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Job Description

**This contract/temporary role is based in the US.


75 years ago, a small group of Americans sent the world’s first CARE package on a ship across the Atlantic Ocean. They refused to stand on the sidelines while millions of Europeans faced starvation. Much has changed since World War II but CARE’s commitment to helping people has not.

Today CARE is a leader in Global Development. Care staff strengthens health in Honduras. Advance gender equity in Ethiopia. Reduce poverty in Pakistan. Mitigate Climate Change in Cote d’Ivoire. With an annual budget of $650 million and a global team of nearly 7,000 CARE works in nearly 100 countries around the world to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice.

The Opportunity

This is a temporary opportunity. We know that CARE’s success depends on more than proven programs and creative ideas. It also requires great people. That’s why we’ve been adding people for 30 years. But to grow and thrive, CARE staff require sunshine and water. We’re looking for you to provide it.

Your Charge

We seek a creative detective to join our talent acquisition team. Someone who can find needles in haystacks. Develop creative ways to assess candidates. Negotiate complex offers. And make both candidates and internal clients happy.

Create game for each position. Each recruitment is like a mini casting call, requiring a clear understanding of the role and the reasons a talented candidate would want to play the part. Thus, before launching a search for candidates, we need you at to clarify the three P’s: the position, people involved, and process.

Find people. Many candidates find us through our website and ads. When it comes to the best candidates, however, we often find them. That’s why we want a recruiter with sourcing savvy: the knowledge of where the best candidates work and the ability to find them. You will identify candidates through industry listservs, Boolean search strings, other NGOs, Linked In, Facebook, industry trade associations, international conferences and training, and places we haven’t even thought of.

Emphasize opportunity. Great people come to CARE because of what we do and because of what they can do. That’s why we’re looking for a recruiter who can SELL the opportunity. A manager who can breathe new life into a division. An Analyst who can measure what matters. A leader who can revive a dispirited team.

Assess people. Knowing whether a candidate can do a job well is the hardest nut to crack in recruiting. CARE, this means hiring people who can thrive in a team, do their jobs well, and do them with great gusto. To find these people, we want a recruiter who has creative ideas on how to assess candidates through case study assignments, presentations, questionnaires, and other creative job-relevant auditions.

Guide managers and interviewers. Good recruiters balance collaboration with results. We look to you to root out bias in interviews, advise hiring managers on the market for candidates, and to reinforce the role of hiring managers in decision-making.

Get a yes. A golden rule in recruiting is to never make an offer that won’t be accepted. That’s why great recruiters check-in with candidates every step of the way—during the initial phone interview, after an interview with a hiring manager, and often in between. Knowing candidates’ doubts and what qualities and responsibilities they really want can help a recruiter negotiate a “yes.” Your background

Recruiting credentials. We’re looking for a recruiter who knows things we don’t – someone with 5+ years’ experience finding and hiring people for global NGOs or corporations. Preferred experience recruiting senior managers and directors for technology roles. 4-year college degree required; master’s degree preferred.

Sourcing savvy. You are able to find and reach out to passive candidates with personalized messages that build relationships and prompt talented people to apply. You can use online recruiting tools to identify great prospects. You are proficient in Boolean.

Organizational skills. You are able to lead searches through methodical steps and adhere to timelines. You have the ability to multitask – to manage multiple searches for positions that are at different stages.

Computer skills – You are comfortable with Microsoft Office and know how to use applicant tracking systems to track candidates and analyze recruiting.

Collaborative spirit. We want someone who actively listens and communicates. Who can connect easily with her team and gain their trust and respect. Who can roll up their sleeves and help others out in a pinch.

Problem-solving skills. A natural detective, you can easily spot recruiting problems and guide managers towards solutions.

Flexibility. Sometimes you will have 3 months to recruit someone for a position; sometimes you will have only a week. You are comfortable in a fast-paced environment with fluid deadlines.

Analysis skills. You are able to ability to compare candidates and offer guidance to hiring managers on candidate strengths and weaknesses. You can identify recruitment problems and propose solutions.

Team player. You play well with others enjoy seeing the impact of our work as a team.

Customer service skills. Like the acronym “HR,” our team is both human and resourceful. Your can-do spirit shifts the HR paradigm from “you can’t do that” to “yes we can.” Lives our values. You can thrive in our culture – you can demonstrate inclusion, integrity, innovation, quick footedness, collaboration, and accountability.

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