Senior Advisor (Pastoral Development Policy and Strategy)


Job Description


Work Location : Ethiopia - Addis Ababa Type of Post : Other Possible Location : Funding : Expected Travel : Type of Contract : Language Requirement : Application Deadline : 7/28/23 Employee Duration : Full-Time

I Job Summary:

The main purpose of this role will be to initiate and support pastoral Development Policy and strategy at national and regional levels. The position holder will closely work with with technical expertise within CARE Ethiopia but primarily support the Federal Government on implementation of the Pastpral Development Strategy. She/He will bring proven skills in working with the government and other stakeholders at the Federal and local levels. As part of the work, the position holder is expected to ensure cross cutting issues such conflict sensitive programming, do no harm principles and upheld and learning, She/He will coordinate or take part in studies related to the implementation of the pastoral development strategy and and preparation of guidelines. He/she will facilitate the discourse on preparation and validation of different school of thoughts in pastoralism and document the inputs provided which will be to used as an input for CARE’s own regional pastoralist strategy.

Duty base: Addis Ababa

Duration: 12 months

II Job Responsibility #1: Analysis, Strategy and Reporting (time: 40%)

Lead the identification, nurtures relationship & alliance with strategic partners. Designs partner selection processes for a range of different types of partners, including but not limited to Government, NGO, private sector, and research institutions. Leads the strategic decision regarding pastoral policy and strategy consultations. Participates in detailed implementation plans (DIP) and annual reviews, Produces reports on pastoral strategy in CARE Ethiopia. Technical supports regional pastoralist units and helps operationalize the pastoralist policy. Lead the development of country office Pastoralist strategy. Support the proper implementation and contextualization of the country’s Pastoralists Development Policy and Strategy across all the pastoralist regions of the country.

Job Responsibility #2 Technical Assistance for partners (time: 30%)

Facilitate national and regional dialogues on pastoral development policy and strategy. Initiate and enable regional pastoral units to engage on pastoral policy and strategy. Conducts research on challenges of pastoralism and pastoral livelihoods. Leads the development and facilitation of discourse in pastoralism. Lead/Works with the relevant line ministries & relevant government structures on pastoralist policy and strategy; Capacity Building of nation and regional pastoral bureaus on the national pastoral strategy. Designs and leads surveys, analyse results and write reports; Documents and shares lessons/results Arranges experience sharing forums for CARE and partner Lead/support the implementation of national/regional pastoral strategy.

Job Responsibility #3: Learning, Policy Implementation, and Networking (time: 20%)

Keeps up to date with developments in pastoralism including best practice in-country, regionally and globally, and ensure ongoing personal development and learning. Researching and devising guidelines to support implementation of the strategy at regional level. Identifies, establishes & maintains productive relationships with like-minded non-government organizations. Generate evidence/learning to be used as an input to transform the existing pastoral and agro-pastoral economy in Ethiopia. Collaborate with other advisors/Officers in the organization to support the strategic direction of the organization towards pastoralism and pastoral development. Establishes and maintains formal and informal communication mechanisms with government. Identify, establishes, and maintains productive relationships with networks and partners. Participates in the documentation & dissemination of lessons learnt to pastoralism & pastoral development. Support the development of Pastoralists Field Business school and where appropriate, pilot its implementation in one of the pastoralist areas.

Job Responsibility #4: Representation and Others (time: 10%)

Facilitate national level policy discourse/debate dialogue on the implementation of the national pastoralist development strategy. Represent CARE professionally when delegated/authorized; Undertake other duties as may be requested by the supervisor. Represents CARE in various forums The person could be given with new tasks as are needed and is expected to execute to meet expectations as any employee of the organization.

III Problem Solving (Thinking Environment)

The incumbunt must use interpersonal skills to choose the right strategy to address a given problem and also has to deal with variable solutions, which need analysis, problem definition and development of alternative solutions. This position requires innovative thinking and the ability to network and communicate broadly and strategically.

IV Gender Equality

Understanding and demonstrated commitment to the importance of gender, youth and social inclusion issues. Demonstrated commitment to principles of Gender Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and PSEAH (safeguarding), as evidenced in previous positions / programming




Masters degree in pastoralism; Animal/rangeland science


Advanced degree, in livestock and pastoralism.



5 years of relevant experience with the first degree and 4 years of relevant experience plus post graduate degree professional experiences preferably in pastoral context in high-level engagement. Research and academic related experiences, methodologies, practical experience in pastoralism and pastoral programming.


Experience working with diverse partners. Research and development



Versatile and advanced skills in research (writing of research articles) Willingness to work in hardship areas with limited facilities. Experience working with senior government officials and building consensus among diverse actors, including NGOs (local and international), Team orientation & willingness to cooperate, collaborate and team up with the diverse backgrounds. Excellent analytical and self-motivation skills; excellent advocacy and persuasion skills; able to think critically. Fluency (verbal and written) in English.


Demonstrated technical and managerial ability, sound judgment, and ability to interact and work effectively with others at all levels.

Having worked in pastoralist context.


Respect, integrity, diversity, excellence, adaptability, stress tolerance, coaching, initiating action, communicating with impact, innovation, planning and organizing, building solidarity and commitment, facilitating change, adaptability, and contributing to team success.


This position is located in Addis Ababa, with up to 30-40 % field travel.

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