Job Description


  1. Role and responsibilities

    The purpose of the Protection Officer position is to conduct protection monitoring at the community and household level, as well as provide specialized protection responses including Immediate Protection Assistance (IPA) such as in-kind or cash support to persons in need and conducting referrals to other service providers, in accordance with NRC Country Office’s strategic and policy framework, based in Chernihiv.

    In particular, the position holder will conduct protection monitoring activities at the household and community level for the purpose of understanding individual and community-level protection risks and in order to identify individuals who have endured a protection violation and require Immediate Protection Assistance and/or referrals to specialized service providers. Protection Officers will follow established protection monitoring and IPA guidance in all Data Collection and management and activities. Protection officers will need to be able to conduct trauma-informed interviewing with key stakeholders and individuals in need of protection support, including but not limited to: identifying needs, vulnerabilities, protection risks, and protection violations; identifying referral needs and safely conducting referrals to specialized service providers; identifying needs for and provision of assistance of in-kind or cash assistance to address a protection risk; and identify needs for and provide psychological first aid.

    The position holder will be directly supervised by the Protection Team Leader. This position does not supervise any positions. 

    Generic responsibilities

  2. Ensure adherence with NRC policies, tools, handbooks and guidelines
Implement protection monitoring and Immediate Protection Assistance (IPA) with a client-centered approach, including the identification of protection needs and understanding how to address protection needs and provide specialized protection support, including through in-kind or cash assistance. Implement protection monitoring, write protection monitoring reports on the community and household level to understand both community and household-level protection risks  Provide psychological first aid services as needed. Assess and address needs contributing to protection outcomes requiring in-kind or cash assistance Conduct safe referrals internally and to external specialized service providers, working with Protection team leaders and Case Workers to ensure service mappings and referral pathways are up to date and utilized.  Prepare and develop status reports as required by management, including timely reporting on programmatic and contextual issues Ensure proper Data Protection of sensitive information at field level, development and maintenance of databases, filing of documents, etc. All data collection, information/data storage, and sharing of all information must be done in compliance with existing data protection protocols and standards of confidentiality. Promote and share ideas for technical improvement. Provide inputs on needs and gaps to support operational and strategic initiatives. Ensure close monitoring of project activities and ensure they are implemented based on agreed upon plans Support Community-level Civilian Self-Protection programming, as needed. Ensure that projects target beneficiaries most in need, and explore and asses new and better ways to assist

Specific responsibilities 

Conduct Household and Community-level protection monitoring Provide Immediate Protection Assistance (including in-kind support, cash assistance, accompaniment, safe and dignified referrals) to persons at risk of or exposed to protection threats Provide psychological first aid to individuals in need of psychological support  Ensure regular collection, Analysis and internal dissemination of protection information  Support field data collection to inform relevant internal and externally-commissioned protection assessments, risk analyses, and needs assessments

Critical interfaces

Project implementation: Protection Manager, Protection Team Leader, M&E Officers/Coordinators, Access Officers/Coordinators, Security Officers/Coordinators Area operations: Area Programme Managers, Area Support Coordinators/Officers (field office coordinators/officers) Staff Capacity BuildingProtection Specialist, HR and relevant CCs staff


1. Professional competencies 

Generic professional competencies: 

Minimum 1 year of experience in the humanitarian sector Understanding of the humanitarian and protection principles and strong commitment in ensuring their observation in daily field activities  Flexibility and creativity in addressing protection risks and needs Documented results related to the position’s responsibilities Good reporting skills Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook Some knowledge of English, both written and verbal

Context/ Specific skills, knowledge and experience: 

Previous experience working in Protection or Protection-related projects is an advantage Deep knowledge and understanding of the local context, including socio-cultural, political, security and humanitarian situation


Behavioral competencies

Planning and delivering results Empowering and building trust Communicating with impact and respect Handling insecure environment Working with people


All NRC employees are expected to work in accordance with the organization’s core values: dedication, innovation, inclusivity and accountability. These attitudes and believes shall guide our actions and relationships.

We offer:

Type of contract: till 31.12.2023, contingent upon availability Salary/benefits: According to NRC salary scale, terms and conditions. This position is for Ukrainian nationals only. Please note that we will contact only shortlisted candidates. NRC retains the discretion to cancel the recruitment. NRC might review applications before advert deadline, therefore interested candidates are encouraged to apply early.
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