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United Nations Volunteers (UNV)

Job Description


Mission and objectives

Morobe Development Foundation Inc. is a leading Community based Group base in Lae Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea who has the vision to help young people reach their full potential by utilizing their hidden talents in Community Development initiatives so they can realize their potentail and become a role model in the community.

MDF was established to address a broader and more diverse range of objectives and work through the use of dance, music and drama, MDF’s primary aim is to ensure that women participate equally in decision making in any project undertaken, including projects related to Ending Violence against Women, and promoting Human Rights with a aim to support the Government and UN their Development Goals.

MDF in collaboration with the United Nations Volunteering Program (UNVP) has also undertaken various scientific research studies related to the environment - forest cover loss, land use land cover change, the influence of various parameters on surface waters, and coastal shoreline turtle habitat loss. These projects included the participation of various experts and researchers from diverse fields across various countries across the globe - ranging from marine biology, Biodiversity conservation, PNG community management, remote sensing, and land use policy among various others.

MDF is managed by a Management Committee, which is made up of the Chairman, the Deputy Chairman, Secretary, the Treasurer, the Project Coordinator, Community Development Officer, and a male and female member of the foundation, and ensures that women participate equally in decision making.

We at MDF assert that we have the required skill sets, knowledge, established international network, and the necessary foundational work to undertake projects successfully.


Morobe Development Foundation Inc. is a not-for-profit organization based in Papua New Guinea and was established to promote sustainable community development initiatives and thereby address several exigent issues – ranging from environmental conservation to women's rights – that are hindering the quality of life of PNG communities. To that end, we are currently looking for 10 Online Volunteers with experience in Fundraising and crowdfunding campaigns who can help us promote a project with one of our partners.

The Online Volunteer is expected to dedicate approximately 10 hours per week to this assignment

Task description

Morobe Development Foundation Inc. is looking into collaborating with a partner NGO based in California, USA on projects related environmental conservation and grassroots level projects focused on nature-based solutions and environmental education. In that regard, MDF is seeking the support of 10 Online Volunteers who have expertise fundraising, crowdfunding and promoting community-level projects. These volunteers will help promote grassroots environment and conservation projects .

The selected Online Volunteers is expected to work with a team and subject experts carrying out the following tasks: 1. Promoting the fundraiser project online, such as through social media networks.

2. Make suggestions to the team lead in order to improve fundraising efforts.

3. The volunteers should be available during the week of January 20th-29th.

Upon completion of the assignment, the Online Volunteers will also be awarded with certificate of appreciation.

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