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Senior Communication with Communities Assistant

Local Decentralization Expert (Tunisia Decentralization Assessment)

Iraq Strategic Communications Specialist (Performance Management and Evaluation Services)

Profesional Universitario/a Con Formación En El área De Las Ciencias Sociales/ Ambientales

Senior Analyst (Programme Management)

Experts (Global Evaluation LTA with UNICEF)

Intern (Gender Justice in The Hiv Response, Hiv/Aids Section, Programme Division)

National Consultant (Youth Entrepreneurship Policy and Partnerships)

Research Assistant (Conduct Brazil Country Office Portfolio Evaluation)

Internal Displacement Communications Consultant

Budget & Programming Assistant

Consultant (Documenting Processes for Private Sector Partner Engagement for Programme Delivery)

Consultant International Pour L’évaluation Formative Du Programme

Communication De L’événement Des 10 Ans Du ProjetParé Pas Paré

Community-based Protection Associate

2 Stagiaires à La Section Communication

Programme Associate

Coordinador/a De Procesos De Tecnologías De La Información Y La Comunicación


Community Volunteer (Research)

Community Volunteer (Research - Kuching, Sarawak)

Associate Programme Management Officer (Project Post)

Programme Management Assistant (Project Post)

Programs & Operations Manager

Communications Associate

Chief Risk Management (Programme & Operations)

Unops Senior Field Associate (Protection)

Deputy Head of Mission (Programs)

Hiring Consultant (Evaluation of Host Community Related Interventions)

Recrutement D’un Consultant National Pour Conduire Une Mission D’évaluation Des Actions Déployées Par L’etat Du Mali Pour Protéger Les Enfants Contre Les Effets De La Covid19

Communications & Reporting Officer

Evaluation Consultant (Conduct Brazil Country Office Portfolio Evaluation)

Programme Specialist (Science)

Lead Expert (Capacity Gap Assessment, Training Program Design and Execution)

Un·e Stagiaire Opérations

Head of Office and Unesco Representative to Haiti

National Communication Officer

National Project Coordinator (Digital Jobs for Refugee Youth and Host Communities)

M&E Community Engagement, and Communications Managers (USAID/Cambodia Eastern Plains Natural Resource Management Activity)

Strategic Health Information Officer (Communication and Advocacy)

Deputy Head Of Mission (Programs)

Digital Communication Officer (Campaigns & User Experience)

Deputy Chief of Party (Technical, Usaid Bangladeshi Youth Activity)

Associate Field Programme Officer

Professionalize African Union Staff (Rule of Law Initiatives Activity: Training in Employment Law and Policy)

Un·e Responsable De Département Logistique

Un·e Assistant·e Finances Régionales En Stage

Un·e Mentor Logistique

Un·e Chargé·e D'appui Aux Programmes

Un·e Chef·fe De Projet SI

Chief of Party (Uzbekistan Youth Work Readiness and Entrepreneurship)

Chief of Party (Community Nutrition)

M&E Inclusion, and Communications Technical Specialists

Program Coordinator

Programme Policy Officer (School Feeding)

Programme Associate (CCARB)

Un.une Psychologue (Coordinateur.trice De Sante Mentale Et Pratiques De Soins, Genre Et Protection)

Un·e Adjoint·e Directeur·rice Pays Programmes

Funded Activity Consultants (AE and Portfolio Review and Assessment - 2 Positions)

Intern (Legal Unit)

Chargé De Programmes Asie - Europe

Deputy Country Coordinator (Limited Access Programming Operationalization)

WASH Program Manager

Country Director

Program Coordinator

System Administrator (The Atlas On-line Infrastructure - TTE Programme)

Communities Policy Officer

Community Policy Officer/Return

Development Director (Go Red for Women Luncheon)

Senior Programme Management Officer

Junior Analysts (Anti-corruption)


Head of Tax Treaty Unit

Overseas Accounting Analyst

Mechanical Technician (Beam Intercepting Devices - TTE Programme)

Community Based Services Senior Officer

Responsable De Programmes Humanitaires

Senior Social Protection and Jobs Specialist

Un.e Responsable Programme Nutrition Et Sante

Un·e Responsable Logistique, Finance Et Ressources Humaines

Un·e Assistant·e Nutrition & Sante En Stage

Junior Technical Officer (Trade and Employment)

Un·e Responsable Contrats Bailleurs & Reporting

Country Finance Manager

Chargé.e De Programmation événementielle Et De Mobilisation

Country Logistics Manager

Deputy Country Director (Programme Operations)

Staff Accountant

Cloud Systems Unix Engineer

Consultant (Programme Support)

Programme Management Officer

Fund Director (Livelihoods and Food Security Fund)

Programme Support Coordinator (West Africa)

Programme Support Coordinator

Programme Policy Officer

Evaluation Consultant (Terminal Evaluation of The Unep/Gef Project "support to Eligible Parties to Produce The Sixth National Report to The Convention on Biological Diversity)

Global Environment Facility Programme Management Consultant

Head of Employment and Skills Unit

Programme Management Officer

Digital Communications Officer

Program Manager

Programme Management Officer (Environment Policy & Regulations)

Programme Management Officer (Environment Policy & Regulations)

Evaluation Specialists (2 Positions - Multi-country)

Principal (Principal Counsel)

Digital Learning Project Manager (Child & Youth Care Digital Learning Hub)

Programme Advisor (Alternative Child Care, Prevention)

Technical Director (Community Engagement & Linkages)

WASH Program Manager

Specialist (Communications for Health Promotion)

Programme Management Assistant

National Consultant (Support The Government Of Georgia In Developing Next Cycle of The Action Plan For Implementation of The UN Security Council Resolutions on Women, Peace and Security)

Country Representative

Senior Policy and Strategic Partnerships Adviser (Division for Communications and Strategic Partnership)

Consultant (Endline Of Ungumi Project: Improving The Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights For Adolescent Girls and Boys)

Senior Advisor (Community Engagement & Linkages)

Senior Advisor (Gender and Youth Empowerment)

Program Coordinator

Emergency Preparedness and Response WASH Program Manager

Youth Engagement Program Coordinator (Support To Anti-corruption Champion Institutions Program)

Senior Programme Coordinator (Community Stabilization)

Senior Programme Manager (Compass)

Chief of Party (Bangladesh Community Nutrition Activity)

Un·e Responsable Terrain Nutrition Et SantÉ Urgence

Un.e Terrain

Chief of Section (Information Communication and Technology)

Senior Telecommunications Assistant

Associate Programme Officer (Technical Coordination, Chemical Disposal)

Program Officer

Programme Management Officer

Finance Initiative General Communications and Ecosystems Communications Consultant

Junior Economist(s) (Productivity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

Public Information Officer (Head of Editorial Unit)

Country Director

Un.e Spécialiste Inclusion

Senior Communications Officer

Civil Peace Service Advisor (Community Based Psycho-social Work)

Civil Peace Service Advisor (Nonviolent Communication)

Associate Marketing Communications Manager

Intern (The Division for Africa, Least Developed Countries and Special Programmes)

Humanitarian Aid Program Facilitators

Intern (Research Facilitation and Knowledge Management Team Unicef Office of Research - Innocenti)

Non-Communicable Disease Adviser (Advocacy and Civil Societies Engagement)

Livelihoods Programme Manager

Program Resource Manager (National Hypertension Control Initiative)

Digital Marketing Volunteer Cooperant Mandate

International Consultant (Support Equity Based Immunization Strategy and Support for Covid19 Vaccine Introduction)

Senior Program Specialist (Learning, Evaluation and Research)

Programme Budget Analyst

Clean Energy Transition Programme Officer (2 Positions)

Junior Labour Market Economist (Multiple Positions)

Investment Officer/Senior Investment Officer (Portfolio, Private Equity Funds)

Un·e Chargé·e De Finance Operationnel

Un·e Chargé·e De Projet Rh Nationales

Intern (Program Assistant Asia & Nigeria Desk)

Mechanical Technician (Beam Intercepting Devices, TTE Programme)

Country Coordinator

Vice President (Youth Markets)

Program Assistant

Intern (Management Information Systems and Communication Technology)

Programme Manager (Shelter and NFI)

Programme Officer (Community Stabilisation)

International Consultant (Training Programme Developer & Trainer, Home Based with Travels)

Programme Coordinator

Senior Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning Advisor

Programme Support Assistant

Technical Consultant (Global Programme and Partners In The Graduation Approach Methodology)

Community Liaison Officer

Quality & Accountability Advisor (Mena Region)

WASH Program Manager

Development Officer (Foundations)

Manager (Strategy, Risk and Country Operations)

Joint Programme Coordinator

Consultant (Principles for Sustainable Insurance Programme)

Communications & Advocacy Consultant

Consultant (Support The Unep/Map - Medprogramme Coordinating Unit (Medpcu) to Develop The Visual Identity of The Gef/Unep Medprogramme and Related Visual Design Assets)

Consultant (Medprogramme Coordinating Unit (Medpcu) to Develop The Beta Version of The Medprogramme Knowledge Platform)

Communications Officer (The Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities)

Intern (Management Information Systems and Communication Technology)

Intern (Human Rights, Universal Periodic Review)

Procurement and Logistics Officer (Joint Initiative Programme)

Program Specialist (Communities in Transition)

Un·e Directeur·trice Regional·e Des Operations Pour L'asie

Un.e Coordinateur·trice Terrain/Field Coordinator (Multi-pays/Country)

Un.e Coordinateur·trice Logistique/Logistics Coordinator (Multi-pays/Country)

Un.e Coordinateur·trice Ressources Humaines/Human Resources Coordinator (Multi Pays/Country)

Un.e Coordinateur·trice Finance/Finance Coordinator (Multi Pays/Country)

Responsable Programmes Soins De Sante/Healthcare Program Manager (Multi Pays/Country)

Enlace Comunitario

IM Strategic Communications Manager

Senior Officer (Digital Fundraising & Engagement Optimization)

FSJ Team Communications

FSJ Fundraising

FSJ Wissenskommunikation

FSJ Programmbereich

Technical Advisor (Gender, Youth & Social Dynamics Lead)

Head of Programming

National Project Personnel (Youth and Gender Specialist)

Senior Grants and Accountability Coordinator

Coordinator (Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, Learning)

Evaluation Team Lead (MCC Togo Threshold Program Information Communication Technology Project Evaluation)

Evaluation Team Lead (MCC Togo Threshold Program Land Reform for Agriculture Productivity Project Evaluation)

Deputy Field Coordinator (Programs)

Biolac Fellow Membership Programme 2022

Biolac Academic Membership Programme 2022

Intern (Operational Risk and Support Unit - Investigations Division (Arabic Speaker)

Public Health Program Manager

Especialista De Prevención De Violencia Primaria/Secundaria (USAID/Honduras Sembrando Esperanza)

Country Director

Intern (Coordination and Planning Unit)

Senior Program Evaluation Analyst(National Hypertension Initiative)

Development Specialist (Youth Market)

Community Impact Director

Community Impact Director

Senior Advisor (Foundations)

Director of Strategic Business Initiatives & Stakeholder Communications

Responsable Programme Securite Alimentaire Et Moyens D’existence

Responsable Programme Securite Alimentaire Et Moyens D’existence

Chargé·e De Programmes Afrique

Intern (Public Information - UNTV and Radio)

Team Leader (Kenya Devolution Programme)

Knowledge Management, Communication and Publishing Specialists

Intern (Programme Management)

Intern (The Oceans Economy and Fisheries Programme, Trade, Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Branch, Division)

National Digital Communications Officer

Programme Coordinator (Return and Recovery)

Programme Manager (Labour Mobility and Human Development)

Intern (Security Council)

Assistant.e Programme Desk Urgence

Consultant (Develop Communication and Advocacy Strategy for Statistical Training Institute)

Country ESG Training Expert (Banking Sector)

Communications Consultant (Editorial, Strategy and Key Messaging for Banking, Nature and MENA)

Programme Management Assistant

Program Assistant

Principal Financial Accountant

Intern (The Trade, Gender and Development Programme, Division on International Trade and Commodities)

Program Development and Grants Coordinator

Responsable Programme EAH

Grants and Fundraising Coordinator

Coordinateur.rice Des Programmes

Coordinateur Programme Urgence Covid-19

Country Director

Responsable Programmes Same

Intern, Governance Unit

USPSC USAR and UNDAC Field Coordinators

Knowledge, Learning and Communications Specialist

Deputy Director (Programs)

Technical Advisor (Youth Programming)

Programme Management Officer

Chief of Branch (Programme)

Programme Management Officer

Reporting and Communications Officer

Un·e Assistant·e à La Direction Des Opérations

Individual Consultant Programme Management (Business and Biodiversity)

Coordinateur Multi-Programmes

Deputy Chief of Party / Deputy Programme Manager

Regional Accountant

Chief of Party / Programme Manager

Programme Officer (Immigration & Border Management)

Programme Manager (Communications)

Programme Management Coordinator (Disaster & Conflict)

Junior Assistant (Agriculture for Argentina 2019s Transparency Framework on GHG Inventories and Mitigation Project)

Programme Management Assistant

Programs Analyst

Programme Coordinator (Ddrr), Nairobi, Kenya

Intern (Social Sciences - (Outreach and Communication, Poverty Reduction, Inequality and Social Protection)

Chief Migration Health Officer (Health Assessment Programmes), Accra, Ghana

Intern (Social Sciences - Population, International Migration, Youth)

Intern (Programme Management - Regional)

Intern (Public Information - Communications and Public Mobilization)

Intern (Information Systems & Communication Technology)

Finance Initiative Positive Impact Programme Support Intern

Intern (Information Management - Emergency Response, Technical Communications, Design, and Coordination)

Intern (Environment Affairs (UNEP/CMS Implementation Support Team - Aquatic Species)

Associate Programme Management Officer

Intern (Programme Management)

Intern (Information Systems & Communication Technology)

Consultant (Assist Unep in The Preparation of The Verification Report of HCFC Consumption)

Intern (Communication)

Psychological Counselor

Programme Management Officer

Country Office Nurse Officer

Senior Universal Health Coverage Specialist (Service Delivery)

Driver (Mozambique Country Office)

RNE Regular Volunteer Programme

HQ Regular Volunteer Programme

RAF Regular Volunteer Programme

FAO Regional, Sub-regional, Country, Liaison Offices and Headquarters Fellows

RAP Regular Volunteer Programme

RLC Regular Volunteer Programme

REU Regular Volunteer Programme

RNE Internship Programme

Intern (Programme Management - Multiple Positions)

RAP Internship Programme

RLC Internship Programme

REU Internship Programme

Un·e Chargé·e De Ressources Humaines Expatriées

Country Director and Assistant Country Director Opportunities (French Speaker)

Talent Pool (Program Management)

Intern (Research & Communications)

Programme Assistant (Environment and Social Safeguards)

Intern (Public Information / UN Web TV)

Intern - Un Academic Impact Temporary

Consultoría Para La Elaboración De Una Evaluación De Campaña De Comunicación Para El Desarrollo Pensalo 2 Veces Y Línea Base De Nuevas Comunidades

Intern (Podcast Production and Multimedia Communications)

Non-member State Postdoc Fellowship Programme (Theoretical Physics)

Intern (Communications)

Referentin Personalentwicklung (Learning & Training)

Reapertura De Vacante Para El Cargo De: Gerente Del Programa Norte De Santander

Intern (Public Information Communications and Public Mobilization)

Intern (Communications and Results Reporting - Multiple Positions)

Para La Elaboración De Curso Especializado En El Abordaje De La Migración Desde Diversas áreas De La Comunicación

Country Security Officer

Intern (Programme Management - Regional)

Specialist (Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning)

Country Director Positions

Head of Programme

USPSC Military Liaison Team Unit Lead (Multiple Positions), Washington DC, USA

Un Jobs Youth Program

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