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World Food Programme (WFP)

Job Description

  The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is the world’s largest humanitarian organization, saving lives in emergencies, building prosperity and supporting a sustainable future for people recovering from conflict, disasters and the impact of Climate Change.

In 2020, WFP assisted  898,000 people in Iraq.  Through providing food for vulnerable people, skills to build futures and enhanced social protection, WFP is helping the Iraqi government build people’s resilience and food security.For more information, see and


This position will report to the Senior Field Security Officer in Baghdad or the designate. Job holders are expected to produce organised and accurate technical work and may be assigned to coordinate some specific tasks performed by other colleagues to ensure the required outputs are achieved. This position may require to work work different shifts and report for duty on short notice.


To perform a range of specialised and process-oriented responsibilities related to security operations including monitoring and maintaining security equipment in line with established procedures.


•Collecting and collating all security development for quick reference and further distribution.

•Providing inputs for the preparation of WFP Security SOPs, SRM, eSRA, WFP Emergency Plans for CO.

•Ensuring the implementation of security recommendations related to SOPs, SRM, Emergency Plan and MOSS requirements.

•Working to ensure that safety and security is a core component of all WFP programmes and operations •Ensuring compliance with MOSS requirements •Supporting field missions •Conducting/coordinating road and security risk assessments based on actual needs in WFP areas of operations.

•Conducting periodic (or on an ad-hoc basis) office security surveys •Assisting the Head of Security on follow up of the implementation of all security measures to be implemented •Establishing and maintaining contacts with UNDSS, other UN Agencies, NGOs and national security agencies •Following up the security situation in the country on daily basis and provide inputs to Head of Security Unit •Feeding the Head of Security with Analysis and identification of potential issues related to security operations.

•Conducting regular field visits to A/SOs and FDPs to ensure coordination between Security and WFP Operations is maintained.

•Briefing for new arrival when required •Following up the new staff to attend SSAFE training within 30 days from their arrival •Managing and maintaining updated WFP warden systems for both International and National staff •Following up all field mission/movements comply with security advisories and MOSS •Ensuring that fire safety equipment (fire extinguishers, smoke detectors etc.) is taken care of, installed and functioning in all WFP premises •Monitoring, assisting and advising staff to be compliant with Security Clearance procedures •Preparing MSCRs and LP MSCRs •Following up and monitoring WFP staff compliance with security mandatory requirements •Maintaining a training list of all staff and one specific for security staff •Reporting incidents by fastest means of communication to the Head of Security •Following up on International zone badge issuence and reasons of denied SM of ID •Following up on getting BERF for entering BIAP


Education:  A first level University Degree is preferred. Minimum requirement is completion of secondary school education in addition to a  post-secondary qualification at certificate or diploma level and/or with relevant work/training experience.

Language:  Fluency in both oral and written communication in English and Arabic Langauage.

Experience: At least 4 years of relevant work experience some of which be relelated to Military, Police, Private Security and/or UN/Humanitarian/NGO security sector


Strategic approach to Security Risk Management Demonstrates understanding of the strategic context in which the security function operates and the broader implications of day-to-day work.

Operational knowledge of security risk management Demonstrates some understanding of day to day security operations. Contributes knowledge to development of resolutions to aspects of challenges faced, as directed.

Security Resource Management Demonstrates ability to track and compile reports on HQ and Field staffing and financial resource usage on a project-level basis.

Analysis and solution development Demonstrates understanding of key UN inter-governmental body partner agencies. Understands implications of security information and reports and supports in the identification of mitigating actions against threats and vulnerabilities to WFP’s operations.

Planning compliance and emergency management Supports in planning and prioritisation practices in-line with established Security Policies and procedures.


  • Has applied knowledge of security operations technical processes which must be adhered to in day to day work
  • Has supported security operations efforts as directed
  • Has supported in providing ad-hoc technical guidance to staff members

Deadline for Applications

24 Feb. 2020
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