American Bar Association (ABA)

Videographer Consultant (Produce Training Videos on Open Source Intelligence Gathering Methods and Corruption Risk Assessments)

American Bar Association (ABA)

Job Description

Videographer Consultancy to produce training videos on Open Source Intelligence gathering methods and Corruption Risk Assessments Program:

Regional Anti-corruption Adviser (RACA) Work type:

Consultant services Consultancy purpose:

Write, direct and produce two videos based on two training/workshop companion guides: One 1) Open Source Intelligence gathering for anti-corruption agencies, and 2) conducting corruption risk assessments for small and medium enterprises.

Primary methodology:

Online meeting participation and email Start and end dates:

June through July 2021 The American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) has worked with partners in more than 100 countries for 30 years to strengthen legal institutions, to support legal professionals, to foster respect for Human Rights, and to advance public understanding of the law and of citizen rights. ABA ROLI collaborates with in-country partners including judges, lawyers, bar associations, law schools, court administrators, legislatures, ministries of justice, and human rights and Civil Society Organizations to Design programs that are responsive to local needs and that prioritize sustainable solutions to pressing rule of law challenges.

Since 2002 the RACA program funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs has worked to combat corruption and promote transparency and integrity through various activities including supporting government officials in the Asia Pacific region to implement anti-corruption best practices and strategies for combatting transnational crimes; building the capacity of governments and NGOs to promote anti-corruption efforts; and helping to broaden key stakeholders’ understanding of regional and international anti-corruption conventions, including the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC).

ABA ROLI seeks a videographer with experience in training-type video production to develop 1) one 10-minute video (working title “Open Source Intelligence Techniques for Anti-Corruption Agencies”) based upon a training companion guide; and 2) one 10-minute video (working title “Corruption Risk Assessments – Key Techniques for Small and Medium Enterprises”) based on a training companion guide.

Project description

ABA ROLI intends to engage a videographer with expertise in writing, directing and producing training or educational videos to work with the RACA team and technical consultants to produce two videos featuring, respectively, an Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Guide and a Guide to conducting Corruption Risk Assessments.

The assignment will be offered for up to 20 billable days with a possibility for extension. The assignment will be home-based. ** 1) Overview of work to be performed by the Contractor:

The videographer will collaborate with the Open Source Intelligence consultant, the Corruption Risk Assessment consultant, and the RACA team to direct and produce two ten-minute videos for two guides according to the following general parameters: Guide Topic Viewing Audience Purpose Open Source Intelligence (20 pages) Institutions/practitioners with limited resources to execute anticorruption activities such as investigation Demonstrate innovative approaches to conducting investigations – new policies and processes with open source data. Reference the guide.

Corruption Risk Assessment Guide (10 pages) Small/medium sized businesses with limited resources Top vulnerabilities SMEs face and how the guide can be effectively used. Reference the guide.

2) Tasks:

  1. Participate in initial meeting with RACA team to confirm scope of work and parameters of the videos
  2. Develop storyboard, production schedule, script and directions (narration, characters, relevant images, etc)
  3. Produce rough cut of video for comments by the RACA team
  4. Produce final cut of videos incorporating comments, formatted for viewing on and sharing to multiple mobile devices and for hard copy archive
Contractor will be provided with the guides, examples of desired products, and US Department of State requirements for marking and branding.

3) Deliverable(s):

The Contractor is responsible for submitting the following deliverable components for review and acceptance by the RACA team for each of the two videos:
  1. Storyboard, production schedule, script and directions (narration, characters, relevant images, accessibility features, etc.)
  2. Rough cut
  3. Final cut
  4. Instructions for distribution, according to RACA distribution plan
4) Handling of Data, Information and Documents: · All data, information and documents obtained under this assignment is the property of the ABA ROLI and be treated as strictly confidential.

· No such information shall be used and cited by the company for any other purpose other than for the preparation of the video/photos for the workshop.

· All soft and hard copies of the data, information and documents must be returned to ABA ROLI upon completion of this assignment.

· Every person whose image appears in the video must provide a signed release form to Contractor.

Qualifications · Minimum 2 years experience producing training videos · Demonstrated ability to produce high-quality items on tight deadline How to Apply: Qualified candidates should submit their cover letter and CV to Lori Yamamoto at including their daily rate. Applications will be reviewed on the basis of experience relevant to the assignment, professional qualifications and competence, approach and methodology, and price. Due to the high volume of applications, you will only be contacted if you are shortlisted.

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