Senior Officer (Procurement)


Job Description

CARE is an international NGO with local staff and community partners in more than 90 countries. We create local solutions to poverty and inequality and we seek dignity for everyone every day and during times of crisis. These solutions have a broad range, from clean water to access to education; from microfinance to ensuring that everyone has nutritious food; from Agriculture and Climate Change to Disaster Response. CARE puts women and girls at the center of everything we do because they have proven to be the best hope for creating lasting change in the world. Our staff live where they work, which makes us effective at understanding the challenges they face. We’ve been doing this for over 70 years, since World War II. It started with the world’s first CARE Package® of food for the post-war hungry in Europe. Our work today is as important as ever, we believe that poverty and inequality are historic injustices that we can end within a generation, for good. If you share our core beliefs: poverty is an injustice; poverty is solvable; and together, we have the power to end it, join us, and fight with CARE.

This position acts as an authorized agent for CARE procuring goods and services, consulting with program and program support staff to help advance CARE’s organizational goals while acting with integrity and mitigating risk. This position works primarily with staff in headquarters (HQ) to provide technical procurement expertise as part of a collaborative team to achieve objectives with a strong emphasis on contract expertise.

The Senior Procurement Officer independently manages all procurement activities. She/he engages with department leaders to plan procurement for goods and services, identify vendors, and manage RFPs. The Senior Procurement Officer also oversees and approves contracts for goods and services.

She/he identifies risks, challenges and resolves concerns. She/he also supports country offices, guiding procurement officers in country offices on policies and procedures and anticipating and solving problems.

The Senior Procurement Officer identifies business solutions during the planning for services; will provide cost and price Analysis; and work together with the customer to support procurement needs both internally and externally. She/he continues to be involved after the goods/services are purchased, and can be a resource for teams when there is a performance or quality issue with a vendor’s deliverable.

Finally, the Senior Procurement Officer ensures compliance with donor regulations, including US Government, and adherence to CARE policies, while achieving cost savings/avoidance in a transparent and ethical manner. This position must be customer services focused and provide a positive customer experience, over a broad base of customers, including on-going Capacity Building/training of budget holders and executives.


  • Advise internal customers on procurement - Guide division directors and above procure goods and services. Coach internal customers on how to get the beset value when procuring goods and services. Help internal customers plan for procurement – think through their needs and the steps for procuring goods and services. Help draft scopes of work and evaluate procurement options. Ensure that internal customers comply with all policies, local laws and regulations, and donor requirements.
  • Manage contracts - This position needs to possess Contract Management expertise and in-depth knowledge of current and legally-binding contractual language and terminology. This position requires attention to detail, a proficient ability to detect errors and inconsistencies in contracts. This position should have an understanding of basic laws related to contract management while staying current on industry standards, while ensuring adherence to CARE’s policies, donor requirements and procurement standards. The contracts must include clear millstones and deliverable to ensure CARE can monitor progress and be properly protected in the event that the services/quality are not as expected.
  • Manage RFPs for $75,000-$1,000,000+ - Lead the RFQ/RFI/RFP process with cross functional headquarter teams on purchases of goods and services over $75,000. In some cases, the agreements exceed $1M. This process includes identifying and guiding selection committees and negotiating the contract to ensure the overall best value for CARE. Once the contract is created, the Senior Procurement Officer will manage the execution of the contract, including amendments or changes throughout.
  • Train and coach senior leaders - Develop training materials for CARE employees. Implement changes in policies and procedures to reflect best practices. Lead training seminars for division directors and higher. Serve as industry leader in US government procurement practices. Ensure tha CARE’s policies reflect current US procedures. Guide headquarter, regional, and country office leaders on policies and procedures.
  • Special projects.

  • 7+ years experience working in global corporations or NGOs in procurement, including experience overseeing procurement in US funded institutions.
  • 5+ years experience managing contracts, including experience managing contracts of $500,000+.
  • Knowledge of laws, regulations and processes to ensure compliance with best-in-class procurement practices.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Business Administration or similar area; Master’s degree preferred.
  • Experience working in procurement for international corporate or nongovernmental organization (NGO), preferably one with offices in Africa and South Asia.
  • Experience training and guiding senior leaders in procurement procedures.
  • Strong understanding of solicitation process and strong administration and contract negotiation skills.
  • Demonstrates excellent customer service, strong collaborative experience in building credibility with stakeholders.
  • Ability to analyze, interpret, develop and implement policies and procedures.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.
  • Ability to interact positively with diverse groups, such as teaching and research faculty, fiscal staff and various other groups.
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.
  • Knowledge of contract administration.
  • Sound decision making and problem resolution skills.
  • Self-motivated, organized and able to work independently.
  • Strong organizational skills, and the ability to manage and handle high volumes of activity.
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