International Human Rights

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Consultant (Video Production – Humanitarian Risk Management 101)

Local Consultant (Formulate Un Women Mozambique Humanitarian Response Strategy)

International Consultant (Proposal Development on Women´s Resilience to Disasters)

MEAL Advisor (Humanitarian Programmes)

International Consultant (Legislation in Public Service Delivery)

Senior Human Resources Business Associate (2 Positions)

Senior Advisor (Human Resources Management)

Human Resources Assistant

International Consultant (Propose Improvement of Scientific-research and Innovation Activities in Trade)

Regional Human Resources Specialist

Circular Economy Expert (International Consultant)

Évaluation D’impact (Projet Signal Humanité & Inclusion –Atlas Logistique)

International Consultant (Training Media on Gender-Sensitive Reporting)

International Consultant (Training Module Development)

National Human Rights Officer

Policy Advisor Land Rights

Intern (Human Rights - Country Office)

Consultant (Team Leader, Evaluation of Unicef’s Response to The L3 Humanitarian Crisis, Evaluation Office)

Batch Consultant (Senior Evaluator, Evaluation of Unicef’s Response to The L3 Humanitarian Crisis, Evaluation Office)

Human Resources Officer (Learning and Development)

Intern (Humanitarian Policy and Practice Team)

Consultant International Pour L’évaluation Formative Du Programme

Intern (Human Resources)

Assistant(e) Aux Opérations (Service Aérien Humanitaire Des Nations Unies)

Human Resources Officer (Data Science)

Human Resources Specialist (Learning and Development)

Humanitarian Affairs Officer

International Consultant (Protected Area Trust Fund Establishment)

Director (Technology and Human Rights)

Avis D’appel D’offres Ouvert International (Acquisition De Véhicules Automobiles 4x4)

International Expert (Support The Cec in The Conceptualization of An Electoral Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Solution)

International Tvet Expert (Senior Project Officer)

Independent Expert (The Effects of Foreign Debt on The Full Enjoyment of All Human Rights)

Associate Director (Humanitarian Policy)

Humanitarian Advisor/Senior Humanitarian Advisor

Regional Human Resources Manager

International Consultant (Cross-cutting Subjects)

Intern (Environment and Humanitarian Response)

Responsable De Programmes Humanitaires

Senior International Recruiter

Consultant (Endline Of Ungumi Project: Improving The Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights For Adolescent Girls and Boys)

Center for Human Rights Fellowship

Land Tenure and Property Rights Staff Associate

International Consultant (Support Equity Based Immunization Strategy and Support for Covid19 Vaccine Introduction)

Deputy Head of Division (Human Aspects of Nuclear Safety)

Human Rights Officer (Gender Adviser)

Human Rights Officer

Intern (Human Rights - Universal Periodic Review)

International Consultant (Training Programme Developer & Trainer, Home Based with Travels)

International Consultant (PCB Elimination)

International Consultant (National Chemicals Register)

Intern (Human Rights - Light-up Engine Project)

Intern (Human Rights - Development, Civic Space, Economic and Social Issues)

Intern (Human Rights, Treaty-bodies)

Intern (Human Rights, Universal Periodic Review)

Human Resources Coordinator

Intern (Human Rights)

Intern (Human Rights - Special Procedures)

Intern (Human Rights, Rule of Law, Equality and Non-discrimination)

Intern (Human Rights)

Humanitarian Assistance Officer

Programme Manager (Labour Mobility and Human Development)

Intern (National or International)

Intern (Human Rights)

Intern (Human Rights - National Institutions and Regional Mechanisms)

Intern (Human Rights Emergency Response)

Intern (Human Rights - Europe and Central-Asia)

Intern (Human Rights - Treaty-body Capacity-building)

Human Rights Officer

Head of Labour Mobility and Human Development

Human Rights Officer

Human Rights Officer

Associate Human Rights Officer

Human Rights Officer/Investigations Team Leader

Human Rights Officer

Human Rights Officer (Gender Advisor)

Senior Human Rights Officer

Human Rights Officer / Gender Adviser

Human Rights Officer / Analyst

Intern (Human Rights)

Human Rights Officer (Regional)

Human Rights Officer (4 Posts)

Intern (Social Sciences - Population, International Migration, Youth)

Intern (Human Rights - Regional)

Intern (Human Rights - Regional)

Intern (Human Rights - Development and Economic, Social Issues)

Intern (Human Resources Management)

Intern (Human Resources)

Intern (Human Rights - Africa Branch)

Manager (International Real Estate Development And Management)

International Consultant (Develop A Climate Public Expenditure and Institutional Review)

Intern (Human Rights - Africa Branch)

Health Manager / Health Consultant (National or International)

Intern (Human Rights)

Intern (Human Rights - Development and Economic, Social Issues)

Intern (Human Rights - Regional)

Intern (Human Rights)

International Recruiter (Project Staffing)