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What is UNESCO-EU Partnership?
Asked about 1 year ago
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The UNESCO-EU Partnership is a collaboration between UNESCO and the European Union (EU) aimed at promoting common goals in areas such as education, culture, and sustainable development. The partnership was established in 2004, and has since been renewed several times, most recently in 2021.
The partnership is guided by a joint declaration that outlines the shared objectives and areas of cooperation, which include:
  1. Education: The UNESCO-EU partnership aims to promote quality education for all, with a focus on improving access, equity, and relevance. The partnership supports initiatives such as the Global Education Coalition and the European Union's Erasmus+ program.
  2. Culture: The partnership promotes cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, and supports initiatives to safeguard cultural heritage and promote the creative industries. The partnership also works to promote cultural tourism and sustainable urban development.
  3. Science: The partnership supports scientific research and innovation, with a focus on areas such as climate change, biodiversity, and ocean conservation. The partnership also promotes science education and capacity-building in developing countries.
  4. Communication and Information: The partnership aims to promote free and independent media, access to information, and digital literacy. The partnership supports initiatives such as the World Press Freedom Day and the European Media and Information Literacy Forum.
The UNESCO-EU partnership is an important platform for cooperation between two major international organizations, and has the potential to make a significant impact in areas such as education, culture, and sustainable development.
answered about 1 year ago