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Support Specialist (Activities Facilitation of the Climate Promise Initiative Project)

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Job Description

  Interest candidate has to access procurement notice Ref.: IC/UNDP/CPP/099/2021 - Support Specialist for Activities Facilitation of the Climate Promise Initiative Project (National Consultant) at the following link: https://procurement-notices.undp.org/view_notice.cfm?notice_id=79168 

We encourage you to submit your application through this website and send the complete application to bids.id@undp.org (only application with complete supporting document received in bids.id@undp.org before or at the closing date will be proceed).

Climate Change presents the single biggest threat to sustainable development and is already causing widespread, unprecedented impacts that disproportionately burden the poorest, marginalized and most vulnerable. To mitigate the impacts and reduce future risks, countries unanimously agreed in the Paris Agreement to work toward global goals that would limit global average temperature rise, with one decision being to put forward climate action plans known as “Nationally Determined Contributions”, or NDCs. The NDCs describe each country’s self-determined strategy for curbing GHG emissions, typically in five- or ten-year periods (i.e., currently until 2025 or 2030). All countries are expected to submit increasingly ambitious NDCs every five years, often described as a “ratchet mechanism”.

The NDC outlines the country’s transition to a low carbon and climate resilience future which describes the enhanced actions and the necessary enabling environment during the 2015-2019 period that will lay the foundation for more ambitious goals beyond 2020. Indonesia as one of the participating countries of this framework, and as per the timeline is moving towards the implementation of its proposed activities to fulfil five key Climate Promise tasks: 1. to build political will & societal ownership at national/sub-national levels; 2. To review, align & update/enhance current NDC targets, policies & measures; 3. To incorporate additional sectors &/or GHGs; 4. To assess costs & investment opportunities; and, 5. To monitor progress & strengthen transparency.

UNDP’s Climate Promise on NDC enhancement is proposed in this context to support around 100 countries both financially and technically to undertake an inclusive and transparent engagement process for enhancing their NDCs by 2020, with demonstrated increase in ambition. It will be delivered in collaboration with FAO, IRENA, UNEP, UNICEF, UN-HABITAT and World Bank, with support from the European Union and the governments of Sweden, Germany, Spain, Italy, and others. For that reason, UNDP requires the service of an experienced consultant to support the project to conduct administrative and financial works for the implementation and achievement of Climate Promise on NDC enhancement activities. This position is located primarily in project Management Unit under overall guidance from the Senior Advisor for Natural Resources Governance or the Project Coordinator to support the project on a day-to-day basis to cover Administration functions such as procurement, HR, finance, general office and general project administration. (Note: Security is a key function can be covered under this position and should be factored as an essential project management/operational cost. However, security personnel are normally outsourced.) Under the overall guidance of the Senior Advisor for Natural Resources Governance or project coordinator, the Project Clerk for Administrative and Finance provides project support services ensuring high quality of work, ensures accurate, timely and properly recorded/documented service delivery.

Duties and Responsibilities

Scope of Work

Under the guidance of the Project Coordinator and or the Senior Advisor for Natural Resources Governance, the work scope and milestones achieved of the consultant will cover the following activities: 1. Support to manage daily administration stuffs, correspondence, event scheduling and event’s preparation; 2. Arrange and manage all agendas preparatory of the initiative related to climate promise activities; 3. Support in arranging initiative office facilities and in its daily operational; 4. Support the initiative on setting up meeting facilities and material preparations; 5. Support the initiative activities and updates information on activities progress, and report regularly on the status of results, also summarizing climate corner discussion; 6. Support the initiative in communicating, updating and collecting information about Climate Promise agenda; and Expected Outputs and Deliverables

In line with the above scope of works, the expected outputs of this activities, are as follows: Deliverable 1:

Report of summary meeting on mitigation action in the ocean sector meeting 7 30 June 2021 Deliverable 2:

Report on administrative activities conducted by the project covering month July 2021 20 29 July 2021 Deliverable 3:

Report of summary meeting on Minister Regulation on NDC Implementation meeting 19 27 Aug 2021 Deliverable 4:

Report of list activities and the expenses for online and offline meeting in September 2021 17 21 Sept 2021 Deliverable 5:

Report of list consultant hired and summary of the deliverable of each consultant 16 13 Oct 2021 Deliverable 6:

Report on final financial and administrative activities conducted by the project covering month Oct 2021 12 30 Oct 2021 Competencies

Other Competencies :

  • Familiar with development related initiatives and efforts;
  • Ability to work with different cultural/national backgrounds, good interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Proficient in English is preferable;
  • Knowledge on the Government of Indonesia system and procedures is an advantage;
  • Authorities in his/her areas of responsibilities.

Required Skills and Experience

Academic Qualifications:

Bachelor Degree in Business Administrative or other relevant Social Science Working Experience:

  • At least 3 years of practical experiences in project management (administrative, finance, and hiring consultant);
  • Experience in Event Management, including but not limited to; prepare the venue, presentation material and ensuring the punctuality of the event;
  •  Possess working professional experience with government institutions in climate change or other environmental issues;
  • Experience in working with NGO or other international organization would be desirable.;
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