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Regional Accounting Supervisor

Project Coordinator (Consultant)

Budget & Programming Associate

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Fishery and Aquaculture Statistics Specialist

Programme Associate

Nutrition Information System Consultant

Unops Asistente De Protección Lica

Senior Information Management Assistant

Logistics Assistant

Supply and Logistics Assistant

Financial Reporting Analyst

Spécialiste Du Renforcement Des Capacités

Intern (Programme Management)

Communications Assistant (Multimedia)

Communications Associate

Senior Public Information Assistant

Programme Assistant (Accountability Affected Population)

Jr. Inventory and Asset Assistant

Monitoring and Evaluation Analyst

Nuclear Safety Officer

Programme Associate (Monitoring & Evaluation)

Monitoring Assistant

Logistics Associate (Quality Control)

IT Operations Assistant

Programme Policy Officer (Transfers Management)

Framework Agreement with Technical Specialist

Covid-19 Communications and Advocacy Consultant

Consultant (Multi Level Governance)

Consultant (Support The Development and Application of Gender Responsive Analytical Tools)

Research Assistant (IBFCR Project)

Consultant (Review and Update The Training Curriculum for The Police Service)

National Consultant (Capacity Development of Civil Society Organizations Operating in The Field of Women, Peace and Security)

Human Rights Advocacy Associate

Programme Associate (2 Positions)


Experts and Senior Expert Consultants (UNDP Global Fund - Health Implementation Support)

National Consultant (Junior Business Analyst)

National Consultant (Business Analyst)

Programme Manager

International Consultant (Capital Market Investment and Bond Appetites for Cambodia)

International Consultant (Strategic Private Sector Partnership)

Consultant o(Support The Development and Application of Gender Responsive Analytical Tools)

Consultant (Review and Update The Training Curriculum for The Police Service)

Programme and Administrative Assistant

Intern (Implementation Research Knowledge Management, Health Section)

Consultant (Part-time Communications Mentor)

Supply Chain Management Specialist (Logistics/Assets)

Individual Contractor (Gender Mainstreaming Programme)

Team Lead (Programme Management)

Consultant (Humanitarian Learning, Humanitarian Evidence & Learning Section)

Associate Programme Officer

Human Resources Associate (Learning, Career Development & Talent Mobility Branch, Division for Human Resources)

Human Resources Analyst (Client Services & Outreach Branch, Division for Human Resources)

Human Resources Associate (Client Services, Client Service and Outreach Branch, Division for Human Resources)

Human Resources Associate (Client Services, Client Service and Outreach Branch, Division for Human Resources)

Planning Specialist (Grants & Recipient Support, End Violence Against Children)


Consultant (Documentation/Archiving)

Spécialiste De Programme

Intern (Global Protection Cluster)

Enterprise Adviser (National Officer)

Programme Specialist (Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights)

Junior Professional Officer (Programme Policy Officer - Cash Based Transfers)

HR Associate (Client Services, Directorate, Division for Human Resources)

Monitor (Condorcanqui, Amazonas)

Human Resources Analyst (Client Services & Outreach Branch, Division for Human Resources, Bangkok, Thailand, Asia and The Pacific Regional Office)

Human Resources Specialist (Partnerships and Outreach, Client Services & Outreach Branch, Division for Human Resources)

Human Resources Analyst (Client Services & Outreach Branch, Division for Human Resources)

Human Resources Analyst (Data and Statistics, Directorate, Division for Human Resources)

Human Resources Analyst (Client Services & Outreach Branch, Division for Human Resources)

Human Resources Adviser (Talent Acquisition, Client Service & Outreach Branch, Division for Human Resources)

Human Resources Specialist (Learning Design Expert, Career Development & Mobility Branch, Division for Human Resources)

Human Resources Analyst (Client Services & Outreach Branch, Division for Human Resources)

Geographic Indications Specialist

Nutrition and Physical Activity Officer

Administrative Officer

Technical Officer (Policy Briefs)

Technical Officer (Evidence Response)

Emergency Operations & Incident Management Analyst

Emergency Operations & Incident Management Analyst

Emergency Operations & Incident Management Analyst

Cybersecurity Operations and Analytics Engineer

Technical Officer (Eurohealth Studies)

Consultant International Redaction Curriculum Etudes Medicales Et Para-medicales

Technical Associate (PRM)

Programme Assistant (GFA, Nutrition & School Meals)

Technical Officer (Emergency Preparedness)

Business Support Assistant (Finance)

Deputy Executive Secretary (Programme Support)

Deputy Representative Operations

Results-based Management Associate

Administrative Assistant (Gender Responsive Budgeting and Planning)

Programme Assistant (Gender Responsive Budgeting and Planning)

Programme Analyst (Gender Responsive Budgeting and Planning)

Programme Specialist (Gender Responsive Budgeting and Planning)

Economics Advisors

Deputy to The Assistant Secretary-General

Associate Nuclear Engineer

Head of Corporate Partnerships and Business Development

Finance Officer

Programme Associate

Programme Policy Officer (Inter Agency CVWG Coordinator)

Logistics Officer

Internal Auditor

Programme Associate

Programme Policy Officer (Social Safety Nets)

Logistics Officer

IT Solutions Developer (Data Base)

Communications Officer

Logistics Officer (Commodity Accounting)

Assistant to Director

Programme Assistant (Nutrition & School Feeding)

Associate (Finance/Accounting)

Risk and Compliance Officer

Consultant National

Logistics Associate (Capacity Building)

Team Lead (HR Emergency/Event Response)

National Consultant (Conduct Multidimensional Poverty Analysis)

Driver (3 Positions - Multiple Locations)

International Consultant (Draft A Child Rights Chapter and Advocacy Roadmap to Ensure That Children’s Rights Are Included)

Programme Assistant

Programme Associate

Coordonnateur National De Projet Renforcement Des Capacités Pour L'élaboration Du Plan National D'adaptation

Associé(e) Exécutif(ve) Au Représentant Résident

Assistante Au Représentant Résident Adjoint Programme & Opérations

Assistant(e) Administratif(ve) and Financier(ère)

Communications Support for The Japan Ship Innovation Challenge

RCO Programme Support Intern

Independent Mid-term Evaluation of The Project Safe and Fair (Realizing Women Migrant Workers’ Rights and Opportunities in The Asean Region)

National Programme Officer (Women, Peace & Security)

Consultoria SSA (Consultoría Para Documentar Las Buenas Prácticas Y Lecciones Aprendidas En El Marco De Los Resultados Definidos En El Proyecto Creando Nuevas Avenidas De Resiliencia)

Evaluation Des Risques Liés Aux Aléas Hydrométéorologiques Et élaboration D’un Plan De Prévention Des Risques Hydrométéorologiques Au Niveau Des Communautés Cibles

Technical Specialist/Advisor (Integrated National Resource Management)

Partnerships and Resource Mobilization Specialist

Consultant (Independent Mid-term Evaluation of The Project Safe and Fair: Realizing Women Migrant Workers' Rights and Opportunities in The Asean Region)

Partnerships and Resource Mobilization Specialist

Communications Specialist

Coordonnateur Du Secrétariat Du Fonds De Consolidation De La Paix Des Nations Unies

National Consultant (Develop Training Materials and Conduct Training to Officials of The Ministry of National Unity)

Consultant (Content Editor)

Public Conversations Intern

Consultant (Senior Leadership Support, Division of Human Resources)

National Consultant (Human Resources Analyst)

International Consultant (Health - Adolescent Health for Feasibility Study)

Expert En Réduction Des Risques De Catastrophe

Disaster Risk Reduction Expert

Senior Gender Affairs Officer

Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer

Information Technology Assistant (ICT Security Engineer)

National Consultant (WASH - Development of Communication Strategy and Iec/Bcc Materials for Arsenic Contamination Risk Mitigation)

Senior Driver

Information Management Officer

Intern (The Small Island Developing States and Status Issues Section of The Division for Africa, Least Developed Countries and Special Programmes)

Technical Officer (Health Policy)

Special Assistant to The Registrar

Officer-in-charge (Registry)

Head of OTP Office

Senior Trial Attorney

Intern (Information Systems & Communication Technology)

Senior Proofreader/Production Editor (French)

Chief (Russian Verbatim Reporting Section)

Archivist (Record Management)

Associate External Relations Officer

Associate Human Resources Officer

Associate Information Management Officer

Associate Registration and Identity Management Officer

Associate Registration and Identity Management Officer (Biometrics)

Associate Reporting Officer

Technical Officer (Risk Assessment)

Associate Resettlement and Complementary Pathways Officer

Associate Archivist (Record Management)

Associate Archivist (Research)

Associate Legal Officer

Assistant Representative (Programme)

Chief of Multimedia Content Section

Chief of News & Media Section

Communications Officer (Internal Communication)

Deputy Director (Policy & Law)

Deputy Representative (Protection)

Head of Investigation Unit

Head of Office

Head of Unit (Emer Supply)

Information Management Officer

Partnership Officer (Development)

Resettlement and Complementary Pathways Officer

Senior Archivist (Research)

Senior Editor (Arabic)

Senior Editor (French)

Senior Reproductive Health Officer

Senior Archivist (Digital Preservation)

Senior Cluster Coordination Officer (Protection)

Senior Corporate and Shared Value Partnerships Coordinator

Senior Field Security Officer

Senior IT Systems Service Delivery Management Officer (Collaboration and Communication)

Senior Information Management Officer

Senior Learning Development Officer

Senior Partnership Officer (Development)

Senior Programme Officer

Senior Programme CBI Officer

Senior Strategic Planning Officer

Associate Compliance Officer

Travel Administration Officer

English Proof Reader/Editor (Roster Recruitment/Retainer Contract)

Spanish Proof-Reader/Editor (Roster Recruitment/Retainer Contract)

French Proof-Reader/Editor (Roster Recruitment/Retainer Contract)

West Asia Adaptation Policy Brief

Secretary (Commission on Phytosanitary Measures of The International Plant Protection Convention)

Business Support Assistant (Innovation Accelerator)

Database Associate

Programme Assistant

Programme Officer (Global Maritime Crime Programme, Atlantic Ocean)

Geospatial Officer

Security Officer (Multiple Positions)

Associate Education Officer (NSNS)

Security Sergeant (Multiple Positions)

Claims Assistant

Intern (Podcast Production and Multimedia Communications)

Comptroller and Director of Finance


International Consultant (Technical Support to The Unicef Uzbekistan Country Office on Building National Capacity to Revise Classroom Assessment Systems in Line with The Competency-based Approach)

National Individual Consultant (Public Financial Management (Pfm) Specialist to Enable The Piloting of Pre-school Education Services Funding Schemes)

National Individual Consultant (Education Economist to Enable The Piloting of Pre-school Education Services Funding Schemes)

National Individual Consultant (Legal Specialist to Enable The Piloting of Pre-school Education Services Funding Schemes)

Senior Data Management Assistant

Project Officer/Infrastructure (Eu4moldova: Focal Regions Programme)

Peace & Community Cohesion Officer

Spotlight Global Reference Group Advocacy and Monitoring Coordinator

National Consultant (Gender Analysis of Legal Initiatives, Advocacy and Knowledge Building Support to The Parliament Inter-factional Caucus on Equal Opportunities)

Business Support Assistant

Livelihoods Officer (Kgalagadi & Ghanzi Drylands Ecosystems Project)

Programme Policy Officer (Service Contract)

National Consultant (Gender Mainstreaming to The Ministry of Reintegration)

IT Associate (Service Contract)

Recrutement D’un Consultant International En Techniques D'enquête Des Dossiers Relatifs Aux Infractions économiques Et Financières

National Consultant (Gender Mainstreaming)

International Lead Consultant (Training on Women, Peace and Security in The Context of Covid-19)

International Consultant (Gender and Mediation)

Spotlight Global Reference Group Advocacy and Monitoring Coordinator

National Consultant (Gender Analysis of Legal Initiatives, Advocacy and Knowledge Building Support to The Parliament Inter-factional Caucus on Equal Opportunities)

IHP Technical Officer

National Consultant (Gender Mainstreaming)

Program Officer

National Consultant (Gender Mainstreaming to The Ministry of Reintegration of The Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine)


Technical Officer (Global Acceleration Framework)

Analyste Aux Achats Et Logistiques

Coordonnateur De Suivi Et Evaluation (Paludisme)

Coordonnateur De Programme Paludisme

Policy Experimentation Analyst

National Macroeconomic Consultant / Economist

Social Inclusion Officer

Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant (2 Posts)

Data Entry and Management Assistant

National Individual Consultant (Development of 20 High-quality Educative Videos within Basics of Entrepreneurship Online Course for Vocational Education Institutions)

National Consultant (Develop A Handbook on Taxation and Reporting for MSMEs)

Contract Management Officer

Intern (Program Support)

LTA Management Consultant

Coordination and Information Management Officer

Public Health Specialist

Coordination Support Officer

Education Construction Specialist

Covid-19 Response Coordination National UNV

UN Volunteer Specialist (Focal Point for The UN Common Country Analysis)

Regional Advisor (Macroeconomic Policy and Financing for Development)

Information Management Officer


Water Accounting and Auditing Associate

WASH Officer

C4D Officer

Radio Production Assistant

Community Health Management Information System Framework Consultant

Senior Development Coordination Officer (Economist)

Associate Development Coordination Officer (Data Management and Results Monitoring/Reporting)


Administrative Associate

Finance Senior Officer

Finance Senior Associate

Finance Initiative Ecosystems Intern

Consultant National- Surveillance Décès Maternels, Périnatals & Riposte (Sdmpr) @ No-c

NPO (Immunization)

Programme Associate (Cash Based Transfers)

Communications Intern (Social Media)


Communications Intern (Graphic Designer)


Communications and Promotion Officer

Intern (Events Management Support)

Director (NSNI)

Procurement Officer

Logistics Assistant (Commodity Accounting)

Logistics Assistant (Transport)

Senior Resource Mobilization Advisor (Nutrition)

Logistics Business Support Assistant (Airlifting Operations)

National Project Officer (Social Protection)

Asistente De Comunicación Y Gestión De La Información

Technical Officer (Labour Inspection And OSH)

Senior Strategic Planning, Monitoring And Evaluation & Evidence Generation Consultant

National Consultant (Situation Analysis Of Children And Adolescents)

Programme Policy Officer (Nutrition Sensitive)

Project Coordinator Consultant (Covid-19 Laboratory Equipment, Supply and Reagent Procurement Project , Unicef Supply Division)

Information Management Associate

Senior Archives Assistant

Intern (Public Information)

Spotlight Afghanistan Technical Lead Coordinator

Senior Animal Health Officer (EUFMD Executive Secretary)

Gender and Water Specialist

Programme Specialist (International Cash Based Interventions)

International Sustainable Forest Management Specialist

National Specialist (Monitoring and Evaluation)

National Project Personnel (Forestry & Natural Resource Management)

Desert Locust Response Associate

Desert Locust Response Associate

National Project Personnel (Assistant for TEFSO, Royal Forest Department)

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Specialist

Project Coordination Specialist (Access to Justice)

Policy Exploration Expert

Project Manager (Leadership, Effectiveness, Adaptability and Professionalism in Myanmar’s Civil Service - Leap Project)

Project Associate/Researcher

Intern (Economic Affairs - 2 Positions)

Project Management Associate (Thailand Policy Lab)

Project Associate/Researcher

Communication and Engagement Officer (Thailand Policy Lab)

Head (Thailand Policy Lab)

Hydrotechnical Engineer

Writer for The Illustrated Annual Report

Partnerships and Resource Mobilization Specialist

Coopération Entre L'école (Les Pouvoirs Publics, Les Ong Et Communautés œuvrant à La Justice)

Operations Analyst

Analyste Programme

Project Coordination Specialist (Access to Justice)

National Professional Officer (Hiv and Hepatitis)

Spotlight Afghanistan Technical Lead Coordinator

Program Coordinator (Spotlight Initiative Evawg)

Asistente De Programa

Operations Analyst

Consultant (Request for Written Proposal, GPE Learning Discontinuity Project Manager)

Partnerships and Resource Mobilization Specialist

Technical Specialist (VAWG Prevention)

Consultant (Produce Situation Study on Education and Culture to Advance SDGs)

Field Coordination/Monitoring Officer (2 Positions)

Evidence Analyst

Administrative Associate

Partnerships and Resource Mobilization Specialist (2 Positions)

Technical Specialist (VAWG Prevention)

Partnerships and Resource Mobilization Specialist (2 Positions)

Administrative Associate

Program Coordinator (Spotlight Initiative EVAWG)

Monitoring And Evaluation (M&E) Officer

Writer (The Illustrated Annual Report)

Community Engagement Specialist (Lombok)

Humanitarian Affairs Associate

ICT Assistant

Community Engagement Specialist

NCD Prevention and Communication Specialist

Research Manager (Smile Project)

Programme Manager (Smile Project)

Communications and Innovation Consultant

Officier De L’information Publique

Associate Electoral Reporting and Communications Officer

Consultant (Nutrition Documentation, Data and Analytics)

International Consultant (Establishment and Roll-out of U-report in The Eastern Caribbean)

International Consultant (Final Evaluation of The Joint Project Empowering Youth for A Peaceful, Prosperous and Sustainable Future in Kosovo)

Communications Assistant

Communications and Outreach Expert (Parliament)

Public Information Officer

Environment and Natural Resources Management Specialist

Disability Officer

Intern (Public Information)

Consultant (Tableau Dashboard Developer)

Communications Senior Officer (Digital and Content)

Programme Management Office Associate (Finance)

Administration Associate (Protocol)

Monitoring and Evaluation Senior Analyst

HR Associate (Emergencies)

Communications, Partnerships and Reporting Associate

Scientist (Toxicologist - IARC Monographs)

Senior Resource Mobilization Advisor (Social Protection)

Consultant (Digital Transformation Coordinator)

HSS Team Lead (Health Policy, Planning, Coord, Governance)

Associé(e) Aux Finances

Assistant(e) Aux Operations (Finances)

Asistente De Programas (Monitoreo & Evaluación)

Regional Evaluation Officer (Multiple Locations)

Digital Media Officer (Education Cannot Wait)

Section Head

Vaccination Technical Officer (Covid-19)

Programme Assistant (Food Value Chains)

NPO (TB Public Private Partnerships)

Finance Assistant

Logistician (Supplies)

Procurement Officer

Consultant (Digital Communications and Advocacy Coordinator)

National Consultant (Support Central Expanded Programme on Immunization (Cepi) in The Geospatial Data Management for Continued Roll-out in All townships of Mandalay, Nay Pyi Taw and Ayeyarwaddy Region)

Administrateur(trice) Temporaire Chargé(e) Des Opérations

Unit Head (Radiation Safety Technical Services Unit)

Agro-industry Officer (Agribusiness and Value Chains)

HR Business Associate

Consultant (Writer for Health Annual Results Report and ARR Brochures - Health Section)

Senior Resource Mobilization Advisor

Programme Assistant (Caped Programme)

Associé (e) Aux Programmes

Assistant Environment Officer

Donor Relations Associate

National Professional Officer (Procurement)

Logistics Associate (Construction)

Senior Partnerships and Liaison Assistant

Consultant (Landscape Analysis for Prevention of Childhood Obesity)

Clinic Laboratory Technician

Clinic Ambulance Driver

Republication/Expert National Activités Génératrices De Revenus (Energie)

Program Specialist (Women Peace and Security)

Republication/Expert National Activités Génératrices De Revenus (Energie)

Officier En Suivi Et Evaluation

Program Specialist (Women Peace and Security)

Team Leader (Advocacy And Communications)

ICT Assistant

Finance Associate

National Construction/Civil Engineer

Intern (Population Affairs)

Chief of Section (Technology and Innovation)

Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer (Alternatives to Imprisonment / Detention)

Adviser (Anti-money Laundering and Counter-financing of Terrorism)

Administrateur National De Projet Pour La Coordination Administrative Et Financière

Consultant (Development of A Gender Responsive Private Sector Scoping Study to Explore Investment Opportunities to Enhance Ndc Implementation in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines)

Statistician (Data Analysis)

Clinic Ambulance Driver

Clinic Laboratory Technician

NCD Coordinator

NCD Programme Officer

NCD Coordinator

Ncd Prevention and Communication Specialist

Finance & Administration Specialist

Medical Supply Chain Specialist

NCD Coordinator

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

Information Technology Specialist

NCD Coordinator

Spécialiste Aux Achats

Health Officer

Project Control Associate

Senior Field Associate

International Food Security/Cluster Coordination and IPC Specialist

National Coconut-based Farming Systems Specialist/Team Leader

Research Assistant (2 Positions)

Food Supply Chain Specialist

National Coconut-based Integrated Pest Management Specialist

Senior Information Technology Officer (IT Services, Platforms and Operations)

Chief of Section (Gender Affairs)

Language Assistant

Programme Associate

Programme Associate

Project Manager (Fiji Police Force Project)

Dispensary Nurse

Economic Officer

Administrative Assistant

National Project Coordinator

Analyste Programme VIH

Spécialiste En Gestion Des Produits De Santé

Assistant Aux Finances Prog FM

Analyste Programme Tuberculose

Private Sector Partnership Specialist

Education in Emergency Specialist (Cluster Coordinator)

Coordinateur Cluster WASH Provincial

Especialista En Análisis De Información

Especialista En Logística

Quality Assurance Officer (Global Assurance Hub)

Especialista En Operaciones

Team Lead (Global Assurance Hub)

Asistente Técnico Y Operativo


Specialist (Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Digital Public Goods)

Global Programme Advisor

Support Services Senior Officer

Forensic Anthropologist (Iraq Program)

Associate Programme Management Officer (Part-time)

Intern (Economic Affairs)

Responsável de Relações Externas

Programme Area Manager (Emergency Operations)

National Professional Officer (HIV and Hepatitis)

Unit Chief (Risk Factors and Nutrition)


Drivers (2 Positions)

Associate Video Producer

Associate Programme Officer (Global Maritime Crime Programme)

Senior National Project Coordinator

Technical Officer (Integrated Health Service Delivery)

National/International Consultant (Conduct Business Impact Analysis (Bia) on Children, Adolescents and Young People in Ukraine)

Health Specialist (Environmental Health)

Research & Evaluation Specialist

International Consultant (Support The Adjustment /Adapting The Contextualized Adolescent toolkit for Expression and Innovation (Akie) and Wb Critical Thinking Module As Additional Youth Skills-building Module at Innovation Labs Established)

Programme Analyst

Pesticide Management Experts

Innovation Campus Bonn Focal Point


Programme Analyst (Sahel Team)

Senior Social Protection Officer

UA Programme Analyst

Consultoria Asistencia Técnica Para La Mejora Y Registro Del Archivo De La Oficina Pais

Programme Specialist (Commodity Security Branch, Technical Division)

Consultant (Portfolio Mid-term Review of Joint SDG Fund)

Programme Analyst

Intern (Public Information)

Associate Management and Programme Analyst

Regional Adviser (Antimicrobial Resistance Control)

Procurement Assistant

Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR) Officer

Senior Programme Associate (EPR)

Technical Officer (Surveillance)

Global Occupational Safety Specialist (Engineer)

Programme Advisor (Monitoring, Evidence and Knowledge Management)

Programme/Monitoring Assistant

Chief (Facility and Asset Management Section)

Intern (Economic Affairs)

Administrateur(rice) National(e) De Projet

Intern (Political Affairs)

Director (Procurement Office)

Senior Medical Adviser

Human Resources Officer

Branch Chief (Gender, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion)

Lead Regional Technical Specialist (Rural Finance, Markets and Value Chains)

Global Technical Specialist (Rural Infrastructure and Renewable Energy)

Global Senior Technical Specialist (ICT4D in Agriculture)

Phytosanitary Technical Specialist

Director (Division for Sustainable Development Goals)

Interpreter (Arabic)

Senior Information Management Assistant

Project Assistant (Field Monitor)

Programme Management Officer (Human Settlements)

National Climate Change Specialist

National Sustainable Forest Management Specialist

International Climate Change Specialist

National Agro-processing Specialist

Functional Business Analyst

Climate-Smart Agriculture Specialist

Human Resources Officer

Special Assistant (Political Affairs)

Technical Officer (EU-AMR Project)

Director (External Relations)

Chauffeurs (SSA/10 Positions)

Finance and Budget Assistant (Multiple Posts)

Finance and Budget Assistant (Multiple)

Advisor (Communication And Information And Deputy Secretary To The IPDC)

Chief Technical Advisor

Intern (Legal Affairs)

Operations Specialist (Quality Assurance)

Chef/fe De L'unité Française De Traduction Des Documents Officiels

Strategic Partnerships Specialist (Private Foundations And Philanthropy, Strategic Partnerships Branch, Division Of Communications & Strategic Partnerships)

Consultant (Operational and Hands-on Support)

Deputy Regional Director (West and Central Africa Region)

Programme Officer (Geographic Diversity)

Project Manager (GCP Migration)

Chargé.e D'appui Au Projet

Project Management Support Officer

Programme Management Advisor Security Research Analyst

Programme Management Officer

Radiation Protection Specialist

Programme Officer (Illicit Financial Flows, Anti Money-laundering and Counter-financing of Terrorism)

Chief of Service (Civil Affairs)

Junior E-learning Officer

Displacement Tracking Matrix Regional Officer

Senior National Project Coordinator

National Communication Officer

National Programme Officer

National Project Coordinator

Security Captain

Ingénieur En Chef / Coordinateur Des Projets

Team Leader (Safeguards Asset Management Team)

Data Management Officer

Human Resources Intern

Asistente Financiero Y Administrativo


Intern (Administration - Spanish Language Programme)

Intern (Administration - French Language Programme)

Intern (Public Information)

Information Systems Officer (SAP Technical Development and Integration)

Communications Consultant (Scale-up Enablement)

Associate Information Systems Officer (SAP SCM Processes)

Jefe/a, Unidad De Comunicaciones Estratégicas

Chief (Strategic Communications)

Chef/fe (Communications Stratégiques)

Specialist (Economic Policy Employment and Labour Market Institutions)

Especialista En Política Económica (Empleo E Instituciones Del Mercado De Trabajo)

Publications Planning Officer

Funcionario/a De Planificación De Publicaciones

Responsable De La Planification Des Publications

Especialista En Desarrollo De Competencias Y Digitalización

Specialist (Skills Development and Digitalization)

Programme Assistant

Technical Officer

Chef/fe Des Services D'appui Aux Utilisateurs

Jefe/a De La Unidad De Apoyo A Los Usuarios

Senior Informal Economy Specialist

Programme Assistant

Spécialiste Principal(e) De L'économie Informelle

Especialista Principal En Economía Informal

Head (Official Documents French Translation Unit)

Jefe/a, Unidad Francesa De Traducción De Documentos Oficiales

Chef/fe De L'unité Française De Traduction Des Documents Officiels

Programme Assistant

Regional Coordinator (Human Resources)

Consultant (Training in Line with The Standard Operating Procedures for The Protection of Victims of Trafficking in Persons)

Head of User Support Services

Field Security Radio Operator (Multiple Positions)

Consultant (Civil Society TB Expert)

Section Head (Nuclear Power Engineering)(P5)

Consultant (Tuberculosis Affected Community Representative)

Nuclear Safety Officer

Grant Writer Consultant Roster

Intern (Translation - French)

Programme Management Specialist (Project Analyst)

Associate Programme Management Officer (Human Settlements - Project Post)

Program Officer (IDMS)

Program Manager (Research & Development)

GPN Express One Roster (Digital Transformation)

Associate Programme Management Officer (Human Settlements - Project Post)

Public Information Officer (Hindi)

Intern (Public Information - Social Media)

Coordinador Nacional De Proyecto

Project Financial Management Consultant

Executive Secretary (Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation Secretariat)

Documents Management Assistant (Planning)

Senior Finance Officer (Treasury)

Intern (Political Affairs)

Intern (Public Information)

Oficial Nacional De Programación Y Adaptación De Proyectos A Situación Covid-19

Oficial Nacional De Seguimiento Y Gestión De Programa

Administrative and Human Resources Assistant

Coordinateur(trice) National(e) De Projet

Director (Secretariat of The United Nations Forum on Forests)

Administrative Assistant (Culture)

Intern (Human Rights - Africa Branch)

Consultant (Procurement and Supply Chain Management Heath Technologies and Pharmaceuticals)

Labour Migration and Mobility Specialist

Program Assistant (DWCP/Child Labour)

Directeur De La Branche Développement De La Sécurité Sociale

Director (Social Security Development Branch)

Director Del Servicio De Desarrollo De La Seguridad Social

Project Technical Officer

Project Intern (Office of Information and Communication Technology)

Intern (Public Information - Graphic Design)

Interpreter (Russian)

Administrative Assistant


Junior Project Officer (WSIS Stocktaking)

Junior Project Officer (Social Media)

Junior Project Officer (Digital Outreach and Online Networking)

Junior Project Officer (WSIS Prizes)

Junior Project Officer (Web)

Junior Project Officer (Videographer and Editor)

Junior Project Officer (Special Tracks: Hackathon and Social Events)

Junior Project Officer (Logistics)

Junior Project Officer (High-level Track)

Junior Project Officer (Grassroots Outreach)

Junior Project Officer (Exhibition)

Coordinateur/ice National/e De Projet

Project/Program Technical Officer

Intern (Legal Affairs)

Climate Change Programme Consultant

Chief (Innovative Finance & Capital Markets Section - Private Sector Development & Finance Division)

Intern (Legal Affairs)

Intern (Communications)

Intern (Finance)

Principal Regional Advisor (Economic Affairs - Regional Integration and Trade)

Intern (Public Information)

Public Information Officer

Pasantía Xenofobia Cero

Expert(e) National(e) En Emploi Et Formation Professionnelle

Expert(e) National(e) En Développement D'entreprise

National Resource Management Officer

National Project Officer (Climate Change)

Assistant(e) Principal(e) Aux Programmes

Chargé/e De Projet (Investissements D'infrastructure Orientés Pour L'emploi Et Le Développement)

Intern (Statistics)

Intern (Public Information)

Intern (Legal Affairs - 2 Positions)

Oficial Nacional De Proyecto (Salud Mental Y Psicosocial)

Talent Pool - Information Technology

Talent Pool (Program Management)

Intern (Administration)

Resource Management Intern

Intern (Audit)

National Project Officer

Intern (Public Information)

Intern (Public Information - Media Relations)

Intern (Environment Affairs)

Business Support Roster (Applications)

Intern (Public Information)

Intern (Political Affairs)

Technical Specialist (Animal Health)

Talent Pool (Law / Intellectual Property Law)

Consultoría Para La Recopilación De Medidas Socioeconómicas De Los Gobiernos Que Incluyen A Personas Refugiadas Y Migrantes

Legal Talent Pool (Roster)

Legal Record & Information Specialists


Intern (UN Resident Coordinator)


Assistant Project Officer (ICT in Teacher Education)

Economic Analyst Specialists

Data Analysis/Processing Consultant (Data & Analytics Section)

Profile Statistics & Data Analysis Officer

RAP Internship Programme

RLC Internship Programme

REU Internship Programme

RAP Regular Volunteer Programme

RNE Regular Volunteer Programme

RLC Regular Volunteer Programme

REU Regular Volunteer Programme

RAF Regular Volunteer Programme

HQ Internship Programme

RNE Internship Programme

Regular Volunteer Programme

Fellows Programme


HRM (Talent Management Consultants Roster)

Intern (Public Information and Communication)

Administrative Assistant

Operational Assistant

Intern (Public Information)

Intern (Administration)

Intern (Legal Affairs)

Consultant (Regional Mapping of Migration Policies)


National Project Officer

Intern (Economic Affairs - Poverty and Unemployment Reduction)

Consultant (Safe Migration and Public Action to Stop Exploitation & Human Trafficking)

Intern (English - Video Section)

Consultant (The Euro Vaccine Preventable Disease and Immunization Programme)

Intern (Communications - 2 Positions)

Intern (Social Sciences )

Intern (Public Information)

Intern (Public Information)

Development Officer

Consultant (Instructional Designer)

Intern (Public Information )

Intern (Information Systems & Communication Technology)

Intern (Information Systems and Communication Technology)

Intern (Visual Production)

Intern (Economic Affairs Temporary)

Talent Pool (Law / Intellectual Property Law)

Talent Pool (Translation - Asian Languages)

Talent Pool (Senior Female Professionals - All Profiles)

Database of Experts (Eurcap Facility)

Intern (Economic Affairs)

Intern (Multimedia Partnerships)

Intern (Public Information Communications and Public Mobilization)

Intern (Economic Affairs - Multiple Positions)

Intern (Political Affairs)

Intern (Communication & Public Information)

Intern (Public Information)

Skills Gap Assessment Consultant

Intern (Finance)

Intern (Human Rights)

Intern (Human Rights - Development and Economic, Social Issues)

Consultant (Nutrition Cluster Partners in Community Management of Acute Malnutrition)

Consultant (Nutrition Cluster Partners in Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies)

Intern (Communications and Results Reporting - Multiple Positions)

Intern (Civil Engineering/Architecture)

Intern (Statistics and Data Science)

Intern (Public Information)

Migration Technical Specialist

Technical Specialist (Migration Crisis)

Intern (Data and Information Management Research)

Para La Elaboración De Curso Especializado En El Abordaje De La Migración Desde Diversas áreas De La Comunicación

Consultoría En Diseño Gráfico

Finance / Administrative Assistant

Consultant (Sit-rep on Migration Management Alternatives)

Technical Assistance (Covid-19 Related Activities)

Intern (Legal Affairs)

Intern (Programme Management - Regional)

National Consultant (Communication Support Specialist)

Intern (Political Affairs)

Intern (Public Information)

Intern (Economic Affairs)

Intern (Development Coordination - Multiple Positions)

Intern (Human Rights - Regional)

Intern (Public Information - Media and Public Positioning)

Intern (Human Rights)

Consultant (Nutrition Cluster Partners in Micronutrient Supplementation in Emergencies)

Consultant (Nutrition Cluster Partners in Integrated Nutrition)

Database of Experts (Eurcap Facility)

English Editor (Retainer Contract)

Profile Protection Officer

Consultant (Design and Website Development)

National Project Officer

Policy Consultant

Consultant (Border Management)

Consultant (Protection & Labor Migration)

Technical Adviser (RCM Border Management Working Groups)

Technical Adviser (RCM Protection & Labor Migration Working Groups)

Consultorìa (Investigador En Pràcticas De Reclutamiento)

Team Leader

Digital Content Intern

Gender and Border Management Expert / Experts

Consultant (Multi-hazard Assessment and Risk Mapping)

Procurement/Logistics Assistant

National Head of Resource Management

Coordinador/a De Proyecto