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Labour Market Officer

Chief of Service (Statistics)

Senior Technical Adviser (Measles and Rubella Control)

Intern (Environment Affairs)

Reviser (Russian, 2 Positions)

Publishing Officer (Design)

Intern (Advancing Decent Work in Key Sectors and Supply Chains)

Intern (Sectoral Policies for Forestry, Agriculture, Construction and Tourism Workers)

Intern (Sectoral Policies for Public and Private Services Workers)

Intern (Sectoral Policies for Transport and Maritime )workers

Intern (Information Systems & Communication Technology)

Intern (Translation, French, 2 Positions)

Intern (Human Resources Development)

Technical Officer (Data Analysis)

Team Lead (Facilitated Product Introduction)

Technical Officer (Health & Technical Logistics)

Senior Adviser (Primary Health Care)

Programme Management Officer

Programme Management Officer

Technical Officer (Essential Programme on Immunization)-

Unit Head (Addressing Needs of Vulnerable Populations)

Intern (Protocol)

Technical Officer (Staff Health & Wellbeing Project Mgmt.)

Team Lead (Architecture & Infrastructure)

Language Assistant (French)-

Chief of Section (Economic Affairs, Digital Economy Capacity Building Section)

Chief of Section (Economic Affairs)

Intern (Translation, Chinese - 4 Positions)

Claims Clerk

Senior Administrative Secretary

Senior Labour Market Institutions Specialist

Head (Infrastructure Services)

Specialist (Skills and Lifelong Learning)

Intern (Staff Counsellor's Office)

Intern (Administration)

Intern (Public Information - Social Media)

Intern (Public Information Outreach)

Intern (Public Information - Media)

Assistant Examiner

Assistant Examiner

Intern (Human Rights)

Intern (Human Rights - Special Procedures Branch)

Intern (Human Rights, UPRB)

Assistant Examiner (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

Intern (Human Rights)

Intern (Human Rights)