Jobs at Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

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Technical Specialist (Training Material Development)

National Security Assistant

Marine Fisheries and Conservation Specialist

International Farmer Field School Expert

Farmer Field School Training Specialist (Climate Resilient Agriculture)

National Consultant (Food Security Summit)

Reporting and Resource Mobilisation Specialist

National Project Personnel (Logistics - Inventory Management)

Logistics Assistant (Heavy Cargo Movement)

RNE Regular Volunteer Programme

Facilities Management Officer (Technical Installations/Energy Management)

National Professional Officer (Administration)

Consultant (Veterinary Formulary)

Veterinary Para-Professional Capacity Skills Training Programme Coordinator

Corporate Environmental Specialist

Employee Engagement Specialist

National Gender Mainstreaming Consultant

National Social Protection Consultant

Agro-Processing Specialist

Rotterdam Convention Specialist

Junior Provincial Fisheries Support Specialist (Marine and Coastal - 4 Positions)

Coordinator (Virtual Learning Centre for Asia and The Pacific)

Insurance and Risk Management Expert

National Project Personnel (Monitoring & Evaluation)

Agricultural Policy Advisor

International Entrepreneurship and Economic Recovery Specialist

National Project Personnel (Project Coordination)

Agribusiness & Market Analyst

Driver / Mechanic

Agricultural Engineer

National Senior Policy Specialist

Project Field Assistants

National Project Personnel (District Field Technical Facilitators - 8 Positions)

NRM Consultant

National Project Personnel (Knowledge Management and Monitoring)

Project Officer (HLPE)

Data Protection and Intellectual Property Specialists

National Specialist (Food and Nutrition Literacy)

Programme Officer (Strategic Planning and Resource Mobilization)

Water Governance Specialist

Hydrogeology and Modelling Consultant

Digital Media and Photography Assistant

Economist (Policy Analyst)

Early Warning Capacity Building Specialists

National Project Consultant

Senior Animal Identification, Registration and Traceability System Expert (RFID Specialist)

National Lead Expert (Water Issues)

Specialist (Strategic Regional Support)

One Health Specialist

Technical Specialist (Antimicrobial Resistance)

International GEF Expert

International FFS Monitoring Expert

Communication International Consultant

Executive Coach

LDN Specialist

HQ Regular Volunteer Programme

RAF Regular Volunteer Programme

FAO Regional, Sub-regional, Country, Liaison Offices and Headquarters Fellows

RAP Regular Volunteer Programme

RLC Regular Volunteer Programme

REU Regular Volunteer Programme


RNE Internship Programme

RAP Internship Programme

RLC Internship Programme

REU Internship Programme

National Technical Consultant

National Professional Officer (South-South and Triangular Cooperation)

Agricultural Census Support Specialist

Agricultural Census Support Specialist

National Agro-Economist