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Are FAO internships paid?
Asked about 12 months ago
Last Comment about 12 months ago
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Yes, some FAO internships are paid while others are unpaid. Paid internships at FAO are offered to interns who are selected for specific programmes and projects, and these internships are advertised as such. The compensation for these internships is determined based on the intern's level of education, skills, and experience, and it is typically consistent with the compensation for other entry-level staff at FAO.

Unpaid internships are also available at FAO, and they are typically shorter in duration than paid internships. These internships offer students and young professionals the opportunity to gain work experience and enhance their skills in areas related to FAO's work, such as agriculture, fisheries, forestry, natural resources management, and food security.

Interns are responsible for their own travel, accommodation, and living expenses during their internship, regardless of whether the internship is paid or unpaid. Some FAO offices may offer additional support or resources to help interns find affordable housing or transportation.
answered about 12 months ago