Job Description

The PRM's overall mission is to keep all project personnel and assets safe from harm. He/she has delegated responsibility for the day-to-day management and Coordination of operational Field Security activities, ensures compliance with corporate Security Policies, and maintains liaison with the Creative Mena Regional Security Manager. The PRM will provide security oversight, training, mentoring, supervision, support, and advice for project staff in the Middle East. The PRM will work with the project Chiefs of Party (COPs) and Deputy Chief of Party – Operations (DCOP), the Creative MENA Regional Security Manager, and any other security staff working on the programs.

The PRM will report to the Berlin-based DCOP – Operations, and will discharge his assignment in coordination with the Creative Mena Regional Security Manager and the Creative HQ Security Department (CHQ) in Washington, DC, who will also provide technical guidance.


  • Maintain, with updates at least quarterly and on an as needed basis:
    • All Security Assessments and Plans, inclusive of the Vetting, Information Security and Crisis Response Plans and all Security SOP's clearly identifying risks and mitigation measures throughout our area of operation.
    • Crisis Response Plan to include scenario planning and mitigating measures.
  • Produce and maintain procedures for: project access control, communications, journey management, Emergency and fire response drills, relocations, and field events & tasks.

    • Deliver refresher courses on procedures on a quarterly and as needed basis.
  • Deliver pre-arrival, arrival, and ongoing security briefings to new and existing staff within the Middle East.
  • Provide bi-monthly progress reports on any outstanding incident reports
  • Participate on weekly security calls with the COPs as required.
  • Support the regional platform and have daily contact with Creative HQ Security.
  • Ensure appropriate project safety, security and emergency response plans and procedures are in place, to respond to the different types of threat, criminal acts, safety emergencies, and man-made and natural disasters. The plans and procedures should be documented, with all staff briefed and trained. Lead periodic practices on plans and procedures.
  • Stay up to date on program activities and operational footprint to calibrate security assessments to meet program needs.
  • Monitor and analyze the ongoing and changing threat environment as faced at all levels by the programs and brief all management accordingly.
  • Proactively identify potential emerging threats to the staff and projects inside the Middle East, and propose mitigations where possible; and follow up on incidents to close the loop on all outstanding security concerns or provide bi-monthly progress updates until they are resolved.
  • Act as the on-the-ground focal point for immediate emergency and crisis response.
  • Advise Creative HQ, Erbil, and Germany based senior managers of security risks and policies, and provide safety and security Analysis, advice, and recommendations.
  • Maintain the phone tree, and ensure it is periodically tested for proper functioning.
  • As needed, provide ad-hoc risk assessments and mitigation measures to the program teams on requested topics.
  • Oversee the program's security compliance with Creative's Field Policy and Procedures Manual, and the changing threat environment.
  • Serve as Advisor to the RSM, COPs, CHQ and Crisis Management Teams.
  • Attend weekly meeting with Germany and Erbil based projects to ensure efficiency. Any direct requests relating to task specifics can be addressed by COP/DCOP that relate to the program.**Qualifications**
  • At least 5 years' experience providing security support for projects.
  • Experiencing working with conflict environments.
  • Ability to gather and analyze data to provide security updates to Program Leadership.
  • Experience drafting security policies and procedures.
  • Arabic and English language proficiency.
  • Kurdish language skills are a plus.
  • Experience working on US Government funded programs is a plus
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