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Shelter and Rehabilitation Coordinator

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Job Description

Desired start date: 01/02/2021 Duration of the mission: 12 months Location: Amman


MISSION: SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL (SI) has been working in Syria since 2012. The mission employs nearly 300 national staff, and more than 40 expatriates, and has a 25 million EUR budget forecasted for 2021. There are 3 implementing offices in Syria (2 in North East Syria/NES, 1 in North West Syria/NWS) with the coordination based in Amman - Jordan.

The NES programs provide an integrated assistance in the WASH, NFI, Shelter and Livelihoods sectors to displaced populations and host communities affected by the conflict. NWS programs are remotely managed and provide WASH and NFI/Winterization support to affected populations.

TYPE AND CONTENT OF PROGRAM:** Syria mission is dedicated to provide lifesaving activities to the population affected by the conflict. A turn from lifesaving activities to more post-emergency/development has also been undertaken.

Main current activities are related to:
  • Lifesaving
    • Wash – emergency package in IDPs settlements
    • Distribution of NFIs and MPCA
  • More sustainable activities:
    • Shelter: Individuals’ houses rehabilitations, rehabilitation of schools
    • WASH: institutional rehabilitations and support related to WASH services: Water stations rehabilitations, Capacity Building of the Water Department, rehabilitation of irrigations systems and related infrastructures
    • FSL: agricultural support to farmers/production system and livelihoods activities including MPCA and ERMS (Economic Recovery and Market System)
Additionally, SI has some contingency and capacity to respond to emergencies in all NES.

General objective:

The Shelter and Rehabilitation Coordinator (S&R Coo), as technical Advisor of the mission, contributes to the development of Solidarités International strategy by proposing a sector-based strategy in the field of Shelter and Rehabilitation. He/she specifically guarantees the quality and suitability of proposed technical approaches and ensures the appropriateness of S&R activities and general SI objectives to the needs of the local populations. He/she represent SI in S&R related external coordination fora.

Specific Objectives:

  • Strategic orientation in the field of S&R both in NWS and NES
  • Assess relevance and quality of S&R projects: from Basic Needs provision and distributions (NFI &/or shelter kits) to buildings rehabilitations (private houses/apartments/buildings; public buildings such as schools, municipal or social buildings and other to explore)
  • Coordination, Technical Support and operational monitoring in the field of S&R
  • Capitalization on procedures and tools in the field of S&R
  • Personnel management and capacity building of S&R teams in Syria
  • Reporting / communication / representation
Priorities for the 2/3 first months:

  • Coordinate with different humanitarian actors to identify gaps in S&R needs
  • Coordinate with the Shelter-lead agency for the design of SI S&R and implementation strategy
  • Provide technical advice to field S&R teams and support activities implementation
Responsibilities and main activities:

Strategic orientation

  • Propose and develop a sector-based strategy in accordance with SI’s policies and priorities for the intervention country.
  • Propose and organize diagnostic missions in the field of S&R.
  • Support the Country Director and the Deputy Country Director – Programme in the monitoring and Analysis of the S&R sector and the analysis of donors’ strategies for S&R activities.
  • Be the driving force for putting new S&R activities into place.
  • Participate actively in programming work.
  • Participate actively in the week for Technical Coordinators.
Relevance and quality of projects

  • Confirm the relevance of any assessments carried out.
  • Propose and organize evaluation missions.
  • Support the program supervisor/s in setting up a technical approach and assessing the financial, human, and logistical elements of programs to be implemented.
  • Approve the technical approaches and aspects of projects for S&R activities.
  • Ensure that all S&R programs are implemented respecting Solidarités International annual operational strategy, technical requirements, and the criteria stipulated by financial backers.
  • Ensure the relevance and consistency of S&R programs vis-à-vis the needs of the local populations.
  • Ensure that the programs under his/her supervision achieve the required results.
  • Ensure that works meet sustainability requirements and that established norms and standards are respected.
  • Develop the S&R team capacities with techniques and new methodologies.


Coordination, technical support and operational monitoring

  • Ensure that resources from the Tool Box are used correctly in the management of the S&R project cycle.
  • Ensure that the planning and monitoring timetable is consolidated / validated.
  • Approve the quality criteria and performance indicators of S&R programs proposed by the program managers.
  • Ensure that monitoring indicators are in place and relevant.
  • With the Coordination Team, take part in the monthly review of programs (budgetary, operational, logistical…).
  • Provide support and advice to the logistical service for the purchase of specific materials for S&R activity.
  • Provide a technical and methodological support to program managers for the planning and implementation of S&R activities.
  • Supervise and support the shelter program managers, monitor and evaluate S&R activities implemented.
  • Anticipate difficulties relating to how S&R activities are carried out and facilitate the resolution of problems linked to S&R programs
  • Propose the reorientation of S&R activities according to changing context and indicators.

  • Ensure that Solidarités International’s capitalization tools are correctly used and disseminated throughout HQ (technical unit and desks).
  • Participate in the centralization and dissemination of procedures, guides and tools linked to S&R activities.
  • Propose improvements to existing tools.
  • Form a network of S&R experts, develop technical partnerships with other actors in this sector of the intervention zone and regularly keep the technical unit informed of this.
  • In coordination with the technical unit, capitalize on the intervention methods and techniques, and on the experiences acquired by Solidarités International and other actors in this activity field.
Personnel management

  • In conjunction with HQ HR, define the prerequisites for S&R position openings and adapt existing criteria if necessary.
  • Welcome and brief expatriates working on S&R programs.
  • Identify training requirements within the S&R team and the resources available in the work area.
  • Implement technical training in line with operational needs identified by training requirements.
  • Lead workshops, coordination meetings and/or technical exchange programs.
  • Evaluate and assess the performance of collaborators under his/her direct supervision.
  • Actively participate in the organization of regional technical weeks and compiling reports of these work sessions.
Reporting / communication / representation

  • Support the CD & DCDP with fundraising and the negotiation and examination of project proposals relating to his/her activity.
  • Convey information to the relevant authorities on security matters or any event having a possible consequence on Solidarités International activities and the security of the teams.
  • Consolidate S&R activity reports and supervise the preparation annexes linked to S&R activities for reports and/or financial donors.
  • Ensure that all reports are delivered on time and in the correct format.
  • Validate technical expertise reports.
  • In conjunction with the CD & DCDP, establish and maintain a communication network and good relations with local/government authorities, financial donors’ representatives, UN agencies and other international agencies.


Specific skills and experience:

  • A Master’s degree in a relevant field, such as Project Management, Humanitarian Studies, International Relations is an asset.
  • Qualification in architecture/engineering or other related fields
  • Knowledge of how to identify and target beneficiaries
  • Knowledge of shelter standards and practices
Previous experience:
  • A minimum of 5 years of field experience in humanitarian relief and/or development programs focused on emergency shelter interventions (shelter kits and NFI distributions), settlement planning, identification of beneficiaries and private and public buildings rehabilitations.
  • Extensive experience in the identification and targeting of beneficiaries in a complex context is a must. Ideally, the person has a previous experience in identifying and targeting beneficiaries in an urban context.
  • Experience working in security-sensitive environments.
  • Prior experience in Syria or Middle East a similar context is an added advantage.
  • Excellent communication skills in both written and verbal English
  • Strong computer skills (Excel, Word, Google Earth, Design Software)
  • Self-motivated and able to work with a minimum of guidance and supervision
  • A calm person who has proven diplomatic skills

  • English : fluent
  • Arabic : could be an asset
  • French : could be an asset


A salaried post:

According to experience, starting from 2640 euros gross per month (2400 base salary + 10% annual leave allowance paid monthly) and a monthly Per Diem of 785 USD SI also covers accommodation costs and travel expenses between the expatriate's country of origin and the place of assignment.

Vacation: During the assignment, a system of alternation between work and time off is implemented at the rate of on 7 working days every three months. For a one-year assignment, the expatriate will have a 7 working days break at 3/6 and 9 month (with 850 USD allocated by Solidarités).

To these break periods, it is necessary to add the granting of 1 additional rest day per month worked > i.e. 12 days in addition for a 1-year contract**.** Social and medical cover:

Expatriates benefit from an insurance package which reimburses all healthcare expenses (including medical and surgical expenses, dental care and ophthalmological expenses, repatriation) and a welfare system including war risks. Essential vaccination and antimalarial treatment costs are refunded.


Living conditions in Amman are very good with access to a wide range of restaurants, cafes. Most products (food, clothing…) are easily accessible in Amman.

The perdiem rate for Amman is 785 USD a month In Amman, security risks are extremely low and restrictions are very limited. The coordinator will be requested to travel regularly (at least quarterly field visits are expected) to the field where security levels can vary according to the different geographical locations and the changes of context.

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