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Security Training Assistant

Management and Programme Analyst

Public Information Officer

Consultant (Development of A Centralized and Decentralised Level Evaluation Quality Assurance Directive (Eqad) for The Unicef Evaluation Office)

Policy Specialist (Humanitarian Normative and Coordination Action)

Policy Specialist (Humanitarian Normative and Coordination Action)

Programme Leader (Supplies Partnership, Technical Division)

Junior Consultant

Consultancy: Data Scientist

Consultant (Product Manager)

Consultant (Full Stack Software Developer)

Consultant (Diversity and Inclusion)

Principal Adviser (Early Childhood Development, Programme Division)

Consultant (Youth Engagement Team Coordinator – Climate/WCD)

Consultant (Brand Designer, 2 Positions)

Statistics & Monitoring Specialist (Education)

Chief of Diversity and Engagement

Evaluation Specialist

Senior Programme Management Officer (Administration)

Planning, Coordination & Reporting Specialist (Policy and Strategy Division)

Intern (Administration)

Chief of Service (Finance)

Intern (Audit)

Advisor (HIV/STI Prevention)

Intern (Public Information)

Graphic Arts Assistant

Intern (Public Information - Media Relations)

Intern (Environment Affairs)

Information Systems Officer (Head of Service Desk)

Associate Investment Officer (2 Positions)

Intern (Political Affairs)

Administrative Management Officer (2 Positions)

Interpreter (French)

Intern (Public Administration)

Information Systems Officer (SAP NPO HCM and Payroll Processes)

Data Analysis/Processing Consultant (Data & Analytics Section)

Information Systems Officer (SAP Business Intelligence Development)

Intern (Public Information and Communication)

Intern (Environment Affairs )

Intern (Administration)

Intern (Legal Affairs)

Intern (English - Video Section)

Intern (Communications - 2 Positions)

Intern (Social Sciences )

Intern (Public Information)

Intern (Public Information )

Intern (Economic Affairs Temporary)

Intern (Multimedia Partnerships)

Intern (Public Information)

Intern (Finance)

Intern (Human Rights)

Consultant (Nutrition Cluster Partners in Community Management of Acute Malnutrition)

Consultant (Nutrition Cluster Partners in Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies)

Intern (Communications and Results Reporting - Multiple Positions)

Intern (Public Information)

Intern (Global Communications)

Intern (Data and Information Management Research)

Intern (Political Affairs)

Intern (Public Information)

Intern (Economic Affairs)

Consultant (Nutrition Cluster Partners in Micronutrient Supplementation in Emergencies)

Consultant (Nutrition Cluster Partners in Integrated Nutrition)

Consultant (Governance Specialist – Portfolio Analysis, Reporting, Strategy Support)

Intern (Partnerships, Policy and Communications Team)

Intern (Communications / Knowledge Management and Reporting)

Intern (Information Systems & Communication Technology)

Intern (Administration)