Security Plan

Security Plan and Similar Jobs

32 Jobs

Sector Senior Specialist (Digital Citizen Security and Justice)

Chief of Party (Development Food Security Activities)

Senior Policy Officer (Food Security and Nutrition)

Project Manager (Food Security)

Operations & Security Manager (USAID/Iraq Performance Management and Evaluation Services)

Planning and Coordination Specialist (Division for Management Services)

National Consultant (The Development of A Standard Training Manual for Gender Focal Points of Security Sector Institutions)

International Consultant (Reporting & Planning Specialist)

Project Management Support Specialist (Planning)

Senior Agricultural Officer (Plant Production and Protection)

Communication Officer (News Editor and Planning Editor)

Food Security and Agriculture Cluster Sub-national Cluster Coordinator

Senior Manager (Business Planning and Development)

Manager (Urban Planning & Disaster Resilience)

Planning and Coordination Specialist

National Programme Coordinator (Aviation Security)

International and National Consultant (National Human Rights Strategy and Action Plan)

Consultant (Review and Finalize National Disaster Response Coordination and Relief Clearance Plans)

Senior Planning and Co-ordination Officer

Team Leader/Chief of Party (Food Security / Integrated Water Resources Management)

Malaria Demand Planning Analyst

Staff Officer (Civil Preparedness, Policy and Planning)

Staff Officer (Civil Preparedness, Policy and Planning)

Evaluation Planning Specialist (Rural Finance Initiative Evaluation, USAID/Colombia Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning)

Family Planning Advisor (Knowledge Success, Research Utilization)

Media Consultant (USAID/Bureau for Food Security, Communications & Outreach Support for Resilience and Food Security Project)

Head of The Galileo First Generation System Security Service

Admm Officer (Security Cooperation Division)

ARF Officer (Security Cooperation Division - 2 Positions)

Regional Security Manager

Country Security Officer

Security Guard