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How much does UNICEF pay its interns?
Asked about 16 days ago
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UNICEF offers internships to students and recent graduates who are interested in gaining practical experience in international development and humanitarian work. The organization provides unpaid internships, which means that interns are not paid a salary for their work.
However, UNICEF provides a range of benefits and support to its interns, including:
  • A stipend or allowance to cover basic living expenses, such as accommodation and meals
  • Insurance coverage for medical expenses, accidents, and illness
  • Opportunities to attend training, workshops, and other learning events
  • Access to UNICEF resources and databases for research and learning
The amount of the stipend or allowance provided to UNICEF interns varies depending on the location and duration of the internship. In general, the stipend or allowance is intended to cover basic living expenses and is not intended to provide a salary or support a luxurious lifestyle.
UNICEF internships are highly competitive, and the organization looks for candidates who are passionate about the organization's mission and have the skills and experience to contribute to its work. Interns who perform well during their internship may also be considered for future employment opportunities with UNICEF.
answered about 16 days ago