Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant and Similar Jobs

146 Jobs

Un·e Assistant·e Renforcement Des SystÈmes De SantÉ En Stage

Executive and Administrative Associate

Logistics Assistant

Site Maintenance Assistant

Air Operations Assistant (Aviation Fire Marshal Assistant)

Assistant.e Support (Gestion Administrative, Financiere Et Logistique)

Human Resources / Administrative Assistant

Special Assistant (Political Affairs)

HR Assistant (Multiple Positions)

Information Management Assistant

Administrative and Finance Assistant

Stage-assistant(e) Gestion Relation Donateurs

Operations Assistant (Movements)

Field Assistant (Community Facilitation Team)

HR Assistant

Assistant Audit Interne

Education Assistants

Administrative Assistant

Statistical Assistant

Business Support Assistant (nutrition Curricula Development)

IT Solutions Assistant

Administrative Manager

National Consultant (Project Assistant)

Administrative Manager

Administrative Coordinator

Programme Assistant (Education)

Human Resources Assistant

Assistants(e) à La Sécurité

Protection Assistant (DGME)

Project Assistant (Communications)

Assistant Project Officer

Consultant (Support The Ministry of Finance and Social Welfare of Montenegro in Finalizing The Report on The Implementation of The Law on Administrative Taxes and Law on Local Communal Fees)

Administrative Assistant

Programme Assistant (School Meals)

Senior Administrative Assistant

Senior Programme Assistant (Educate A Child)

Project Administrative Consultant

Sr. Protection Assistant (Case Management)

Protection Assistant

Protection Assistant (French Speaker)

Protection Assistant (Case Management)

Protection Assistant (Focus On Alternatives To Detention)

Protection Field Assistant

Public Information Assistant (Information Monitoring)

Un·e Assistant.e Formation

Compliance and Risk Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Database Assistant (PSP - Individual Contractor)

Local Integration Assistant

Protection Assistant

Protection Assistant (5 Positions)

Senior Communication with Communities Assistant

Senior Registration Assistant (5 Positions)

Gestion Administrative, Financiere Et Logistique

Assistant Nutrition and Food Security Officer

Senior Medical Admin Assistant/Nurse

Registration Assistant (20 Positions)

Communication and Youth Engagement Assistant

Research Assistant (Conduct Brazil Country Office Portfolio Evaluation)

Budget & Programming Assistant

Pipeline Management Assistant Consultant

Programme Management Assistant (Project Post)

Assistant(e) Aux Opérations (Service Aérien Humanitaire Des Nations Unies)

Consultant (Technical Product Assistant, Digital Strategy Section)

Senior Field Security Assistant

Cash Assistant

Administration Assistant (Accommodation Manager)

Security Assistant

Project Assistant (Enhancer)

Project Assistant (Observe-CV)

Administrative Coordinator

Assistant·e Comptabilité Terrain

Un·e Assistant·e Finances Régionales En Stage

Senior Statistics Assistant

Quality Assurance Assistant (QA Engineer)

Intern (Information Management - Research Assistant)

Operations Assistant

Field Assistant

Senior Operations Assistant

Senior Executive Assistant

Senior Budget and Management Services Assistant

Un·e Assistant·e Nutrition & Sante En Stage

Administrative Operations Analyst

Logistic & Administrative Base Manager

Senior Executive Assistant

Staff Assistant

Finance Assistant

Senior Risk Management Assistant

Administrative Manager

Administrative Coordinator

Programme Management Assistant

Administrative Services Coordinator (Planning and Budget)

Department Assistant

Senior Project Assistant (M&E and IM)

Administrative Clerk

Administrative Manager

Administrative Clerk

Assistant.e Support Desk Urgence

Senior IT Assistant

Team Assistant

Land Degradation Technical Assistant

Associate Administrative Officer (Project Post)

Intern (Program Assistant Asia & Nigeria Desk)

Program Assistant

Team Assistant

Team Assistant

Operations Assistant

Programme Support Assistant

Team Assistant

Technical Assistant (GHG Inventory - Energy Sector for Argentina)

Technical Assistant (Emissions Drivers Sensitivity Analysis - Energy Sector for Argentinau2019s Transparency Framework)

Committee Secretary and Assistant

Senior Information Management and Research Assistant

Project Assistant (Social Reintegration)

Executive Assistant

Senior Administrative Officer (Service Delivery Manager, Staff Travel, Claims, Education Grant)

Administrative Manager

Assistant·e à La Direction Des Opérations

Administrative Coordinator

Assistant.e Analyse De Donnees Et Departement Logistique

Interpreter Assistant

Admin & HR Assistant

Assistant·e à La Direction Des Opérations

Audit Finance Assistant

Administrative Coordinator

Procurement and Logistics Assistant

Assistant.e DO/DOAP

Assistant.e Programme Desk Urgence

Programme Management Assistant

Program Assistant

Assistant·e à La Direction Des Opérations

Assistant Coordinateur Général

Senior Administrative Assistant

Un·e Assistant·e à La Direction Des Opérations

Team Assistant

GG Information Technology Assistant (IT Assistant)

Junior Assistant (Agriculture for Argentina 2019s Transparency Framework on GHG Inventories and Mitigation Project)

Executive Assistant

Assistant(e) Administratif(ve) Projet (Régions Transfrontalières)

Country Director and Assistant Country Director Opportunities (French Speaker)

Programme Assistant (Environment and Social Safeguards)

Senior Information Management Assistant

Assistant Project Officer (ICT in Teacher Education)

Administrative Assistant

Finance / Administrative Assistant

Procurement/Logistics Assistant