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Coordinator (Strategic Health Policy and Planning)

Senior Product Manager (Digital Health, Global Health)

Senior Program Officer (Translational Modeling - Quantitative Sciences, Global Health)

Health Safety and Security Manager

Health Coordinator

Director (Health Systems, Global Laboratory Services Team)

Deputy Chief of Party Operations (Private Health Sector)

Consultant (Meaningful and Safe Adolescent and Young People Engagement in Mental Health and Psychosocial Support)

National Project Officer (Mental Health and Substance Abuse)

Software Test Engineer (Disease Modeling, Global Health)

Technical Officer (Sexual Reproduction Health)

Technical Officer (Tax Ffiscal Policies for Health)

Technical Officer (Health Workforce Policy and Health Care Delivery)

National Professional Officer (Sdh & Health Promotion)

Local Health Data Analysis Consultant

Communication for Development Individual Consultants (The Sustainable Energy for Health Facilities Program)

Primary Health Care Capacity Assessment Consultant

Health Financing Consultant

Health Advisor (Multiple Positions)

Health Sector Co-lead

Consultant (Baseline Information on Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Amongst Youths and Adolescents for Non-communicable Diseases Prevention)

EPP (Road Safety & Urban Transport)

Associate Health and Nutrition Officer

Individual Consultant (Adolescent Mental Health - Conducting Landscape Assessment)

Technical Officer (Nutrition and Food Safety in Emergencies)

Associate (Health Financing)

Health Economist/Specialist

Sr.technical Advisor (New Born and Child Health)

Sexual Reproductive Health Technical Advisor

Country Safety and Security Manager

Health Manager / Health Consultant (National or International)

Post-doctoral Fellow (Hiv, Disease Modeling, Global Health)

Program Manager (Integrated Development, Global Health)

Infectious Disease and Health Systems Program Officer

Technician (Occupational Health and Safety)

Technical Specialist (Occupational Safety and Health)

Director (Program Advocacy and Communications - Health)

Interim Program Officer (Maternal Newborn Child Health Discovery & Tools)

Business Development Manager (Healthcare Training Center - 5 Vacancies)

Covid-19 Public Health Technical Advisor

Quality Assurance Consultant (Non-stigmatizing Hiv/Aids Health Services)

LEARN Health Specialist

Senior Program Officer (DMPK, Drug Discovery, Global Health)

Technical Advisor (Environmental Health)

Psychologist (Mental Health and Care Practices, Gender and Protection Capacity Building)

Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Technician

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Advisor (Community Health Activity)

Project Manager (Health-Nutrition-Protection)

Programme Health Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist (Global Fund - Local Fund Agent)