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Associate Registration Officer

Intern (Mine Action - Supporting the Unmas Afghanistan Programme)

Information Systems Assistant (3 Posts)

Field Language Assistant

Food Systems Specialists

Senior Administrative Assistant

Supervisor (French Word Processing - Conference Division)

Head (Subregional Office for the Pacific)

Jr. ICT Infrastructure Technician

Interpreter (Russian)

Chief of Payroll

IARC Central Administration Talent Pool

Consultant (Core Capacity Assessment, Monitoring, Evaluation & International Health Regulations)

Administrative Assistant (Housing)

Deputy Chief Medical Officer

Procurement Assistants/ Associates (Unicef Supply Division)

Consultant (Development of Methodology and Training Package for Vulnerability Assessment Tool for Health Risk Management)

Senior Evaluation Specialist (Evaluation Office)

Senior Advisor (IP and Gender)

Regional Adviser (Gender & Development)

Head (Field Procurement and Logistics Office, Lebanon Field Office)

Information and Communications Technology Officer

National Legal Expert

Senior HR Officer (Staffing and Recruitment)

Intern (Programme)

Technology for Development Experts (Multiple Locations)

Intern (Drug Control & Crime Prevention)

The Senior External Relations and Projects Officer

Senior Interpreter (French, 2 Positions)

Consultant (Circular and Pollution-free Electronics Value Chain)

Intern (Human Rights, Europe and Central-asia Region)

Intern (Security Analysis and Operations)

Programme Specialist / Head of Unit (Culture)

Operation Management Officer

Field, Research and Studies Coordinators


Administrative Assistant (Maritime Safety Division)

Senior Administrative Assistant (Legal Affairs and External Relations Division)

Senior Advisor (Policy and Mineral Resource Governance)

Intern (Administration)

Programme Management Officer (Climate Change Regional Coordinator)

Programme Management Officer (Science-policy Interface)

Intern (Economic Affairs)

Intern (Economic Affairs)

Senior Reviser (French, Chief of Unit)

Intern (Public Information, Office of the President of the General Assembly)

Intern (Legal Affairs, IIIM Collections and Analysis)

Intern (Public Information - Media)

Intern (Public Information - Social Media)

Intern (Public Information - Outreach)

Intern (Social Sciences)

Intern (Public Administration)

Intern (Environment Affairs)

Reviser (German)

Field, Research and Studies Coordinators

Business Support Roster

Programme Management Officer (Scientific Affairs)

Intern (Public Information)

HR Associate

Translator (Russian)

Human Resources Officer (Staff and Career Development)

Intern (Statistics Division - Civil Registration and Vital Statistic)

Intern (Statistics Division – Data Analysis)

Intern (Statistics)

Programme Management Officer (Environmental Data and Information System Expert)

Programme Management Coordinator (Digital Transformation, Disaster & Conflict)

Technical Expert (Renewable Energy)

Intern (Economic Affairs)

Intern (Economic Affairs)

HQ Internship Programme

Intern (Gender Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion)

HR Assistant

Intern (Economic Affairs)

Fao Regional, Sub-regional, Country, Liaison Offices and Headquarters Fellows

HQ Regular Volunteer Programme

RLC Regular Volunteer Programme

REU Internship Programme

RAP Internship Programme

RAF Regular Volunteer Programme

RNE Internship Programme

REU Regular Volunteer Programme

RNE Regular Volunteer Programme

RAP Regular Volunteer Programme

RLC Internship Programme

General Service Roster

Intern (Public Information)

Intern (Environment Affairs)

Intern (Human Rights)

Administration Senior Associate

Intern (Environment Affairs, Environment and Development Policy)

Intern (Economic Affairs)

Intern (Statistics)

Intern (Economic Affairs)

Intern Economic Affairs (Trade Policy and Facilitation Section)

Fishing Technology and Operations Specialists

Intern (Political Affairs)

Intern (Economic Affairs)

Technical Experts (Forestry and Biodiversity Module)

Intern (Archives and Records)

Intern (Political Affairs)

Food Safety and Quality Specialist


Nacional Joven (Experimentador)

International Consultant (National Adaptation Planning)

Intern (Economic Affairs)

Intern (Environment Affairs - Environment and Development Policy)

Intern (Legal Affairs)

Intern (Administration)

Intern (Economic Affairs)

Talent Pool (Translation - Asian Languages)

Talent Pool (Program Management)

Talent Pool (Law / Intellectual Property Law)

Talent Pool (Senior Female Professionals)

Civil Society Empowerment Specialist

Intern (Library/Information Management)

Associate Project Officer (Case Management)

Intern (Economic Affairs - Multiple Positions)

Intern (Public Information)

Intern (Knowledge Management)

Intern (Web/Information Management)

Intern (Communications)

Expert(e) Education Complète à La Sexualité

Intern (Environment Affairs)

Intern (Division of Conference Management - Office of the Director)

Intern (Environment Affairs)

Intern (Recruitment)

Intern (Information Systems & Communication Technology)

Intern (Administration)

Intern (Economic Affairs)

Intern (Economic Affairs)

Human Resources Talent Pool (Roster)

Intern (Finance)

Intern (Economic Affairs)

Intern (Human Resources)

Stagiaire Aux Operations

Intern (Economic Affairs)

Intern (Science and Technology)

Intern (Information Management - Research Assistant)

Intern (Public Information)

Roster of Individual Contractors/Consultants (Research on Education and Development)

Intern (Social Sciences)

Biolac Webinars on Biotechnology 2021

Intern (Legal Affairs)

Intern (Economic Affairs)

Intern (Legal Affairs, Office of The Prosecutor )

Intern (Governance Affairs)

Intern (Economic Affairs)

Interpreter Assistant

Intern (Public Information - UNTV and Radio)

Intern (Political Affairs)

Intern (Programme Management)

Intern (Public Information - Outreach)

Intern (National or International)


Intern (Economic Affairs - Poverty and Employment Creation)

Intern (Research and Evaluation)

Intern (Technology & Innovation)

Intern (Research and Evaluation)

Spanish Speaking Investigators

Intern (Economic Affairs)

Intern (Public Information)

Intern (Environment Affairs)

Intern (Information Management - Emergency Response, Data/Business Analysis and Visualization)

Intern (Information Management - Emergency Response, Technical Communications, Design, and Coordination)

Intern (Economic Affairs)

Intern (Economic Affairs, Transport Connectivity and Logistics Section)

Labour Migration Advisor

Assistant(e) Administratif(ve) Projet (Régions Transfrontalières)

Intern (Economic Affairs)

Programme Assistant (Environment and Social Safeguards)

Consultoría Para La Elaboración De Una Evaluación De Campaña De Comunicación Para El Desarrollo Pensalo 2 Veces Y Línea Base De Nuevas Comunidades

Senior Information Management Assistant

Pasantía Xenofobia Cero

National Resource Management Officer

National Project Officer (Climate Change)

Consultoría Para La Recopilación De Medidas Socioeconómicas De Los Gobiernos Que Incluyen A Personas Refugiadas Y Migrantes

National Project Officer

Database of Experts (Eurcap Facility)

Skills Gap Assessment Consultant

Migration Technical Specialist

Technical Specialist (Migration Crisis)

Para La Elaboración De Curso Especializado En El Abordaje De La Migración Desde Diversas áreas De La Comunicación

Finance / Administrative Assistant

Database of Experts (Eurcap Facility)

Consultant (Design and Website Development)

National Project Officer

Procurement/Logistics Assistant

National Head of Resource Management

Coordinador/a De Proyecto

Security Guard

Senior Adviser, Nairobi, Kenya