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Training on Social Cohesion and Life Skills for Youth

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Job Description

1- Presentation of training on Social Cohesion and Life Skills for Youth

1-1- Why this training?

As a complement to activities providing services in Mental Health, the SALAM project also aims at strengthening core human values to reinforce resilience of Libyan individuals, communities, and Civil Society Organizations and to foster local conflict dialogue and mediation.

Civil Society Staff will participate to this training to be able to implement activities focusing on the development of a culture of peace and collaboration amongst youth. This training should enable youth to reflect on the values, attitudes and communication skills that create peace, equality, dignity, belonging and wellbeing for all and to think of ways to develop and transfer these values in their daily lives. This activity also aims to promote diversity as value, non-discrimination as principle, and inclusion as good practice among youth. The candidate should develop this topic within the training in his proposal.

1-2- Training objective and content

The general objective of the training is to provide trainees the capacity to implement activities allowing youth (between 16 and 26 years): · to gain insight on their current values · to develop awareness on the importance of social cohesion and life skills focusing on positive living values such as cooperation, respect, tolerance, responsibility, peace, love, honesty, humility, etc. ** · To plan implementation of activities according these skills and values in their community (awareness campaigns using radio spots or face to face awareness sessions , social events, etc).** · to practice social skills : active listening, communication, empathy, etc.** 1-3- Location, dates and duration

The training will be conducted online Dates: April 2021-June 2021 (exact dates will be agreed with the consultant after selection).

Duration: · one week · followed by 2 months supervision of trainees (2 session a month 5 persons * 3 CSOs) 1-4- Target Population ** The target population of the training is 25 staff from civil society organization.

Once they are trained, the trainees with have to be able to: implement activities such a described in point 2.2. to youth from both gender between 16 and 26 years old.

1-5- Methodology

The ToT should include: · Youth active and interactive pedagogy · Use of role plays · Cultural adaptation 2- Presentation of the mission

2-1- General objective of the trainer’s mission

The trainer will ensure:
  • Preparation of training material and handouts (5days)
  • Delivery of training (in Arabic) in Tunisia (5 days)
  • Provision of 18 hours of supervision (in Arabic) over 3 months: one monthly 2 hours supervision each month for 5 people in each 3 cities (Tripoli, Benghazi, Misrata) (total of 3 days)
  • Final report (1 day)
3-2- Deliverables

  1. Final training material (PPT) and handouts
  2. Handbook and toolbox to implement the activities
  3. Attendance sheet for the training and for the supervision
  4. Pre and posttest for the training and for the supervision
  5. Satisfaction assessments for the training and for the supervision
  6. Final report with feedback on training, supervision and recommendations
All training materials (PPT, manuals and handouts) should be in Arabic with a summary of content in English.

Reports, and results on pre and posttest and satisfaction assessments in English 3-3- Budget

The budget available for the consultancy is 5504 USD. This amount is to cover the consultancy fees (preparation, delivery of training and supervision, reporting), Propositions exceeding 10% of the proposed budget will not be considered.

3- Requested profile


o Minimum Diploma: Master in education or Social Work with at least 5 years of experience providing education or Psychosocial activities o Experience in the humanitarian field, preferably in the MENA region o Knowledge of peace development and Conflict Resolution activities o Experience in delivering trainings o Arabic and English language skills mandatory Desired:

o Ability to work in collaboration with public and associative actors o Familiarity with the North Africa context
Applications must include:

About the consultant:

o A curriculum vitae (training, experience in the areas mentioned above, lists of key publications) o References o A cover letter · A technical proposal: o Training content o Training agenda o Proposed methodology · A financial proposal, including, a minimal, details of consultancy fees.

Please send all required documents before the deadline of 18th of February 2021 to the following email address: callfortender@libya.hi.org with email heading “Social Cohesion and Life Skills for Youth”
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