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Work Location : Ethiopia - Addis Ababa Type of Post : Other Possible Location : Funding : APPROVED Expected Travel : Type of Contract : Language Requirement : Application Deadline : 5/28/23 Employee Duration : Full-Time


The purpose of the Senior Account Analyst is to assist the Accounts Manager to oversee and manage daily CO wide accounting and finance functions including timely recording of transactions, Cash Management, Banking, inventory, receivables, and payables.

He/she is also responsible for maintaining of bank signatory data; timely processing of signatory changes; timely Analysis and liquidation of the CO legal obligations (tax, pension, cost share, purchase declarations, etc.); managing of emergency cash assistance projects; review of petty cash and other revolving funds; managing of wire transfers to field offices; periodic accruals.


Job Responsibility #1: Treasury (15%)

Assists the Accounts Manager in the overall cash flow management of the Country Office (follow up on cash in bank for optimal cash balance; consolidation of monthly cash forecasts, review and analysis of long outstanding advances, open POs, etc.) Enters electronic wire transfer request (EFTs) for cash transfers from CARE USA. Follows up with banks for the timely transfer of MT940 reports to CARE USA. Maintains updated authorized check signatory list of the CO; prepares signatory change request letters; follows up with the GoE authority for timely securing of approval letters for new bank accounts, signatory changes, bank account closing, approval for printing of receipts, etc.

Job Responsibility #2: Cash Collections and Disbursements (40%)

Follows up all cash collections with Assistant Accountant; provide coding slips for correct charging and documentation of cash collections. Ensures that cash collections are deposited to banks intact. Review and prepares wire transfer requests to all field offices. Monitors that wire transfers are timely cleared in the national payment system of the country. Reports/Escalates delays in transfers to Accounts Manager for resolutions. Reviews, verifies and ensures that required documentations and authorizations as well as PN/FC presented by requesting units are correct in accordance with CARE financial policies and procedures before processing payments. Reviews payment requests from petty cash and other revolving funds; ensures the timely replenishment of these funds so that sufficient cash is always available with custodians. Leads the review, analysis, reconciliation, and the liquidation of taxes, pension, provident fund, cost share and other payroll liabilities. Ensure that all such statutory liabilities are settled/filled within the time frame set by GoE/regulatory body. Coordinate surprise counts (to petty cash and also revolving funds) and takes corrective measures as required. Prepares the weekly cash book/checks/register reporting. Follows up on the proper functioning of check processing schedules in Head Office. Reviews, analyzes, and summarizes payment request roaster to identify bottlenecks for delays on lead times. Recommends solutions to improve inefficiencies.

Job Responsibility #3: Accounting System (People Soft) (20%)

Assigns and centrally manages all accounting software required numbering systems (e.g. invoice numbers, Journal Voucher Ids, Category Ids, etc.) Prepare the necessary Journal entries for fund collections from various donors. Enters financial data into accounting software for advances (vendors, staffs, partners, etc.); liquidations, invoices, etc. as long as internal control requirement on segregation of duty allows. Reviews, analyzes, reconciles and summarizes the default accounts payable account (200100) so that outstanding vendor payables are timely cleared. Assists in the month end and year end account closings. Especially prepares journal entries for periodic accruals; follows up on accruals for timely liquidation/reconciliation of accrued payables. Leads the review and reconciliation of purchase declaration report to Income Tax Authority. Coordinates with Procurement for the timely submission of Purchase Declaration Report to Income Tax Authority.

Job Responsibility #4: Staff Management (15%)

Supervises and supports the File and VAT clerk and the Assistant Accountant. Monitors the timely and proper filing of accounting and finance documents (both in soft copy and hard copy) as per CARE documentation and Data Management policy. Orients, trains and coaches staff completing all performance management activities including performance planning, monitoring, and annual performance appraisals on time.

Job Responsibility #5: Others (10%)

· Assists the overall provision of sample documents and accounting system data for audits, due diligence assessments, as required.

· Supports orientation and induction processes for new staff.

· Perform other related duties as required and assigned.


Contribute to an environment within CARE's workplaces, programming, and communities where CARE works that is free from sexual harassment, exploitation, and abuse. Understanding and demonstrated commitment to the importance of gender, youth and social inclusion issues. Demonstrated commitment to principles of Gender Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and PSEAH (safeguarding), as evidenced in previous positions / programming.



BA in accounting or equivalent combination of education and work experience. 3 years relevant work experience with first degree and 2 years relevant experience plus post graduate degree in accounting or equivalent combination of education.


NGO experience Trained in Financial Analysis (advanced excel, on job training, etc…) Good communication and presentation skills Well organized and ability to act in a professional and ethical manner. Good skills in Computer Applications Firm belief in teamwork, gender equality, participatory approach and sustainable development. Knowledge of People Soft software.

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