to Finance & Entrepreneurship, Gender & Economic Inclusion)

Principal, Environmental Social Advisor

Chargé(e) De Développement De Projets Sénior

Project Development Intern

Interim Senior Program Officer (Foundation Strategy Office)

Consultant (Collateral Valuation)

Associate Director (International Accounting)

Coordinator (International Accounting)

Deputy Chief

IT Procurement Delivery Manager

Mechanical Engineer (Cooling & Infrastructure for Detectors)

Intern (Support for Architecture Technical Evangelism and Structuration)

Regional Specialized Officer

Country Manager

Consultant (Translation and Documentation Section - English Translator-Reviser)

Energy Division Technical Support for Project Preparation and Pipeline Consultant

Project Assistant (Competitiveness, Technology and Innovation Division)

Client Experience Associate

Monitoring & Evaluation Associate


Head of ICT Unit

BCC & Community Mobilisation Specialist

Middle East Desk Finance Assistant

Deputy Country Coordinator for Programs

Responsable Programme EHA

Grant Manager

Disaster Risks Management Coordinator

Adjoint.e Coordinateur.trice Terrain Sud (En Charge Des Programmes)

Principal Treasury Officer (Capital Markets)

Regional Water Sector Manager

IT/LAN Manager (Afghanistan Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Activity)

Youthlead Manager (Governance Integration for Stabilization and Resilience in The Middle East and North Africa)

Consultant (Pension Asset Management Services)

Youth Community of Practice Co-champion (Governance Integration for Stabilization and Resilience in The Middle East and North Africa)

Dossier D’appel D’offres Pour L’acquisition De Vehicules Automobiles 4x4 Neufs Dao

Adviser (Fight Against Organized Crime)

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) Technical Officer

Chief of Office Medical Projects

Application Architect

Legal Adviser (Contract Law)

Intern (Special Representative Office of Interpol to The United Nations)

Criminal Intelligence Analyst (Crimes Against Children)

Principal Administrator

Coordinator Information Management

Chargé(e) De Développement De Projets

Base Manager

Coordinateur/trice De Projets D’urgence

Consultoria Individual Para A Delimitação De Diretrizes Para A Elaboração De Uma Política Nacional De Gestão De Crises No Setor De Turismo

Consultoría En Formulación De Políticas Públicas Para El Departamento De Países Andinos

Event Production and Management Consultant (Office of The Secretary)

Business Development Analyst

Expert(e) En Réglementation De L’électricité, étude Sur La Situation De Base

Ingénieur(e) Electricien(ne)

Chef D’équipe, étude Sur La Situation De Base Pour Le Programme

Legal Consultant (Support The Africa Investment Forum)

Executive Assistant (BDIR)

Deputy Head Of Mission (Programs)

Head of Mission

Administrative and Financial Coordinator

Deputy Head Of Mission (Programs)

Head Of Mission

Country Director

Conseiller Technique En Réforme Du Secteur Sanitaire Privé / Private Health Sector Reform Advisor

Advocacy Advisor

Area Coordinator (Central and Southern Iraq)

Un·e Coordinateur·trice Ressources Humaines

Un·e Coordinateur/Trice Financier·e

Officer (Digital Preservation, Executive Management Division)

Information Management Assistant (Executive Management Division)

Malaria Diagnostic Technical Advisor

Admin and Finance Coordinator

International Recruiter

Regional Agriculture Markets Advisor

Regional HR Director

Nutrition and Health Coordinator

Reading and Education in Crisis or Conflict Advisor

Director of Research and Operations

Regional Research and Relationship Manager (3 Roles)

Supply Chain Master Data Manager

Consultant (Terms of Reference for End of Project Evaluation)

Biodiversity and Environmental Crimes Technical Lead

Intern (Justrac+ Program, Global Programs Division)

Grants & Programmes Coordinator

Un.e Responsable Programme Nutrition & Sante

Supply Chain Manager

Contrôleur/euse Logistique Siège

Staff Assistant (Archival Reference and Access)

Staff Assistant (Archival Reference and Access)

Rehabilitation of PHCCS (Primary Health Care Centers)

Consortium Manager (Emergency Response Mechanism)

Manager (Land Accelerator Africa)

Chef/fe De Base

WASH Consortia Coordinator

Field Coordinator

Field Coordinator

Logistics Coordinator

Assistant.e Du Fondateur

Assistant.e Controle De Gestion Siege

WASH Working Group Information Manager Expert

Référent Santé (Pôle LaACMENAS)

Health Specialist (Afghanistan Monitoring, Evaluation And Learning Contract)

Head Driver (South Sudan Monitoring And Evaluation Support Project)

Nutrition And Wash Specialist (South Sudan Monitoring And Evaluation Support Project)

Food Security Specialist (South Sudan Monitoring And Evaluation Support Project)

Community Monitor (South Sudan Monitoring And Evaluation Support Project)

Economist Researcher (Afghanistan Monitoring, Evaluation, And Learning Activity)

Assistant And Information Management Officer

Project Director (WASH Research & Learning Activity)

Investment Operations Consultant (Social Infrastructure/Water & Sanitation)

Investment Operations Consultant (Infrastructure & Energy Division)

Investment Operations Consultant (Social Infrastructure/Water & Sanitation)

Women's Protection & Empowerment Manager

Coordinador.a PaÍs Ubicacion (Campamentos De Poblacion Saharaui Refugiada)

Coordinateur/rice Programme

Campamentos De Poblacion Saharaui Refugiada

Purchasing Officer

Office and Facilities Manager


TMF Specialist

IT Service Officer

Senior Design Advisor (Architecture)

Deputy Director (Office of The President)

HR Coordinator (Global Operations)

Power Management Engineer

Finance Analyst / Associate (Loan Management)

Program Analyst (Water Resources and Infrastructure - Workplace Advancement for Gender Equality Program)

Senior Developer (Salesforce Marketing Cloud)

Chargé(e) De Développements De Projets Pays

CCCM Cluster Co-coordinator

Responsable De Projets De Sécurité Alimentaire Et Moyens De Subsistance

Senior Communities Officer

Deputy Monitoring Team Human Dimension Co-ordinator

MHPSS Project Manager

Senior Planning Officer (Fuel)

Web Content Publisher (Public Diplomacy Division)

Un·e Stagiaire Santé En Renforcement Des Systèmes De Santé

WASH Technical Manager

Senior Technician (Electrics/ECS)

Un(e) Stagiaire Communication Editoriale

Digital Outreach Officer (Russian Language, Public Diplomacy Division)

Un(e) Stagiaire Webmarketing Et Communication Digitale

Un·e Responsable Du Développement Des Ressources Humaines Nationales

Un·e Chargé·e De Recrutement

Un·e Responsable Recrutement Et Parcours Adjoint

Un·e Assistant·e Gestion Des Ressources Humaines

Assistant Director (Legal Support to Operations)

Senior Technical Advisor (Food and Market Systems)

Data Analyst Consultant

Gender, Youth and Social Inclusion Specialist (West Africa Biodiversity and Low Emissions Development)

Records Management Expert (Corporate Services Specialist or Sr. Associate)

Corporate Procurement Contract Specialist / Senior Associate

Credit Risk Management Consultant

Technical Support (The Execution of Gef- Financed City Programs in Peru and Mexico)

Consultoría En Sector Fiduciario Para FMP/CCH

Senior Researcher

Associate Director (Development and Outreach)

Technical Officer Data Analyst

Private Sector Engagement Advisor

Senior Technical Advisor

Regional Proposal Recruiter

Senior Technical Officer (Strategic Information)

Process Operator (Cryogenic Test Facility - TTE Programme)

Associate Quantitative Officer (Financial Engineer)

Senior Quantitative Officer (Liquidity Risk)

Senior Data Analytics Engineer

Senior Partnerships Coordination Officer

Associate Risk Officer (Capital Analytics)

Principal (Green Economy Financing Facilities)

Principal (IT Senior Project Manager)

Senior Program Assistant (Foundation Strategy Office)

Interim Senior Communications Officer (External Communications)

Senior Communications Officer

CEPPS Technical Advisor Consultant

Division Manager (Interpretation)

Business Development Manager (Health Sector - Resource Development)

Program Manager (All Children Reading)

Egnos System Engineer

Budget and Financial Planning Coordinator

Senior Specialist (Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, Learning, and Accountability)

Urban and Regional Economist

WASH Advisor

Field Coordinator

Senior Program Manager (Strategy, Performance, and Learning)

Coordinateur.trice Terrain

Field Coordinator

Mental Health and Psycho-social Support Advisor

Donor Campaign Support Officer

Health Coordinator

Protection Technical Advisor

Un·e Responsable Projet Santé Nutrition

Logistics Coordinator

Logistics Coordinator

Référent Santé Mentale Et Violences Liées Au Genre

Un(e) Référent(e) Sécurité Et Accès Humanitaire

Accountant (USAID Solutions for Peace and Recovery)

M&E Specialist (South Sudan Monitoring and Evaluation Support Project)

Field Researcher (Private Sector Engagement Afghanistan Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Activity)

Deputy Outreach Director

Head of Control (Testing and Monitoring)

Sr. Development Director (Socials)

Program Manager (Global Fund - Program, Quality & Impact Division - Health Team)

Design, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Design, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist (Limited Term)

Project Manager (Humanitarian & Emergency Affairs)

Senior Technical Advisor (Maternal Child Health - Resource Development)

Senior Grants & Contracts Manager

Country Director

Senior Business Development Manager (Health - Resource Development)

Technician (Administrative Assistant)

Junior Officer (Nuclear Policy Directorate)

Web Content Publisher

JEOP Cash/Markets Advisor

Regional Talent Acquisition Partner

Senior Syrian Crisis Advocacy and Policy Coordinator

Marketing Cloud Architect

Technical Advisor (Associate Research Scientist)

Project Assistant (Part-time)

Protection of Human Rights Defenders (Human Rights)

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Head of Department

Consultant (Support The Communication Strategy of The 21st Century Skills Initiative)

Consultoría Para Apoyo Operativo En México

Investment Operations Consultant (Infrastructure & Energy Division)

Consultoría En Trayectorias De Aprendizaje-laborales Para La Fuerza Laboral

Country Finance Manager

Stagiaire Assistant(e) De Direction

Country Senior Project Development Officer

Service Translator/Close Protection Officer

Site Management Associate

Social Behaviour Change Technical Officer

Access and Safety Manager

Consultant (Semi-quantitative Evaluation of Access and Coverage Survey)

Un·e Coordinateur/trice WASH

Senior Quantitative Officer (Financial Engineer)

Un·e Adjoint·e Chef De Mission Programmes

Un·e Coordinateur/Trice Logistique

Associate Strategy Officer

Senior Program Officer (Regulatory Affairs)

Program Officer (Biomedical Product Introduction, Global Health)

Agricultural Sustainability Expert

Responsable Digital

Responsable Informatique

Responsable Contrôle De Gestion

Contrôleur De Gestion International

Responsable Ressources Humaines Internationales

Associate (Communications Coordinator)

Chef De Projet Déploiement

Sustainable Landscapes and Restoration Early Career professional

Senior Adviser (Anti-terrorism Issues)

Junior Buyer

Finance Officer (Budgeting and Risk Management)

Officer (ILM Programmes, Defence Investment Division)

In-field Structural Engineer

Instrumentation & Control Technician

Emergency Officer (Member of Emergency Roster)

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning Manager

Consultoría De Apoyo Para Gestión Y Monitoreo De La Cartera

Administrative Analyst Consultant (Legal Department)

Software System Engineer

Head of Credit Risk Unit

Non-member State Postdoc Fellowship Programme (Theoretical Physics)

Food Science Team Lead

Market Development and Value Chain Team Lead

Un·e Travailleur/euse Social·e

Un·e Médiateur/trice Psychosocial·e

Spatial Planner (Urban Water Resilience Initiative)

Visiting Professional (Prosecution Division)

Intern (Prosecution Division)

Regional Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Advisor

Regional Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Advisor

Director (Mass Marketing - Donor Acquisition)

Logistics Coordinator

Associate (Global)

Subject Matter and Project Management Experts

Senior Programme Manager (Somalia Crisis Recovery Programme)

Senior Manager (Program Delivery Unit)

Hand Embroidery Quality Control Consultant

Un Chef De Projet WASH (Global WASH Cluster)

Staff Care Officer

Monitoring & Evaluation Officer (Fisheries Sector)

Chief of Party (Zambia Business Enabling Environment)

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning Coordinator

Area Coordinator

Un·e Coordinateur·trice Ressources Humaines

Un·e Coordinateur/Trice Financier·e

Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning Specialist

Head of Mission

Technical Specialist (Social Behavior Change)

Deputy Head of Mission for Programs

Chief of Party

Administrative and Financial Coordinator

Deputy Head of Mission for Programs

Head of Mission

Project Administrator / Administrador De Proyecto

Information Technology Consultant (One Map Initiatives)

Mobilisateur.trice Communautaire

Graphic Designer

Research Assistant (HPTN Network)

Director (Mass Marketing - Donor Acquisition)

Associate General Counsel (Strategic Investment Fund)

Watershed Management Specialist

Director Global Talent Acquisition

Senior Technical Advisor (Europe & Eurasia)

Business Development Manager

Chargé(e) De Logistique

Chargé(e) De Développements De Projets Pays

Technical Officer (Quality, Risk Management and OH&S)

Logistics Officer

Sr. Development Director (Socials)

Operations Specialist (Command & Coordination Centre)

Consultoría En Evaluación De Impacto De Proyectos Agrícolas

Marketing Consultant (Investment Operations Department)

Administrative Support Consultant (Business Strategy, Planning & Resources)

Credit Risk Management Consultant

IT SDLC Tools Administrator

Support Consulting for The Tax Management Division

Deputy Director, United Nations

Senior Technical Advisor (Research & Evaluation, Strategic Information)

Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning Specialist

Technical Specialist (Social Behavior Change)

Chief of Party

Associate Director (Business Planning and Proposals)