Senior Advisor (Community Engagement and Advocacy)


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Work Location : Ethiopia - Addis Ababa Type of Post : Other Possible Location : Funding : APPROVED Expected Travel : Type of Contract : Language Requirement : Application Deadline : 6/2/23 Employee Duration : Full-Time

This position will be based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and is contingent upon award and donor approval. Application deadline: June 02, 2023.


The Senior Advisor: Community Engagement and Advocacy reports directly to the upcoming (pending donor approval) Empowered Communities Activity (ECA) CoP (or DCoP) . S/he will serve as ECA project technical lead of the community Engagement and Advocacy efforts towards quality Design and implementation of ECA that ensures greater community engagement, empowerment, and ownership of RMNCAH-N services . The position holder will lead the community engagement and advocacy related tasks within the ECA project as well as other actors and related investments in the project areas, in collaboration with the country office technical team. Senior Advisor: Community Engagement & Advocacy is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to engage and mobilize the community around the organization's mission, goals, and programs. The Senior Advisor will lead efforts to build relationships with community members, organizations, and stakeholders, and develop and implement advocacy campaigns to promote policy change and increase public awareness of issues related to the goal of ECA.

Job Responsibility #1: Analysis, Strategy, Reporting and Design (time: 40%)

Develop and implement a community engagement strategy that includes outreach, education, and mobilization efforts to build support for the organization's mission and the programs. Cultivate relationships with community members, leaders, organizations, and stakeholders to identify opportunities for collaboration and partnership. Create and manage advocacy campaigns that promote policy change and increase public awareness of issues related to ECA and the organization's mission. Work with staff and volunteers to develop and implement events, workshops, and other activities to engage and educate the community on issues related to the organization's mission. Develop and implement a volunteer program to engage community members in the organization's work. Develops the community engagement and advocacy strategy of ECA in collaboration with other project staff; local government stakeholders and local subgrantees aligned with the Ethiopian MoH policy and guidance. Periodically updates the project’s community engagement and advocacy strategy and operationalize adjustments to the strategy; Supports review ECA’s advocacy and community engagement practices and facilitate improvement. Produces annual review report on community engagement and advocacy activities for ECA project; Develops indicators to measure results in the areas of community engagement and advocacy. Technical Support to partners of the ECA consortium in developing or operationalizing a strategic community engagement and advocacy mechanisms. Ensure that the community engagement and advocacy analysis results inform the project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Participates in projects detailed implementation plans (DIP), at the start-up and annual reviews, to ensure integration of partnership principles and utilization of proper tools and to ensure and assess project responsiveness to Gender Equality and women’s voice

Job Responsibility #2 Capacity Building and Technical Assistance for staffs and partners (time: 35%)

Establishes staff and key partner induction and ongoing training processes on ECA’s partnership strategy and accountability framework; Community engagement and advocacy. Supervise and mentor staff members and volunteers engaged in community engagement and advocacy work. Develops and implements follow-up, engagement, and coaching plans to build staff capacity and to increase their level of expertise and skills and their commitment to applying community engagement and advocacy strategies Continuously updates staff and partners on emerging issues to enhance and sustain conceptual clarity and awareness of partners and others’ best practices; Participates in the selection of and support to external, temporary technical assistance (consultants, interns, networks) as needed Lead/Works with the relevant line ministries and other relevant government structures to facilitate community engagement and advocacy activities and monitoring in the operational areas; Designs and leads advocacy and community engagement surveys, analyse results and write reports to inform the adaptive management process of ECA. Advises and helps promote appropriate Community Mobilization strategies aligned with the goal of ECA. Documents and shares lessons/results of community engagement and advocacy. Sets up system to monitor ECA’s community engagement and Advocay performance/achievements & ensure consistent actions Organizes periodic refresher trainings and experience sharing platforms on lessons learned on community engagement and advocacy approaches and techniques.

Job Responsibility #3: Learning, Policy Implementation, and Networking (time: 20%)

Develop and implement metrics to track the success of community engagement and advocacy efforts. Represent CARE/ECA at community events, meetings, and other public forums to build awareness of the goal and purpose of ECA. Keeps up to date with developments in community engagement and advocacy including best practice in-country, regionally and globally, and ensure ongoing personal development and learning; Support the use of ECA’s accountability and impact at scale learning into evidence-based policy influence; Identifies, establishes & maintains productive relationships with like-minded non-government organizations; and investments in project areas. Together with the country office’s senior communication and Advocacy Advisor, lead the effort to measure the impact and document lessons learned and best practices (accountability and partnership) Actively engage in program evaluations & assessment & based on the assessment outcomes provide strategic recommendation to further strengthen program intervention on area of advocacy and community engagement; Collaborate with other partnership advisors/Officers in the organization to support the strategic direction of ECA towards strategic community engagement and advocacy efforts. Establishes and maintains formal and informal communication mechanisms with government. Identify, establishes and maintains productive relationships with networks and partners. Participates in the documentation & dissemination of lessons learnt related to community engagement and advocacy.

Job Responsibility #4: Representation and Others (time: 5%)

Participates in different advocacy related task forces and working groups within CARE, at national and International level and others as needed; Represent CARE professionally when delegated/authorized; Perform other duties as assigned. Represents CARE in different advocacy platforms Organizes and participates in cross-visits within CARE and with other organizations The person could be given with new tasks as needed and is expected to execute to meet expectations as any employee of the organization.

II. Problem Solving (Thinking Environment)

The reason for this senior position is to ensure ECAs community engagement and advocacy activities are implmented up to the standard. The incumbunt must use interpersonal skills to choose the right strategy to address a given problem and also has to deal with variable solutions, which need analysis, problem definition and development of alternative solutions. This position requires innovative thinking and the ability to network and communicate broadly and strategically.


Understanding and demonstrated commitment to the importance of gender, youth and social inclusion issues. Demonstrated commitment to principles of Gender Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and PSEAH (safeguarding), as evidenced in previous positions / programming




Bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as community organizing, public policy, or social work.


MA/Sc degree anthropology, Sociology, Developmental Studies and professional training in partnership or related fields.



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