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Short-term Consultant (Digital Economy)

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Job Description

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Project Overview and Role:

CATALYZE: Market Systems for Growth (MS4G) is a USAID-funded program that supports private enterprise expansion to help drive Ethiopia’s future Economic Growth and prosperity. MS4G intends to foster enterprise-driven growth, especially among private enterprises that have high growth potential and the capacity to catalyze job creation throughout market systems.

Among the major mandates of the MS4G project is to facilitate the development of a private sector-led digital economy that is open, inclusive, and secure. In this connection, MS4G’s implementing partner in Ethiopia, Palladium, is collaborating with a local investment firm to undertake a Digital Economy Assessment that reviews Ethiopia’s existing and emerging ‘Digital Disruptors’ across multiple economic sub-sectors. The study is expected to provide a review of the current digital economy landscape, a stock-taking of recent potential ‘game-changers’ in the digital economy space, and an assessment of the sector’s outlook and opportunities. The outcome of the study is to be a publicly disseminated report that adds value to existing industry players, policymakers, and prospective investors.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

The short-term consultant will be responsible—alongside a locally-based team from the partner investment firm—for the planning and preparation of the report on Ethiopia’s Digital Economy and Digital Disruptors. The assignment is expected to up to two months and includes primary research (Data Collection, survey work, interviews with sector players), existing literature reviews, cross-country analytics, and the conceptual framing of topics and issues for the drafting of the final report. A dedicated focus on highlighting the sector’s investment outlook and opportunities, including in quantified forms where possible, is also envisaged. The expert is also expected to support in the validation and dissemination of the publication effort and provide regular updates as needed.

The consultant is expected to: Conduct primary research work—through direct interviews, data collection, and possible survey work—on various aspects and sub-segments of Ethiopia’s digital economy.

Undertake summaries of Ethiopia-specific developments in key digital segments: fintech, e-commerce, infotainment, sector-tech, and cross-cutting areas.

Distill lessons, opportunities, models, and exemplars seen from cross-country experiences in the above digital segments.

Assess key binding constraints in the Ethiopian context, including issues of policy/regulatory bottlenecks, market structure, finance, or other factors.

Assess growth prospects in light of recent and upcoming policy, regulatory, infrastructure, and other initiatives Undertake quantitative and qualitative Analysis of market size/potential of particular segments, anticipated/potential growth trajectories, and investment opportunities.

Liaise with Palladium and local investment firm staff to plan, organize, prepare and finalize study.

Provide support for validation, dissemination, and publication activities as needed.

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s in Business, Finance, Economics, or related field, or Advanced university degree (Master’s degree or equivalent).
  • At least seven years (for Bachelor) or five years (for Master’s) of combined professional work experience in either one or more of the following: experience analyzing and researching digital finance, digital economy and policy
  • Experience and evidence of successfully implementing similar assessment studies in.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work on a multi-partner team.

The assignment will run from approximately early/mid-February (the expected start date) up to end-March or early April. A six-week period is anticipated, but this may be extended slightly if required to complete all study activities.


The consultant will report to the relevant Directors at the Palladium—Ethiopia Office and at the local investment firm involved in the preparation of this study.

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