Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Senior Specialist (Policy & Legislative)

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Job Description

Animated by our Catholic faith’s call to action to alleviate suffering and work to create a more just world for the world’s poorest, most marginalized and vulnerable people, CRS seeks to build a movement of millions of people in the United States and around the world to increase the Church’s impact and influence in combatting global poverty, violence and injustice.

The Advocacy team within CRS’s Mission and Mobilization division, advances CRS' social justice vision and presence on the United States Capitol Hill and with foreign affairs agencies of the United States Government, with particular emphasis on reducing global poverty and contributing to a more just world.

Job Summary

The Senior Specialist focuses on CRS’ priority advocacy issue of the global hunger and Food Security crisis
  • Including the reform, structure, operation, and funding levels of Food for Peace, Feed The Future and other programs addressed in the Global Food Security Act
  • Oversight and reauthorization of the Farm Bill as it relates to international food assistance, and the Global Food Security Act
  • Advancing annual food security appropriations, and any relevant authorizations
The Sr. Specialist partners with Advocacy teammates working on:
  • Foreign assistance programs—humanitarian, disaster, & Development Assistance – and the enactment of reforms for the goals, operation, and funding of these programs
  • The role of the United States in peacebuilding, humanitarian relief, and reconstruction in a number of developing countries
  • Maximum funding for foreign assistance priorities in annual budget resolutions, foreign operations, and Agriculture appropriations bills
  • Oversight of and funding for U.S.-funded global Hiv Prevention, treatment, care, and related nutrition needs
  • International policy issues that affect the poorest nations (i.e., global Climate Change, human trafficking, and immigration and refugees)
Job Responsibilities:

Position CRS as thought leader on priority issues with the Executive Branch and Congress

  • Proactively build strong working relationships with relevant personnel, committee staff and Members
  • Solicit, analyze, and synthesize CRS programmatic experience when developing policy positions and evidence-based advocacy, independently or with CRS’ Director for Policy
  • Discuss CRS’ perspective with the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops (USCCB), dialogue about policy positions. and inform Bishops’ policy-making process
  • Monitor, review, analyze and discuss perspectives on issue areas from think tanks, academics, NGOs, and other issue experts
  • Write or participate in the creating of position papers, white papers, policy papers and other documents to summarize CRS experience and Analysis
  • Collaborate with advocacy partners in implementing effective advocacy strategies.
  • Contribute to issue planning meetings, working groups, and strategy sessions with partners including, USCCB, and Interaction
  • Communicate policy and legislative developments and opportunities on those issues within CRS, to other Advocacy teammates and M2 division members
  • Effectively represent CRS positions through advocacy letters, messages, calls, testimony, and visits.
  • Plan and coordinate CRS participation in congressional briefings and hearings.
  • Initiate and arrange Administration and Hill meetings for board members, staff, and partners.
  • Draft and review advocacy and sign-on letters, in partnership with colleagues
Achieve CRS priority issue policy changes and advocacy goals by developing and implementing advocacy strategies

  • Organize CRS policy, media, and staff buy-in and support for advocacy strategies.
  • Provide input to constituency engagement efforts.
  • Monitor, track, and analyze priority issues and their progress in Congress and the Executive branch.
  • Attend and report on relevant briefings and committee hearings.
  • Monitor, and report on policy and legislative developments of significance to CRS and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).
  • Communicate policy and legislative developments and opportunities on those issues within CRS, to other Advocacy teammates and M2 division members
  • Educate and inform CRS colleagues about relevant elements of issue areas, identifying connections with CRS programming and partners.
  • Present CRS’ positions in public, especially at Catholic Social Ministry Gathering, University and Chapter events, as needed.
Catholic Relief Services carries out the commitment of the Bishops of the United States to assist the poor and vulnerable overseas. Our Catholic identity is at the heart of our mission and operations. We welcome as a part of our staff and as partners people of all faiths and secular traditions who share our values and our commitment to serving those in need.

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