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Information Management Officer

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Job Description


All NRC employees are expected to work in accordance with the organization’s core values: dedication, innovation, inclusivity, and accountability. These attitudes and beliefs shall guide our actions and relationships. 

NRC has been operational in Ukraine since 2014. To technically support South Area Office across all its programme, projects, and initiatives with information management, including Data Management, NRC is hiring an Information Management Officer.

  1. Role and responsibilities

    Information Management (IM) Officer will be part of the M&E Department and closely work with all Programme and if relevant support units in the area office as well as the Country Office Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) team to manage data, support with reporting requirements and enhance data-driven and evidence-based programming.

    Generic responsibilities 


  2. Ensure compliance and adherence to the NRC policies, guidance, and procedures, including national legislation, EU General Data Protection Regulation, and NRC policies regarding data security, data protection, and data-sharing.
Ensure compliance with NRC strategy, tools, handbooks, guidelines, and standards. Technically oversee and coordinate Area-based Information Management Technical officers and Database Officer(s) where applicable in their day-to-day responsibilities in data management. Develop and maintain an efficient, reliable, and accountable IM system, including a data management system, in NRC Ukraine. Manage the resources for the development of IM systems. Develop, roll out, and oversee the implementation of the NRC Ukraine IM guidelines as part of the M&E SOP. Contribute updated beneficiary figures and achievements to the donor, project/program reports, assessments, monitoring, and strategy documents as required. Ensure that IM systems are up to date with the latest data on indicators, activities, and other programmes and project data. Ensure Data Quality through the implementation of a system of data checks and validation. Identify opportunities and recommend solutions that will improve organizational IM processes. Ensure timely back-ups and proper filing of documents.


Specific responsibilities

Oversees the operation of the database and related Data Collection software, conducting repairs, updates, and improvements as required. Supporting the reporting processes for the 5Ws where necessary. Supports the development and rolling out of the monthly reports and unique beneficiary coding. Produces and compiles detailed, relevant, and high-quality qualitative and quantitative reports as requested, in addition to drafting the Analysis, reporting, and visualization of program data needed for different reporting. Conducts regular trainings for the program staff to improve the quality of the data being collected. Provides quality control and oversight of the data that is being collected and identifies and addresses errors in collection or input. Oversee the data collection processes for all activities including needs and market assessments, registration, verification, and monitoring. Supports and contributes to the development of centralized data Management Systems through documentation, implementation, and Coordination of standardized information flow. Roll out similar systems to the area levels and ensure understanding and proper utilization. Liaises with other staff and core competencies to understand information management needs and best practices and follow up with core competencies for any data-related issues, including data collection, tools development, reporting, and implementation. Design intake forms, data collection tools, and implementation-related tools. Supports the formulation of the monitoring and evaluation matrix and plans to address indicators. Supports in providing analysis of information and data to address indicator reporting  requirements. Provides technical guidance on the design of data capture processes and supervises these processes. Ensure NRC's data protection policy is applied to all activities and staff are aware of the specific data protection protocols, and proper filing and archiving of documents.

Critical interfaces

By interfaces, NRC means processes and projects that are interlinked with other departments/units or persons. Relevant interfaces for this position are:

Area Management team Area Programme Team Country Office Programme Team, specifically M&E  NRC support unit staff (e.g. Administration, finances, logistics)


Scale and scope of the position Staff: N/A Stakeholders: Beneficiaries, I/NGOs, local authorities, UN Agencies Budgets: N/A Information: SharePoint, OneDrive, Office 365, OKTA, KOBO, Unit 4, NRC People Legal or compliance:

Terms of Employment, Code of Conduct, Basic Rules on Data Protection


Competencies are important in order for the employee and the organization to deliver desired results. They are relevant for all staff and are divided into the following two categories:

1. Professional competencies 

These are skills, knowledge, and experience that are important for effective performance. 

Generic professional competencies for this position:

Bachelor’s Degree or above in technical fields or similar. Minimum 2 years of relevant work experience   Experience working in similar roles in a humanitarian/recovery context Previous experience from working in complex and volatile contexts Documented results related to the position’s responsibilities

Context-related skills, knowledge, and experience (shall be adapted to the specific position): 

Minimum of 2 years of experience working in Information Management or Monitoring and Evaluation, or equivalent, preferably in an international NGO. Experience in coding questionnaires on KOBO as well as cleaning and analyzing data using Excel or Power BI. Analytic and computer skills, including MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access). Knowledge of M&E. knowledge in KOBO, ODK, or similar mobile data collection tools is highly desired. Strong analytical skills with a critical thinking mindset are highly desired. Data literacy and data fluency, including the ability to operate Power BI Desired: Ability to produce maps 


2. Behavioral competencies (max. 6) 

These are personal qualities that influence how successful people are in their job. NRC’s Competency Framework states 12 behavioral competencies, and the following are essential for this position:

Handling insecure environments Working with people Coping with change Planning and delivering results Communicating with impact and respect Analyzing
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