What does a Area Manager do?

An Area Manager is responsible for the coordination, management, development and representation of company programming in the field. S/he is expected to be able to work independently, bring solid management and leadership skills to the job, and the ability to engage and represent company with local authorities and other stakeholders. Some of the duties of an area manager are:
  • Management: Provide, coordination and integration of activities in the area including.
  • Representation: Act as the main company representative in the field and attend all relevant forums/meetings including active participation with the objective to strengthen company's position in the area; as well as develop, implement and regularly revise a company's engagement strategy and acceptance in the area.
  • Safety and Security: Ensure adherence to security procedures and monitoring developments in the security situation.
  • Finance and Administration: Provide budget monitoring of assigned budgets, financial control in compliance with HQ office requirements.
  • Reporting: Ensure compliance with internal reporting requirements and participate in internal coordination mechanisms as required.
  • Accountability: Continuously monitor and suggest relevant accountability initiatives in the field as well as strengthen the effort to document the impact of companyactivities in the area.
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