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Senior Technical Expert (Digital Finance Initiative)

Senior Technical Expert (Social Management Framework & Gender)

Technical Expert (Forward Linkage)

Senior Interpreter (Arabic)

Senior Associate (Cold Chain)

Senior Specialist (Policy & Legislative)

Advocacy Expert

Scientist (Senior Toxicologist - IARC Monographs)

Consultant (Social Policy Expert)

Impact Senior Assessment Specialist

Senior Analyst Consultant

Senior Humanitarian Technical Coordinator

Senior Programme Coordinator (IM)

International Senior Consultant (Support Border Management Assessment At Libyan Southern Borders)

Senior Resource Development Manager

Senior Legal Officer

Senior Officer (Health Security and Risk Management)

Senior Program Associate (Impact Evaluation Division)

Senior Program Officer

Senior National Consultant (Legal Affairs)

Senior Legal Officer

Senior Human Resources Business Associate (2 Positions)

Senior Advisor (Human Resources Management)

Circular Economy Expert (International Consultant)

Senior Administrative Assistant

Senior Programme Assistant (Educate A Child)

Quality Control Expert (National Drug Quality Control Laboratory)

Senior Logistics Associate

Senior Communication with Communities Assistant

Senior Registration Assistant (5 Positions)

Senior Legal Officer

Senior Advisor (Evaluation)

Batch Consultant (Senior Evaluator, Evaluation of Unicef’s Response to The L3 Humanitarian Crisis, Evaluation Office)

Local Decentralization Expert (Tunisia Decentralization Assessment)

Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist (Afghanistan Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Activity)

Senior Analyst (Programme Management)

Experts (Global Evaluation LTA with UNICEF)

Senior Medical Admin Assistant/Nurse

Fruit Process and Product Expert

Poultry Feed Formulation Expert

Gender Expert Short Term Consultant

Asociado Senior De Adquisiciones

Senior Field Security Assistant

Subject Matter and Project Management Experts

Expert (Development of Educational Programme for Computer and Digital Literacy for Groups of Elderly People)

Unops Senior Field Associate (Protection)

Senior Specialist (M&E Technology)

International Expert (Support The Cec in The Conceptualization of An Electoral Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Solution)

Senior Advisor (Education in Conflict)

International Tvet Expert (Senior Project Officer)

Lead Expert (Capacity Gap Assessment, Training Program Design and Execution)

Senior Nuclear Safety Officer

Quantitative Expert (Afghanistan Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning)

Qualitative Expert (Afghanistan Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning)

Senior Technical Advisor (Data Analytics and Digital Health)

Partnership Senior Officer

Senior Portfolio Management Officer (Results)

Independent Expert (The Effects of Foreign Debt on The Full Enjoyment of All Human Rights)

Senior Specialist (Regional HR Business Partner)

Senior Statistics Assistant

Humanitarian Advisor/Senior Humanitarian Advisor

Senior Co-ordination and Reporting Officer

Senior Collaborating, Learning and Adapting Specialist (Collaborating, Learning and Adapting Platform)

Senior Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist

Senior Health Economist

Senior Procurement Specialist

Senior Environmental Impact Assessment Expert

Senior Legal Officer

Senior Programme Management Officer

Senior Investment Officer

Risk Management Specialist/Senior Risk Management Specialist

Senior Operations Assistant

Senior Procurement Officer

Senior HR Operations Manager

Pipeline for Women Professionals and Experts (Nuclear Energy)

Pipeline for Women Senior Professionals and Experts (Nuclear Energy)

Senior Executive Assistant

Senior Climate Change Specialist

Community Based Services Senior Officer

Senior Budget and Management Services Assistant

Senior Circular Economy Specialist (Plastic Wastes)

Senior Social Protection and Jobs Specialist

Senior Industrial Development Officer

Senior Public Sector Specialist

Senior Procurement Officer

Senior Collaborating, Learning and Adapting Expert (USAID Rural Water Research and Learning)

Senior International Recruiter

Senior MEAL / Capacity Builder Specialist

Senior Grant Management Specialist

Extended Term Consultant (Statistical Training Expert and Training Coordinator)

Senior Social Development Specialist

Senior IT Officer (Business Solutions)

Senior Public Sector Specialist

Senior Consultant (Supporting The Projects)

Senior Technical Advisor (Water, Hygiene and Sanitation)

Senior Executive Assistant

Senior Procurement Specialist

Senior Social Protection Advisor

Senior Operations Officer

Senior Housing Finance Specialist (Capital Markets)

Senior Counsel (Nonsovereign)

Senior Risk Management Assistant

Senior Capacity Development Officer

Senior Officer (Benefits)

Director/Senior Director (Opportunity Development)

Senior Digital Development Specialist

Senior Race and Equity Officer

Senior Economist (Digital Development)

Senior Procurement Specialist & Procurement Hub Coordinator

Senior Transport Specialist

Senior Energy Specialist

Technical Senior Officer (Usaid/colombia Strengthening Together Activity)

Senior Internal Auditor

Experts Pool: Senior Digital Agriculture Specialist

Senior Advisor (Community Engagement & Linkages)

Senior Advisor (Gender and Youth Empowerment)

Senior Project Assistant (M&E and IM)

Senior Programme Coordinator (Community Stabilization)

Senior Programme Manager (Compass)

Senior Manager (Emergency Response)

Expert (Projections and Mitigation Actions)

Geo Cities Expert

Expert (Implementation of National Legislation and Regulations Related to Chimpanzees and Gorillas in The Cms Context)

Senior Communications Officer

WPE Senior Manager

Senior IT Officer (Engineering)

Senior IT Assistant

Climate Change Adaptation Monitoring and Review Expert

Legal Expert

Investment Officer/Senior Investment Officer (Portfolio, Private Equity Funds)

Senior Investment Officer / Investment Officer

Senior Attorney

Senior Developer (Salesforce Marketing Cloud)

Senior Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning Advisor

Senior Political Officer

Senior Economist

Senior Information Management and Research Assistant

Senior Nurse (Migration Health)

Senior ICT Officer (Strategy, Risk Management and Governance)

Senior Administrative Officer (Service Delivery Manager, Staff Travel, Claims, Education Grant)

Senior Public Health Program Manager (National Hypertension Initiative)

Senior Manager (Public Health Programs, National Hypertension Initiative)

Senior Officer (Digital Fundraising & Engagement Optimization)

Senior Grants and Accountability Coordinator

Senior Women Protection & Empowerment Manager

Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation Expert

Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation Expert

Analyste Financier Senior (Financial Senior Analyst)

Economic Development Research Experts

Environmental Research Experts

Public Health Research Experts

Governance Research Experts

Senior Technical Advisor (Reproductive Health and Family Planning & TB)

Regional ECD Technical Senior Manager

Senior Planning & Analysis Manager

Legal Expert (The Finance Sector)

Country ESG Training Expert (Banking Sector)

Senior Women's Protection Adviser

National Mineral Processing Expert

Senior Environmental Specialist

Senior Administrative Assistant

Senior Investment Specialist

Senior Procurement Oversight Expert

Emission Expert

Senior Natural Resources and Agriculture Specialist

Senior Human Rights Officer

Senior IT Assistant (CMDB, Discovery & Service Mapping)

Graphic Design Expert

Senior Portfolio Management Officer

Senior Public Management Specialist (Tax)

Senior Regional Maritime Specialist

Senior Urban Development Specialist (Waste Management)

Senior Universal Health Coverage Specialist (Service Delivery)

Senior Transport Specialist (Road Safety)

Senior Sustainable Tourism Specialist

Deputy Head / Senior Nuclear Safety Specialist

Senior Disaster and Climate Risk Financing Specialist

Senior Market Strategist (Steering Breeding Product Profile Designs)

Technical Experts (Agriculture)

Talent Pool (Senior Female Professionals - All Profiles)

Senior Information Management Assistant

Database of Experts (Eurcap Facility)

Seconded National Expert

Database of Experts (Eurcap Facility)

Gender and Border Management Expert / Experts

Child Protection Senior Manager

Senior Adviser, Nairobi, Kenya

Senior Expert

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