International Organization For Migration (IOM)

Regional Analyst and Operations Centre Officer

International Organization For Migration (IOM)

Job Description

Core Functions / Responsibilities:

1. Acquire, collate and assess regionally/globally relevant information received from a range of electronic media, UN Threat and Risk Assessment Service (UN TRS) , Security agencies/networks/diplomatic liaison and other sources to inform and support IOM operations.

2. Disseminate relevant Analysis to OSS clients through written or oral means in a timely manner.

3. Monitor security events, trends and patterns within designated areas determined by the Regional Security Officer that could impact on the safety and security of IOM staff, resources, programs and activities within in the region 4. Acquire, collate and assess regional hazard data and other Emergency management information and disseminate relevant warnings on a timely basis.

5. Coordinate with Office of Staff Security SIOC on security information trends which could impact on the safety and security of IOM staff, resources, programs, activities or operations regionally and globally.

6. Draft written communications and documents for onward transmission by the RSO / OSS Global Operations Center (OPCEN) to IOM Senior Management, Regional Representatives, Chiefs of Missions, Security Focal Points and Alternates, Heads of Offices and Project Mangers to help them make informed decisions at Mission-level, regionally or globally as appropriate.

7. As part of the OSS’s contribution to organizational Capacity Building, respond to specific requests from IOM’s regional management or the OSS Global OPCEN for security- related analysis based on programme or project delivery requirements, developments or operational evolutions.

8. As part of the OSS technical global capacity building efforts, assist the OSS Security Senior Operations Officer with the development, maintenance and Coordination of the OSS global security Information Data base.

9. Will ensure that the OSS global security information data base is coordinated and compiled with updated information from all OSS RA’s, security information service providers and available open-source material.

10. In conjunction with the RSO, is responsible for maintaining SCAAN Dashboard regional reporting, analysis and updating in both pro-active and incident response situations.

11. Will assist the RSO to coordinate the management of the Alternative Operations Center/Regional Operations Center as and when these centers are declared operational.

12. Responsible for maintaining standards for security information (gathering, recording, storing, accessing and sharing of information) in compliance with OSS Information Security policy, procedures and codes of practice.

13. Prepare and present themed analysis briefings or reports to IOM management and staff. Provide analytical presentations to other interlocutors as required.

14. As appropriate, prepare documents, briefs or analysis in coordination with the OSS Global OPCEN to support EU Election Observation Missions, IOM management and Missions prior to travel.

15. Provide security analysis for IOM Missions and activities including, but not limited to, support for Security Risk Assessments performed by regional IOM Field Security Officers and Security Focal Points.

16. Responsible for the updating and maintenance of various global contingency management databases and other similar OSS Global OPCEN products as per coordination between the RSO and Security OPCEN.

17. As part of the information gathering, analysis and dissemination process, to visit countries as designated by the RSO to gather and exchange information with IOM Missions, relevant UN agencies and other local interlocutors.

18. Perform such other related duties as assigned.
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