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Work Location : West Bank/Gaza Type of Post : Other Possible Location : West Bank/Gaza Funding : THIS POSITION IS PENDING DONOR APPROVAL Expected Travel : Type of Contract : Language Requirement : English, Arabic Application Deadline : 5/15/23 Employee Duration : Full-Time

CARE seeks a Senior Social and Behavior Change (SBC) Specialist for the anticipated USAID-funded The Pioneers-Raedat Activity in West Bank/Gaza. The proposed program will contribute to women’s empowerment in the West Bank and Gaza by increasing women's access to leadership opportunities and enhancing the enabling environment to be more receptive for women's participation in civic, political, and economic decision making. This will be achieved through 1) enhancing women’s representation and leadership capabilities; 2) improving equitable and safe enabling environments for women; and 3) increasing the adoption of inclusive social norms and workplace rights.

The SBC Specialist will lead the conceptualization, development, and implementation of social and behavior change interventions focused on changing perceptions and behaviors to support women’s empowerment and create transformational changes in gender relations at the family, community and national levels and in different sectors of the economy, academia, social and political areas. This will include working effectively and collaboratively with activity team members to incorporate SBC approaches in their work streams.

This activity is a five-year $35M program.

This position is pending donor approval and funding. National and international candidates are encouraged to apply.

Application deadline: May 15, 2023

Specific duties and responsibilities:

Develop evidence-based and contextually appropriate SBC strategies and interventions that promote Gender Equality and the advancement of women’s leadership and draw on proven approaches and results of studies, baseline data and formative research. Develop an implementation plan for the overall SBC and communications and advocacy strategy and work with the Activity team and partners to ensure that a focus on changing attitudes and behaviors, including those in virtual environments, is integrated into all activities. Advise on technical and operational issues related to SBC approaches and interventions including adaptation, field testing, and use of approaches and tools. Ensure that SBC communication and advocacy strategies are tailored to diverse audiences and incorporate adolescent and adult learning methodologies. Oversee programmatic and Technical Aspects related to comprehensive, multi-layered social norm and Community Mobilization activities, ensuring social norms efforts are evidence-based, community-driven and in line with provisions of the award. Develop and implement follow-up, engagement, and coaching plans to build staff capacity and to increase their level of expertise and skills and their commitment to applying strategies. Provide training, mentoring and technical guidance for the implementation of the SBC communications and advocacy strategy. Establish and cultivate relationships with partners and government to ensure that gender and social accountability issues can be shared and addressed. Support the development of effective SBC M&E indicators and evaluation designs. Lead SBC learning activities and document learning; prepare reports, presentations, short articles for publication to disseminate learning. Ensure timely and quality completion of all relevant SBC program deliverables and reporting. Develop relationships and linkages with organizations implementing other donor-funded programs focused on SBC in Palestine. Develop capacity strengthening plans and strategies for staff and partners staff to advance knowledge and skills in SBC.

Qualifications :

· A bachelor’s degree in communications, media, Marketing, Journalism, Public Relations, or a related discipline.

· Minimum of five (5) years of relevant experience managing and implementing development activities relevant to strategic communications and SBC.

· Demonstrated understanding of a range of SBC approaches that address change in social norms, structures, and individual behaviors, especially those related to gender dynamics and women’s empowerment.

· Experience in implementing advocacy campaigns and utilizing media/technology to achieve transformative change.

· Demonstrated strong technical knowledge in gender equality and female empowerment.

· Experience working in the region, preferably West bank and Gaza, or similar cultural contexts.

· Fluency in written and spoken English. Arabic language knowledge.

· Demonstrated commitment to principles of Gender Equity, Diversity, Belonging and Inclusion.

· Demonstrated commitment to Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Harassment (PSEAH).

· Demonstrated ability to build and maintain relationships with host governments, donors, other donor-funded projects and stakeholders, local organizations, and partners.

· Strong oral and written communication skills; excellent demonstrated interpersonal and negotiation skills.


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