Job Description


Job Description

A job description is a written statement that describes the employee’s role and responsibilities. The role and responsibilities shall be executed within the NRC framework. The job description facilitates the recruitment process by stating the necessary competencies. It is mandatory for all positions.

Position:                                          Program Officer – Protection and Gender

Reports to:                                     Program Coordinator

Supervision of:                               None

Duty station:                                  Mankien                          

Project number:                            Contingent upon Donor Funding

Duration and type of contract:   1 year with possibility of extension

All NRC employees are expected to work in accordance with the organisation’s core values dedication, innovation, inclusivity and accountability. These attitudes and believes shall guide our actions and relationships.

Role and responsibilities

The purpose of the officer position is day to day implementation of the protection and gender project responsibilities.

Generic responsibilities (max 10)

These responsibilities shall be the same for all positions with the same title. The responsibilities shall be short and essential. Details belong in the Work and Development Plan.

With reference to the NRC Protection Policy, Inclusion Guidelines and Tools, the Protection and Gender Officer will assist the Program Manager in the integration of protection and inclusion components within project activities. Participate in NRC assessments and project implementation with specific focus on integrating protection and inclusion outcomes within the assessment tools, beneficiary targeting tools and support Analysis of findings. Highlight and flag protection issues observed during activities with the project staffs and report to line manager to ensure that issue are tackled in timely manner. Ensure adherence to NRC policies, tool, handbooks, guidelines and donor requirements Implement the protection and gender activities according to strategy, proposals, budgets and plans Promote and share ideas for technical improvement in order to improve the quality of the activities Ensure that projects target beneficiaries most in need, and explore and asses new and better ways to assist

Specific responsibilities

Map and analyse stakeholders, their interrelationships, roles, influence and their potential impact on the safety, dignity and Access to Services for beneficiaries during the intervention. Support the establishment of or strengthen mechanisms to facilitate referral pathways to meet needs/rights of beneficiaries with specific needs. Undertake a protection risk analysis with support of Staff Safety Coordinator to identify t potential sources of violence, coercion, and deliberate deprivation and take preventive and responsive measures to address or reduce these threats with specific focus on persons with specific needs. Record and analyse protection issues for evidence based decision making Monitor and report on protection issues Identify and support implementation of Individual Personal Assistance (IPAs) Train committees and Local Authorities on Protection Ensure Protection desks are functional Ensure gender principles of equitable participation in community-based committees is encouraged and supported. Ensure that persons with special needs equally participate in NRC activities such as general Food Distribution, food management committees and other NRC core competencies when relevant. Thus, allowing for participation of able-bodied older men and women, people with disabilities, children with disabilities, amongst others. Support the establishment of NRC complaint mechanisms and feed back complaints with the database to register and address complaints from  beneficiaries thus ensuring accountability to affected beneficiaries/populations. Undertake training for community committees on protection; including gender, SGBV, Child Protection, inclusion and protection principles with support from Staff Safety Coordinator. Sensitization and awareness raising support or integrate inclusion and protection components into GFD operations, community consultation, awareness raising, and other forms of Community Engagement Contribute to weekly and monthly reports as well as project reports, highlighting the needs, response, gaps and recommendations for persons with special needs disaggregated by sex, age, disability and diversity. Any other duty that will be assigned by the Program Manager

Critical interfaces

By interfaces, NRC means processes and projects that are interlinked with other departments/units or persons. Relevant interfaces for this position are:

Area Managers Program Manager Program Coordinators, Programme Officers CC Specialist

Scale and scope of position




Donors and partners




Inputs to reports and proposal

Legal or compliance:

Signed term of employment, donor requirement


Competencies are important in order for the employee and the organisation to deliver desired results. They are relevant for all staff and are divided into the following two categories:

1. Value driven competencies

Values are aspirational attitudes and beliefs that influence the way people conduct themselves. NRC’s values are: Dedicated, Innovated, Inclusive and Accountable.

2. Professional competencies

These are skills, knowledge and experience that are important for effective performance.

Generic professional competencies:

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