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Senior Health Coordinator

Galileo System AIV Principal Engineer

Desk / Directeur Régional

Administrateur Régional

Chief of Party (Sanitation Activity)

Vice President (Accounting and Finance)

Policy Analyst (National Heart Failure Initiative)

Associate (Disaster Risk Finance and Climate Resilience)

Administrative Manager

Lead Investigator

MEAL Manager

Responsable Paie Et Administration Du Personnel

Non-destructive Testing Technician (TTE Programme)

Director of Programs

Coordinateur Logistique Madagascar H/F

Head of Projects (Education and Protection)

Shelter Technical Advisor (Learn Consortium)

Area Systems Director

Civil Society Capacity Building Programme Manager

Regional Security Coordinator

Data Systems Engineer

Regional Market Systems Development Advisor

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lead

IT Procurement Application Portfolio Manager


Head of The Creative Content Unit

System Administrator/ Engineer (Information Technology)

Mechanical Drafter (Water Cooling Stations)

Deputy Field Coordinator

Deputy Head of Mission (Programs)

Economist Associate

Coordinateur.rice Projet (2 Postes)

Business Development Pricing Lead (2 Posts)

Consultant (Participatory Strength-based Assessment: Emergency Programs with First Nations, Inuit & Metis Children)

Chief of Party

Food Security Expert / Agronomist

Regional Safety Navigation Adviser

Deputy Head of Mission (Programs)

Internal Research Fellow (Radiation Shielding)

Internal Research Fellow (Space Construction and Space Resources)

Recruitment & Sourcing Specialist

Consultant (Trial Observer)

Un.e Responsable De Departement Suivi, Evaluation, Redevabilite Et Apprentissage

Un·e Directeur·rice Pays Adjoint·e Programmes

Responsable De Programmes Internationaux

Environment and Climate Change Programme Officer

Country Finance Manager

Finance and Administrative Manager (Clean Cities Blue Ocean)

International Health Experts

Délégué·e Information Et Communication

Disaster Risk Reduction Project Manager

Chargé(e) MEAL

Chargé(e) Des Financements Institutionnels Et De Communication

Finance Coordinator

Administration Coordinator

Finance Coordinator

Chargé(e) MEAL

Area Manager Niger

Internal Research Fellow (Orbital Robotics)

Head of The Space Transportation Product Assurance and Safety Office

Référent Appui Technique Et Plaidoyer DSSR

Internal Research Fellow (Lunar Surface Operations Preparation)

On-board Computer and Data Handling Systems Engineer

Internal Research Fellow (Digital Twin Spacecraft)

Regional Representative (East and Southern Africa)

Lead Proposal Writer

Global MEAL Officer (Accountability to Affected Population)

Délégué.e RH (Renforcement Des Capacités à La CRCA)

Asesor/a Senior De Migración

Field Coordinator

MHPSS Project Manager

Head of Mission

Finance Coordinator

Grants Manager

Chargé·e De Communication Et De Création Visuelle

Field Coordinator

Logistics Manager

Auditeur Interne Projets, RH, Logistique, Finance

Compensation and HR Data Analyst

Anti-racism Programming Consultant

Consultant (Deputy Field Coordinator)

Area Manager

Consultant (Middle East Proposal Development)

Legal Officer

Chief of Party

Responsable De Desk

Senior Learning and Capacity Building Specialist (USAID/Senegal Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning)

Economic Recovery and Development Coordinator

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning Coordinator

HR Administration Team Leader

Human Resources Manager (International Assignment)

Administrateur·trice Capitale

Program Officer / Senior Program Officer (Emergency Assistance Program)

Gender, Youth, And Social Dynamics Lead

Chief of Party (Local Government Accountability And Performance Follow-on)

Senior Strategic Information Specialist (Senior Staff Associate)

Consultant (Promoting Financial Integrity and Preventing Corruption)

Projet De Résilience à La Sécurité Alimentaire Et Nutritionnelle Dans La Province D’ituri

Un.e Terrain

Grants Coordinator

Un·e Responsable De Departement Securite Alimentaire & Moyens D'existence

Un·e Assistant·e Renforcement Des SystÈmes De SantÉ En Stage

Délégué/e Gestion Des Risques De Catastrophes (Spécialisé Dans L’approche Forecast Based Financing)

Health and Nutrition Adviser

Stagiaire Gestion Des Subventions

Team Leader (Safe Agricultural Trade Facilitation Through Economic Integration In The Pacific Project)

Integrated Programme Coordinator (Biosecurity, Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards)

Coordinateur/trice Plateforme Logistique Et Déploiement

Human Resources Coordinator

Development Operations Manager

VP of Health Strategies

Délégué.e Logistique

Chef.fe De Base (Projet Migration)

Technical Specialists (Famine Early Warning Systems Network Livelihoods Initiative)

Chief of Party (USAID/Europe and Eurasia Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Decision Support Activity)

Senior Program Officer (Immunization and Health Financing)

Assistant.e Support (Gestion Administrative, Financiere Et Logistique)

Coordinateur Site Clinique Mobile

Medical Coordinator

Evaluation Specialist (Team Lead, Evaluation of Ethiopia Trade Enhancement Project, Millennium Challenge Corporation)

Trade Specialist (Evaluation of Ethiopia Trade Enhancement Project, Millennium Challenge Corporation)

Communications Associate

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist (Yemen Continuous Learning & Evaluation Activity)

Local Evaluator (Middle East and North Africa Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Services)

Operations Director (Afghanistan Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Activity)

Risk Assurance Specialist

Regional Associate (Commodity Access, Greater Mekong Subregion)

Advisor (Global People Services)

Senior Associate (Cold Chain)

Technical Advisor (Monitoring and Evaluation Lead)

Epidemiologist (Research Associate)

Technical Advisor

Senior Specialist (Policy & Legislative)

Country Representative

Program Manager (Emergencies)

Oracle EPM System Analyst

Emergency MEAL Coordinator

Consultant (Terms of Reference to Audit or Review Operations Financed By The Bank Group)

HR Manager

Impact Measurement Advisor

Program Associate (Center for Human Rights)

Un·e Chargé·e Mission Auprés De La Présidence Et De La Direction Générale

Coordinateur/trice De Zone Adjoint(e)

Deputy Chief of Party

Coordinateur/trice Terrain

Coordinateur·trice Logistique

Chargé De Programmes

Head of Legal Affairs

Executive Director

Finance Support

Senior Analyst Consultant

Deputy Director (Global Legal Program)

Data Analyst

Social Media Coordinator (Hispanic Outreach)

Director of Admin & Finance and Grants & Subcontracts Manager

Deputy Chief of Party (USAID/Cambodia Morodok Baitang)

M&E Community Engagement, and Communications Managers

Environment/Natural Resources Technical Managers

Staff Associate (Agriculture and Economic Growth)

Sr. Development Director

USPSC Response Readiness Specialist

Corporate Market Director

VP of Health

Director (Internal Communications)

Chef.fe De Délégation

Health Project Manager (Neglected Tropical Diseases - Program Quality & Impact)

Business Development Manager

Senior Program Associate (Impact Evaluation Division)

Assistant Audit Interne

Education Assistants

Senior Program Officer

Ukraine Field Office Director

Travailleur·euse Social·e

Finance & HR Manager

Field Coordinator

Administrative Manager

Logistics Manager

MEAL Advisor (Humanitarian Programmes)

Chargé De Gestion Financière

Coordinateur Gestion Des Plaintes

Gender and Economic Policy Advisor (Zambia Business Enabling Project)

Administrative Manager

Field Coordinator

Responsable Géographique Asie-Europe

Logistics Administration Manager

Sr. Accountant (Financial Operations)

Development Director (Heart Challenge)

Epidemiologist/Health Data Analyst

Coordinateur Général (Chef De Mission)

MEAL Manager

Director of Technology & Information Management Services

Gestion Administrative, Financiere Et Logistique

ICT Technical Project Manager

Operational IM Manager (Flying)

Women’s Protection & Empowerment Coordinator

Vice President (Health Strategies)

Grassroots Manager (SW Region)

Vice President (Development)

Deputy Head of Mission (Programs)

Grants Manager

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Tuberculosis Monitoring and Evaluation and Global Fund Grant Advisor

Head of Mission

Finance Coordinator

Responsable De Desk (Pôle Lacmena)

Regional Emergency Director

Regional Emergency Director (Great Lakes)

Regional Emergency Director

Senior Specialist (M&E Technology)

Field Coordinator

Assistant·e Comptabilité Terrain

Un·e Stagiaire Opérations

Sustainable Enterprise Specialist

Reporting Manager

M&E Community Engagement, and Communications Managers (USAID/Cambodia Eastern Plains Natural Resource Management Activity)

Environment/natural Resources Technical Managers

Director (Journal Operations & Special Projects)

Finance and Investment Specialist

Director of Administration and Finance (Zambia Business Enabling Project)

Development Director (Heart Challenge)

Safety/Security Coordinator

Associate Director (Employee Engagement and Workplace Giving)

Analyst (Financial Planning & Analysis)

Associate Director (Humanitarian Policy)

Senior Specialist (Regional HR Business Partner)

Chiefs of Party

M&E Inclusion, and Communications Technical Specialists

Environment/Natural Resources Technical Specialists

Director of Admin & Finance and Grants & Subcontracts Manager

Deputy Chief of Party (USAID/Cambodia Eastern Plains Natural Resource Management Activity)

Logistics Administration Manager

Support Relief Group Response Resources Specialist (Multiple Positions)

Coordinateur·trice Logistique

Chargé De Programmes Asie - Europe

Deputy Country Coordinator (Limited Access Programming Operationalization)

Logistics Coordinator

WASH Program Manager

Country Director

Program Coordinator

Experimental Physicist

System Administrator (The Atlas On-line Infrastructure - TTE Programme)

Systems Application Intern

Roving Emergency General Coordinator (Head of Mission)

Coordinateur Consortium

Senior Co-ordination and Reporting Officer

Medical Coordinator

Stagiaire Recrutement Et Parcours

Communities Policy Officer

Coordinateur/trice Terrain

Community Policy Officer/Return

Development Director (Go Red for Women Luncheon)

Research Analyst (The Education Analytics Team)

Energy Specialist

Senior Health Economist

IT Analyst (Engineering)

Senior Procurement Specialist

Analysts (Anti-corruption)

Junior Analysts (Anti-corruption)

Anti-corruption Analyst (Anti-corruption Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia)

Economist/Statistician (Measuring Digital Transformation)

Oil Market Analyst

Policy Analyst (Consumer Finance)


Head of Tax Treaty Unit

Sales Officer

Extended Term Consultant

Senior Investment Officer

Risk Management Specialist/Senior Risk Management Specialist

Risk Management Specialist

Project Officer

Senior Operations Assistant

Senior Procurement Officer

Global Implementation Analyst

Overseas Accounting Analyst

Grants Analyst

Sr. Director (Global People Operations)

Stagiaire Com RH (Marque Employeur)

IT Developer (Service Management Platform)

Mechanical Technician (Beam Intercepting Devices - TTE Programme)

Coordinateur.trice MEAL

Field Coordinator

Grant Coordinator

Monitoring, Evaluation, Research & Learning (MERL) Manager

Extended Term Consultant

Extended Term Consultant

Senior Executive Assistant

Senior Climate Change Specialist

Field Coordinator

Head of Mission

Grants and Procurement Officer

Community Based Services Senior Officer

Responsable De Programmes Humanitaires

Enabling Environment Officer

Regional Director (Middle East Office)

Portfolio Manager

Investment Officer

Associate Project Analyst

Associate Budget and Management Services Analyst

IT Specialist (User Services)

Senior Budget and Management Services Assistant

Senior Circular Economy Specialist (Plastic Wastes)

Senior Social Protection and Jobs Specialist

Chief Capacity Development Officer

Capacity Development Officer

Senior Industrial Development Officer

Regional Development Director

Stagiaire Opérations Au Pôle Crise Syrienne

Director (Partner Engagement and Corporate Affairs)

Facilitator (USAID/Laos MEL Project)

Health Specialist/ Health Economist

Senior Public Sector Specialist

Head of Division (Financial Markets)

Staff Accountant

Senior MEAL / Capacity Builder Specialist

Grants and Subawards Manager

Cloud Systems Windows Engineer

Cloud Systems Unix Engineer

Senior Grant Management Specialist

Extended Term Consultant (Statistical Training Expert and Training Coordinator)

Senior Social Development Specialist

Senior IT Officer (Business Solutions)

Financial Analyst

Senior Public Sector Specialist

Operations Officer

Investment Officer

Operations Analyst

Principal Cloud Security Analyst

Analyst (Tag)

Analyst (EU Affairs)



Policy and Regulatory Reform Specialist

Technical Specialists (USAID Collaboration for Sustainable Fisheries)

WASH Program Coordinator

Senior Technical Advisor (Water, Hygiene and Sanitation)

Chef De Projet (Consolidation De La Paix)

Logistic & Administrative Base Manager

Program Manager

Coordinateur.trice Support

Support Services Coordinator


Senior Executive Assistant

Senior Procurement Specialist

Knowledge Management Officer

Chef.fe De Base

Head of Employment and Skills Unit

Policy Analyst (Poverty and Inequalities)

Digital Communications Officer

Senior Operations Officer

Portfolio Manager (Infrastructure and Natural Resources)

Extended Term Consultant (Social Media Specialist)

Extended Term Consultant

Finance Assistant

Director (Blended Finance)

Associate Investment Officer

Legal Analyst

Extended Term Consultant (Economics and Sustainability)

Extended Term Consultant (Transport)

Senior Housing Finance Specialist (Capital Markets)

Specialist Ombudsman

Investment Officer (Financial Sector)

Senior Counsel (Nonsovereign)

Unit Head (Project Administration)

Senior Risk Management Assistant

Senior Capacity Development Officer

Field Coordinator

Field Coordinator

Administrative Manager

Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning Director (Global Civil Society and Media Strengthening)

Specialist (Employee Relations, Training & Development)

Senior Officer (Benefits)

Director/Senior Director (Opportunity Development)

Coordinateur Logistique

Women’s Protection & Empowerment Coordinator

Consortium Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Coordinator

Deputy Director (Operations)

Design & Innovation Lead

Photo Editor + Archivist

Data Product Developer (Data Excellence)

Global Director of Safety and Security

Senior Digital Development Specialist

Program Manager

Disaster Risk Management Specialist

Senior Race and Equity Officer

Senior Economist (Digital Development)

Digital Development Specialist

Health Specialist / Health Economist

Senior Procurement Specialist & Procurement Hub Coordinator

Evaluation Analyst

Senior Transport Specialist

Principal (Principal Counsel)

Associate Director (Regional Lead Economist)

Senior Energy Specialist

Responsable Programme Santé Plateau Des Guyanes

MHPSS Project Manager

Mental Health & Psychosocial Support Project Manager

Field Coordinator

Responsable Projet Sanme

Enabling Environment and Policy Advisor

Technical Director (Community Engagement & Linkages)

Technical Senior Officer (Usaid/colombia Strengthening Together Activity)

Field Coordinator

WASH Program Manager

Logistics Coordinator

Coordinateur.trice Terrain

Deputy Chief of Party (USAID/Colombia Strengthening Together Activity)

Energy Efficiency Policy Analysts

Data Scientist (Earth Observations)

Security Officer

Principal Investment Officer

Administrative Services Coordinator (Planning and Budget)

Senior Internal Auditor

Experts Pool: Senior Digital Agriculture Specialist

Department Assistant

Chief Regional Financial Management Operations Coordinator

Consultant (Endline Of Ungumi Project: Improving The Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights For Adolescent Girls and Boys)

Senior Advisor (Community Engagement & Linkages)

Senior Advisor (Gender and Youth Empowerment)

Program Coordinator

Logistics Coordinator

Field Coordinator

Emergency Preparedness and Response WASH Program Manager

Auditeur.trice Interne Volant.e

Référent Technique Et Plaidoyer Migration Exil Droits Et Santé


VP Chief Transformation Officer


Analyst (Advice For Small Businesses)

Associate Software Developer

Associate Social Adviser

Associate Safeguards Analyst

Grants Manager (USAID/Colombia Strengthening Together Activity)

Administrative Manager

Supply Manager

IT Analyst (Support)

Health Economist

IT Analyst

Junior Economist(s) (Productivity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

Senior Communications Officer

Extended Term Consultant (Finance)

Investment Officer/ Operations Officer

Investment Specialist (Retirement Benefits and Investment)

Legal Operations Administrator

Principal Credit Risk Officer

Administrative Clerk

Chief Regional Financial Management

Conseiller Technique En Suivi, évaluation Et Apprentissage

Assistant.e Support Desk Urgence

Finance Coordinator

Logistics Coordinator

Coordinateur Général (Chef De Mission)

Chargé D'appui Au Pôle Afrique

WPE Senior Manager

ERT Deputy Director (Finance)

Senior IT Officer (Engineering)

Climate Change Analyst

Senior IT Assistant

Climate Change Specialist

IT Officer (Business Solutions)

Vice President (Infrastructure Practice Group)

Team Assistant

Deputy Head of Division (Human Aspects of Nuclear Safety)

Clean Energy Transition Programme Officer (2 Positions)

Junior Labour Market Economist (Multiple Positions)

Investment Officer/Senior Investment Officer (Portfolio, Private Equity Funds)

Senior Investment Officer / Investment Officer

Industry Specialist

Extended Term Consultant (HR Analytics)

Vice President (Cross-cutting Solutions)

Finance Analyst

Vice President (Economics and Private Sector Development)

Principal (Internal Audit)

Associate Economics Officer

Stagiaire Recrutement Et Parcours

Intern (Program Assistant Asia & Nigeria Desk)

Mechanical Technician (Beam Intercepting Devices, TTE Programme)

Economic Recovery & Development Coordinator

Program Assistant

Identity and Access Management Developer

Identity Access Management QA/Business Analyst

Team Assistant

Identity Access Management Engineer Architect

Associate Investment Officer


Chief Corporate General Services and Procurement Officer

Operations Assistant

MEAL Manager

WASH Program Manager

Team Assistant

Senior Economist

IT Officer (Business Analysis)

Public Sector Specialist

Manager (Strategy, Risk and Country Operations)

Communications Officer (The Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities)

Committee Secretary and Assistant

Investment Officer

Investment Officer


Associate Manager (Donor-co Financing)

Conformity and Transparency Manager

Coordinador General

Stakeholder Engagement & Training Specialist

Stagiaire Comptabilité Et Gestion Des Missions

Evaluateur.trice Terrain

Human Resources Coordinator

Coordinateur De Programme Santé Sexuelle Et Reproductive

HR Systems Associate

Deputy Logistical Coordinator Supply

Senior Officer (Digital Fundraising & Engagement Optimization)

Technical Advisor (Gender, Youth & Social Dynamics Lead)

Head of Programming

Administrative Manager

Studentische Aushilfe Datenschutz

Responsable Géographique Asie-Europe

Field Coordinator

Field Coordinator

Project Manager (Coordinación Convenio AECID )

MEAL Coordinator

Coordinateur·trice Logistique

Deputy Regional Director

Education and Girls Empowerment Coordinator

Senior Grants and Accountability Coordinator

Support Relief Group Economic Recovery and Market Systems Technical Advisor (Multiple Positions)

Evaluation Team Lead (MCC Togo Threshold Program Information Communication Technology Project Evaluation)

Evaluation Team Lead (MCC Togo Threshold Program Land Reform for Agriculture Productivity Project Evaluation)

Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation Expert

Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation Expert

Mental Health & Psychosocial Support Project Manager

Référent Ressources Humaines

Coordinateur.trice Pharmacie

Field Coordinator

Responsable Projet Sanme

Roving Budget Manager (Great Lakes)

Stagiaire Recrutement Et Parcours

Crisis Analyst

Heron Team Leader

Humanitarian Assistance Officer

Technical Director (Agriculture and Livelihoods)

Conseiller Technique En Suivi, évaluation Et Apprentissage (M&E Prinicipal Advisor)

Economic Development Research Experts

Environmental Research Experts

Public Health Research Experts

Governance Research Experts

Field Coordinator

Référent Santé Mentale Et Soutien Psychosocial

Référent Violences Liées Au Genre

Admin & HR Assistant

Chargé·e De Programmes Afrique

Emergency Response Supply Chain Coordinator

Emergency Food Security, Vulnerable Livelihoods & Cash Coordinator


Mental Health & Psychosocial Support Project Manager

Head of Delegation

Agricultural Trade Policy Analyst

Agricultural Economist(s)

Extended Term Consultant

Extended Term Contractor

Energy Specialist

Investment Analyst

Extended Term Consultant (Workforce Planning)

Operations Officer / Regional Advisors Lead

Program Assistant

Extended Term Consultant (HR Digital Learning Content Developer)

Principal Portfolio Management Specialist


Principal Financial Accountant

Principal Structuring And Modelling Officer

Lead Strategy Advisor

Assistent (Datenmanagement & Analyse)

System Administrator (Atlas On-line Infrastructure)

USPSC USAR and UNDAC Field Coordinators

Knowledge, Learning and Communications Specialist

Technician Training Experience (TTE)

Component Lead (M&E)

Senior Procurement Oversight Expert

Intern (Immediate Office of The Registrar)

Senior Market Strategist (Steering Breeding Product Profile Designs)

Mechanization Support Specialist

Country Director and Assistant Country Director Opportunities (French Speaker)

Advocacy Officer

Web Editor (Remote/Home-based)

Clean Energy Specialists

Cross-Cutting Team Leader

Volontaires Internationaux (Open to EU & EEA Nationals)

USPSC Support Relief Group Generalist (Multiple Positions)

Grants Specialist (Clean Cities, Blue Ocean)

Non-member State Postdoc Fellowship Programme (Theoretical Physics)


Consultant(e) Pour Analyse Des Données Covid

Referentin Personalentwicklung (Learning & Training)

Reapertura De Vacante Para El Cargo De: Gerente Del Programa Norte De Santander

Health Manager / Health Consultant (National or International)

Financial Analyst

Country Security Officer

Seconded National Expert

Child Protection Senior Manager

Shared Services Coordinator

Sachbearbeiter Einkauf

Camp Project Manager

Freelance Field Interpreters

Freelance Field Interpreters

Freelance Field Interpreters

Systems Architect

Area Managers

Country Director Positions

Head of Programme

Head of Support Services

USPSC Military Liaison Team Unit Lead (Multiple Positions), Washington DC, USA