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What are the five core values of UNICEF?
Asked about 12 months ago
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1 Answer

The five core values of UNICEF are:
  • Care: UNICEF values care for children and their families, recognizing the importance of meeting their needs and supporting their development.
  • Respect: UNICEF values respect for the dignity, rights, and diversity of all people, and strives to create a culture of inclusion and equity.
  • Integrity: UNICEF values integrity and ethical conduct, and holds itself accountable to the highest standards of transparency and professionalism.
  • Trust: UNICEF values trust, recognizing that building trust with communities, partners, and stakeholders is essential to achieving its mission.
  • Accountability: UNICEF values accountability, and is committed to being transparent and responsible in its use of resources and its impact on the lives of children and their families.
These core values guide the work of UNICEF and inform its policies, programs, and operations. They reflect the organization's commitment to improving the lives of children and promoting the well-being of communities around the world.
answered about 12 months ago