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Technical Advisor (Consultant)

American Bar Association (ABA)

Job Description

Transnational Anti-Money Laundering Assistance Program (TAMLA) – Disrupting Money Laundering through Gambling in Southeast Asia; Case-Based Training on Intel-Led Money Laundering Investigations Across the Balkans and South East Asia; Regional Anti-corruption Program in Asia.

DUTY STATION: Laos EXPECTED DURATION: Until September 2022, subject to funding BACKGROUND

For 30 years and through our work in more than 100 countries, the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) and our partners have sought to strengthen legal institutions, to support legal professionals, to foster respect for the rule of law, and to advance public understanding of the law. In collaboration with our in-country partners—including government ministries, judges, lawyers, bar associations, law schools, court administrators, legislatures, and Civil Society Organizations—we Design programs that are responsive to local needs and that prioritize sustainable solutions to pressing rule of law challenges. Since 2020, ABA ROLI has been implementing a program on “Disrupting Money Laundering Through Gambling in Southeast Asia” with anticipated activities in Laos as well as other countries.


ABA ROLI is seeking a Technical Advisor to provide technical assistance and program support for various anti-money laundering and anti-corruption program. Program support may include liaising with program partners and stakeholders, reviewing program outputs, seeking stakeholder input and feedback on program outputs, and other tasks as required to achieve the programs’ objectives in Laos PDR.


Transnational Anti-Money Laundering Assistance Program (TAMLA) – Disrupting Money Laundering through Gambling in Southeast Asia;** · Conduct Desk Research and consult with experts and stakeholders on money laundering issues in the gambling sector in Laos PDR; · Review program outputs and provide technical input; · Consult program outputs with key AML stakeholders in Laos PDR; · Liaise with key AML stakeholders in Laos PDR and facilitate the invitation and travel of stakeholders to regional workshops to be held Thailand or other location in South East Asia; · Serve as the representative of ABA ROLI at external events and conduct outreach to strengthen working relationships with key partners and stakeholders in Laos PDR; · Perform other related tasks as required.

Case-Based Training on Intel-Led Money Investigations Across the Balkans and South East Asia · Convene meetings and consultations with key AML stakeholders in Laos PDR to organize trainings for Financial Investigations Units to strengthen their capacity to conduct network-centered Analysis of information and build a case related to money laundering, respectively, both with and without the availability of financial records;’ · Facilitate, co-lead training events, adapt training content to local context and priorities, provide follow-on support, arrange mentoring; · Perform other related duties as required.

Regional Anti-corruption Program in Asia: · Using ABA ROLI knowledge products, facilitate support for Lao Government authorities on pro-integrity and good governance training, including law enforcement governance and separate outreach for students and youth; · Facilitate and co-lead events, adapted to the local context and priorities, particularly Covid 19 pandemic controls; · Facilitate the engagement of other facilitators if necessary; · Perform other related duties as required.


The advisor should meet the following minimum requirements: · Minimum of eight (8)-years of experience working on international development assistance programs focused on anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, good governance, justice sector reform, training, mentoring and Capacity Building; · Demonstrated experience of working with AML and anti-corruption stakeholders in Laos PDR; · Demonstrated knowledge of anti-money laundering and anti-corruption in Laos PDR; · Experience with program implementation and/or monitoring and evaluation of program activities; · Good command of English.

Preferred qualifications: · Experience working on international donor-funded programs, preferably U.S. government funded programs; · Experience with Business Development and proposal drafting for grant opportunities; · Lao language proficiency.


Please send a CV (no more than 2 pages) and cover letter (one page) describing your relevant experience to Mike Daines at by June 15.

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