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This position is only available for internal CARE employees

The Research and Business Analytics Specialist is part of CARE's Institutional Funding and Strategy (IFS). The Strategy, Engagement, Analytics and Learning (SEAL) team facilitates IFS' long-term strategic planning and positioning, Knowledge Management and learning, and use of data and analytics to coordinate with PSI technical teams, regional management units (RMUs), and country teams to expand and solidify CARE's US Government (USG) and other institutional donor funding portfolios. The Research and Business Analytics Specialist is integral to SEAL's mission and will lead on 1) Pipeline distribution, Analysis, and tracking as well as faciliitate ongoing and active bid prioritization; 2) Data Analysis, visualization, interpretation, and use in order to empower decision makers with information and resources to make GNG decisions; and 3) lead on all IFS executive-level reporting, and 4) Support broader Research and Business Analytics. The Research and Business Analytics Specialist will work autonomously as well as collaboratively, managing multiple deadlines in a fast-paced, often changing environment. The candidate for the position will have technology skills (see below) as well as experience in international development and humanitarian work, knowledge of Business Development – especially with USG donors such as USAID, USDA, and DOS as well as institutional donors - and the ability to learn new skills, technology, and other content rapidly.

The position leads on identifying appropriate US Government (USG) and other institutional donor competitive bid opportunities and sharing this information globally as per CARE's established protocol; maintaining IFS's database of Regional Management Unit (RMU) and Country Office (CO) key staff members and contact information; supporting the prioriziation of bids by actively engaging with RMU, CO, and HQ staff to determine interest and initially scope opportunities; entering all relevant forecast and announced solicitation information into IFS's Sales Force database, ensuring that IFS staff keep Sales Force up to date, and creating country landscape analyses. This position additionally plays a critical role in supporting bid teams in vetting potential opportunities by conducting competitor analyses, literature reviews, and Desk Research when needed; conducting basic analyses and creating reports on information from Sales Force.

The posision also assists the IFS SAL Manager position in research and analytics lincluding research, Data Collection, and analysis and interpretation related to USG and other institutional business development. This includes using PowerBI to map and visualize USG funding trends, identify emerging donor priorities, analyze CARE's competitors and potential partners, as well as CARE's internal business development and technical trends, These analyses will be used for ongoing tracking and strategic planning in the form of real-time data dashboards, publications and other documents for use by IFS, PSI, the RMUs, and CARE country teams.

This position will serve as a key resource working within the IFS and CARE ecosystem with CARE PSI, Country teams, and RMUs to use data for decision-making, tracking and analyzing cross-cutting and longitudinal research to improve CAREs business development practices and priorities. This position will also lead on all executive reporting including maintain executive dashboards reflecting both performance and financial data.


Business Intelligence Gathering, Analysis, and Interpretation - The Research and Business Analytics Specialist will be responsible for supporting CARE IFS, and the PSI technical and country teams in active identification, prioritization, and vetting of new bid opportunities. This position will keep key CARE stakeholders informed regarding latest in funding streams, budgets, and specific opportunities as well as providing critical updates on CARE partners/competitors related to US Government and bilateral funding agencies. This will include both global priorities on an ongoing basis, as well as country-specific priorities as they relate to strategic planning and specific bids. In addition to data collection, management, and analysis, this person will be responsible for understanding the meaning of the data and how CARE should use this understanding to increase our pursuit of USG and other institutional funding. The positioning will work closely with the Strategy, Engagement and Partnership Senior Advisor role (SPE) to gather, analyze, interpret and present key analytical data to support market, competitor, landscape and country level analyses. Tasks related to this responsibility include:

Conduct bid-specific reviews of USG donor priorities from agency websites, documents, publications, white papers and grey literature, meetings, conference presentations, funding allocations, guidelines and guidance, in-person meetings with USG agencies in DC and country missions, and intelligence from CARE CO and RMU staff. Regular analyses of CARE's competitors and partners as they relate to USG and bilateral donors, such as strengths and weaknesses and technical approaches, both broadly and in priority countries Bid-specific strategy plans and scoping studies which could include: desk research, literature reviews, and guidance for in-country assessments. Research and analyses to improve CARE's decision-making processes, enabling CARE to make data-driven decisions around go/no-go decisions, thereby improving CARE's return-on-investment (ROI) and win-rates for USG opportunities.
documents for use by IFS, PSI, the RMUs, and CARE country teams. Research and Analytics Support

Market Analysis: Support the SPE in conducting market analysis of assigned sectors within the humanitarian and food and water systems portfolios. This will include, but is not limited to, conducting extensive desk research of USG funding priorities, trends and strategies; researching USG global and country specific priorities; researching competitors and evaluating their strengths and weaknesses; and collecting and analyzing information on CARE's country specific strengths and weaknesses. Development of presentations, strategy documents and reports: support the SPE by producing slides, spreadsheets and other products to display and present key findings to various audiences within CARE. USG Engagement Support: assist the SPE with identifying and organizing USG engagement and thought leadership opportunities, such as events, panel presentations, 1:1 meetings between principals and other approaches for building CARE's brand with USG stakeholders.


Masters Degree in relevant field of study or Bachelor plus comparable experience. 1-3 years of experience working in non-profit or for-profit organizations in the field of development and Humanitarian Assistance. Experience in the business development / proposal development process, particularly related to USG donors (non-USG also relevant) Experience in data analysis and/or research. Expertise in Excel – including analysis, pivot tables, and creation of charts and graphs. Quantitative analysis (primarily in Excel, but some knowledge of other quantitative software would be a bonus). Data Visualization experience (e.g., charts, graphs, infographics). Familiarity with PowerBI and Sales Force is a plus. Strong writing skills, including grammar, punctuation, formatting. Willingness to learn other software such as SharePoint, PowerBI, and Sales Force. Ability to write easy-to-understand summaries of data analysis. Strong attention to detail and accuracy. Strong organizational and time management skills. Ability to be adaptive and flexible and work under pressure when necessary. Ability to comfortably and professionally interact with individuals at all levels of the organizations, and with individuals from other cultures.

This position is only available for internal CARE employees

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