Job Description

Starting Date : As Soon As Possible Location : Colombia based in Bogota Duration of Mission : 8 months Première Urgence Internationale (PUI) is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political and non-religious international aid organization. Our teams are committed to supporting civilians’ victims of marginalization and exclusion, or hit by natural disasters, wars and economic collapses, by answering their fundamental needs. Our aim is to provide Emergency relief to uprooted people in order to help them recover their dignity and regain self-sufficiency.

The association leads in average 190 projects by year in the following sectors of intervention: food security, health, nutrition, construction and rehabilitation of infrastructures, water, sanitation, hygiene and economic recovery. PUI is providing assistance to around 5 million people in 20 countries – in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe and France.

General Context

The PUI Colombia Mission has been officially in operation since January 2019, in a consortium with Solidarités International, with a focus on meeting urgent needs of Venezuelan migrants and refugees, as well as vulnerable Colombians. This is planned to be achieve through a multi-sectoral, integrated program focusing on health, shelter, protection, food security, and water, sanitation and hygiene, within programs located in North Santander, Santander and Arauca.

Since 2013, Venezuela is enduring a socio-economic crisis triggered by the fall of oil prices, contested economic measures, and ambitious social policies that fueled insecurity and a decline in the previously richest economy in Latin America. The political and humanitarian crisis worsened in 2018, with UNHCR[1] estimating that thousands of Venezuelans were leaving their country each day to reach and remain in various destinations in Colombia. According the 2020 Refugee and Migrant Response Plan (RMRP), Colombia remains the country most impacted and largest host of arrivals from Venezuela, with an estimated 1,630,903 Venezuelans in the country as of December 2019 (52% male and 48% female, with only 641,825 having legal status), and the return of approximately 500,000 Colombians. This influx has put considerable strain on the Colombian system, meaning that those arriving now are facing harsher conditions than those of the past, as well as those arriving being generally poorer than those who were able to travel earlier.

The 2019 Colombian Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO) stated that there are 1.9 million people in need in Colombia, consisting of 1,467,000 Venezuelan refugees or migrants and 403,000 Colombians. Of this, there is approximately 946,000 males (including 232,000 under 18 and 23,000 over 59 years old) and 925,000 females (including 227,000 under 18 and 24,000 over 59 years old). However, it is important to recognize that the data on Venezuelans is potentially underestimated, because it is believed that thousands are not registered due to crossing into the country informally, and it only reflects disaggregated data for people who have been assessed in need of humanitarian assistance in Colombia.

Beginning in early 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic spread quickly and exponentially throughout the world, and entered Colombia in March 2020. The Colombian government has since taken continually increasing measures to contain the virus, including shutting down the border (including that with Venezuela), installing curfews and travel restrictions, and imposing social distancing rules on gatherings. The general situation and conditions has significant impact on Venezuelan migrants and vulnerable Colombians, drastically increasing vulnerability throughout the country.

As part of our activities in Colombia, we are looking for a Coordinator" id="link" class="link">Support Coordinator in Bogota.


The Support Coordinator actively oversees and supports the Administration, HR and logistics of the PUI mission in Colombia. She/he is accountable for the sound financial, accounting and budgetary management in compliance with donors’ regulations. She/he ensures the supervision of the logistics aspects of the mission as well as the management of human resources, administrative and legal records.


  • Finance/Budget/Accountancy: He/she ensures the implementation of accounting and financial tools for the mission. She/he ensures the close Financial Management of the mission, she/he will be able to manage, follow-up and provide specific information on the financial situation, including budgetary elements, accounting elements and mission cash flow position. She/he actively participates in drafting the budgets on new proposals and the financial reporting of projects. She/he is responsible for the monthly accountancy and annual closure.
  • Human Resources: He/she ensures the implementation of HR tools on the mission (Salary grid, Draft of contracts, HR data base, Internal regulation…). She/he is responsible for the administrative management of the local and international teams, for the definition/updates of procedures and HR management tools in accordance with labor regulations and PUI’s HR policies. She/he monitors risks linked to HR matters with the help PUI’s legal counsellor and by participating in Jordan monthly HR meetings.
  • Administrative/Legal Management: She/he supervises administrative matters in link with Colombian administrations and governmental bodies. She/he ensures the legal status and functioning of the mission are compliant with Colombian’s law.
  • Logistics: She/he ensures compliance with PUI and donors’ logistics procedures. She/he validates the procurement plans for each project and according to PUI”s internal procedures. She/he ensures the sound management of assets and more globally supervises the office functioning.
  • Coordination: She/he participates in the coordination of the mission. She/he supports the Head of Mission and headquarters in decision making by providing all information on the mission financial, administrative, legal, HR and logistics aspects.



  • Financial/accounting management
  • Human resources management
  • Logistics procedures understanding
Professional Experiences:

  • Minimum 1 year experience in a Finance Coordination position for an INGO
  • Experience in human resources management
  • Experience in grants and audit management
  • Experience in dealing with local authorities and various partners
Knowledge and skills:

  • Good knowledge of institutional donor procedures (ECHO, UN agencies, CdC, USAID, etc.)
  • English mandatory
  • Spanish mandatory


  • Employed with a Fixed-Term Contract
  • Monthly Gross Income: from 2 200 up to 2530 Euros depending on the experience in International Solidarity + 50 Euros per semester seniority with PUI
  • Cost covered: Round-trip transportation to and from home / mission, visas, vaccines…
  • Insurance including medical coverage and complementary healthcare, 24/24 assistance and repatriation
  • Housing in collective accommodation
  • Daily living Expenses (« Per diem ») of 600 Euros
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